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How To Get Articles Of Organization In Alaska

Are you thinking about getting an LLC in the state of Alaska? If you are, you will have to file articles of organization. These are the papers that you will need if you are going to set up a business that will be protected under this limited liability company. This is something that more people than ever are doing because of the inherent risk of marketing certain products and services. We live in a litigious society that is always looking for a way to sue other people, but with an LLC, you can protect yourself and your family. Here is an overview of how you can get articles of organization in the state of Alaska.


Articles of Organization Alaska

Where Do You Get Them?

If you are looking for them, and want to pick them up, if you are near the Secretary of State’s office, they should have them available for you. This is where you will need to go if you are going to form an LLC. Additionally, government forms can be provided to you without having to make a physical visit. You can go to the Secretary of State’s website to download them. There are very few steps that you actually have to take. For instance, were going to discuss getting an entity number. However, it’s really about the form that you are filing and the companies that can help you get this done, that you should be focused upon. With that said, let’s look at how to get an entity number.

Is This Different Than Getting An Entity Number?

Getting an entity number, such as registering your corporation, is a little bit different than this. You are going to have to find what is called the Forms and Fees page in order to find this information. Once there, you would choose the entity that you are going to form. You will then be able to find information. However, forming an LLC is much more simple than that. Once you have decided on a name, and you have appointed a registered agent, you will be ready to get this done.

What Is A Registered Agent?

In the state of Alaska, every LLC needs to have a registered agent as part of the process itself. An individual, as well as a corporation, will agree to accept legal papers that are going to be on behalf of you and your LLC. For example, if you are sued, these are the individuals or the company that will receive these papers. This is an agreement that they are making. That is why many companies often act as a registered agent for individuals to streamline the process.

How Can You Choose A Registered Agent

If you are wanting to choose your own registered agent, the individual that you choose, or the business, must be in Alaska. The individual must be a resident of the state. If it is a corporation and must be authorized to do business in the state of Alaska. There must be a physical address associated with this entity that will receive all of this paperwork for you. There is a private list that you can find on government websites that can direct you to private service companies that can fulfill this purpose.

How Do You File The Articles Of Organization?

If you want to file articles of organization, this is easy to do as long as you are working with the state of Alaska division of corporations. This is where you will file your completed paperwork. The paperwork must be very specific such as it must be on a designated form with the proper information. For example, the information is going to include the purpose of your LLC. It’s also going to include the name. Additionally, the registered agent must also be listed by name and also their physical address. If you are going to create this limited liability company, you need to know if it is going to be managed by a manager or if it will be member-managed. Finally, there must be a signature from the organizer of the LLC, plus it must be filed online, or mailed in, along with a $250 fee.

Once you have found this paperwork, online or in person, you now know what steps to take. It’s very easy to do this, but it can be an expensive choice if you don’t want to pay over $200 for this type of formation. You can learn more about this from websites that discuss this topic, or simply find a company that will not only help you fill out the paperwork but also act as your registered agent at the same time. This will save you a lot of agonies as you try to weave through this process, something that can be done by these businesses that have helped thousands of people.