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How To Get A Business License In Alaska

It is compulsory for every business in the state of Alaska to have a license in order to operate legally. It is also necessary for businesses to adhere to federal regulations and file for a Federal Tax Identification Number. There are a number of additional steps that need to be completed before applying for a business license.


alaska business license


1. Business Name

A unique business name must be selected for the business to complete the application form for a business license. A business entity search can be conducted online to ensure that the chosen name for the business is available and does not already exist. No two businesses can have the same name in the state of Alaska to avoid confusion and conflicts in legal matters such as trademarks.

Once an available name has been selected, it should be reserved until the business registration process has been completed. Only registered business names can be used to apply for a business license in Alaska. It is up to the business owner/s or business license applicant to ensure that the selected name is unique. Name registration and business registration fees are non-refundable if the name is found to already be in use.

2. Form Of Business Entity

Will the business be operating as a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a corporation? This information will also need to be entered on the application form. Keep in mind that if the business will be operating as an LLC, the letters LLC must be included in the name.

If the business has been registered as a corporation, it will be issued with an entity number which will need to be used to apply for a business license. Additional documents and forms may be required for some forms of business.

3. Line Of Business And Industry Classification

The line of business refers to the activity, trade service, or profession in which the business will be engaged in. For example, agriculture, retail, commercial, etc. Alaska currently uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAIKS) to determine the line of business or industry the business will be operating in. The business will be issued a 6-digit number that is used as a code for the line of business and the business activities.

4. Address, Contact Details And Billing Information

The physical address from which the business will be operating or conducting business will also be required when making an application for a business license. A postal address, as well as an official contact telephone number for the business, will also be needed.

An email address and billing information will be required in order to pay the necessary business licensing fees.

5. Applying For A Business License In Alaska

Application for a business license can be made online at the official Alaska Division of Business Licensing website. All the above information will be required in order to apply for the business license. A $50 fee is payable for immediate approval.

The application can also be made via mail. The application form for a business license can be downloaded from the Alaska Division of Business Licensing website, printed, completed, and mailed to their mailing address. The form must be completed in full to avoid delays. It can take anywhere between 10 and 15 days for approval. A $50 fee applies for approval.

Alaska business licenses expire and are renewable on an annual basis. When applying for a new business license, the option is available to apply for one or two years.

Once the business license has been approved, a copy of the license should be obtained and displayed in the place of business. The license should be provided to authorities upon request.

6. Professional Licensing

If the business will be providing a professional service, the owner or member of the business must be registered as a professional member and receive professional licensing before the business can be licensed. Professions include healthcare services (doctors, nurse practitioners, etc.), lawyers, etc.

7. Business Permits

Permits may be required in order to cover certain aspects of the Alaska business and ensure that the business operates in line with the regulations. For example, environmental and health and safety permits. These permits are issued by the relevant state department in Alaska. It is recommended to contact these state agencies to determine which permits may be applicable to the specific business.

Additional licenses that cover services or products that are provided by the business are also required. For example, a license or sell food and/or alcohol. These licenses are issued locally and it is recommended to contact the municipality where the business will be located in order to determine which licenses may apply to the business.

These permits and licenses are required over and above a state business license in order for the business to operate legally. The application should be made after the general business license has been approved by the Alaska Division of Business Licensing.