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How To Perform An Arizona Business Entity Name Search

If you want to form a new LLC in Arizona, you’ll have to start by searching for your desired LLC name to ensure that there’s no other business register in this state bearing this name.

The official term for this is “being distinguishable upon the records” with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In addition, you’ll have to ensure that your name of choice complies with the Arizona LLC law in regard to an array of restrictions and requirements.


Arizona Business Entity Search

Arizona LLC Name Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to be aware of when searching for a LLC name in Arizona for find out whether it is available.

1. Designator

All Arizona LLC names should include the proper ending (designator) as part of their official name. You must choose one of the following: “LLC” (which is also the most common one), “Limited Liability Company”, “L.C.”, “L.L.C”, and “LC”.

2. Your LLC Is Not A Corporation

You need to avoid any confusion with a Corporation, so you aren’t allowed to use any of the following words: “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Corp”, or “Inc”.

3. Distinguishable Entity

Your new LLC must be distinguishable, so you need to pick a name that’s unique and different from all other business names registered in Arizona.

Choosing a different designator isn’t enough to create a distinguishable name, and neither are differences in grammar.

Here are some examples to help you understand the concept of distinguishability:

Inc., Corp., LLC, L.L.C,
singular, plural, possessive pronoun
A, An, The
and, or, &
commas, hyphens, periods, slashes
four vs. 4

The following examples are NOT distinguishable:

Smith Investments, LLC vs. Smith Investments, Corp.
Orange Farm, LLC vs. Orange Farms, LLC
Honey Shop, LLC vs. The Honey Shop, LLC
Good & Bad, LLC vs. Good and Bad, LLC
John Jack & Diane Studios, LLC vs. John-Jack-Diane Studios, Inc
Four Bears Consulting, LLC vs. 4 Bears Consulting, LLC

For additional rules on making your Arizona LLC name distinguishable, please check out the following link:
Arizona Corporation Commission: Corporation and LLC name requirements

How To Search The Arizona Business Names Database

The method to check whether your desired business name is unique and distinguishable is to search it in the Arizona Business Entity Database.

1. Access the AZCC Business Entity Search Page:
Arizona Corporation Commission: Business Entity Search

2. Enter your desired name in full (also include its designator) and hit the “Name Availability Search” button. If you get the message that says your name is available, it means you can proceed with the registration of your new business under this name. If the name has already been used, you’ll get the message that this entity name is not available, so you’ll need to think about new names or variations of this one.

3. If you want a truly unique name for your business, perform the above search without adding the designator. Hit the search button and check out the results. You’ll see at a glance whether other businesses in the state are using names that are too similar to yours to stand apart.

If you get a message that thee are no results for your search, you can be positive that your desired Arizona LLC name is distinguishable and unique.

If you get some business names as results but none of them is too close to yours, you can consider that your desired Arizona LLC name is distinguishable and unique.

If you find one or multiple businesses that include the name just as you’ve typed it, you’ll need to think about some variations or even completely new names, as your desired one is not available for use.

If you find some names that a slightly different and yet very similar to your chosen LLC name, you may want to consider trying to find something different.

Will I Need A DBA Name For My LLC?

DBA stands for “Doing Business As” and you don’t need it if you intend to run your LLC under its legal name.

Next Step Of This Process: Selecting Your Arizona LLC Registered Agent

After you find a LLC name and you check that it is distinguishable and unique, you can proceed to the next step of the registration process and choose a Registered Agent (also known as Statutory Agent) for your new LLC.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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