Center For Human Rights Legal Action

The Centro Para la Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH, Centre for Human Rights Legal Action) started around the 1980s as an  non-official association united to combat for basic human rights to assist in establishing peace during Guatemala’s civil war. After the Peace Accords of 1996, CALDH was announced as an official institution that advocates and combats human rights, while consciously recognizing the history and memory of Guatemala’s civil war in its pursuit of everyday freedoms.


CALDH focused to further a full national and international understanding of Guatemala’s, to ensure that this history will not be repeated. CALDH trains partner organizations and parties in order to allow them to speak out against impunity and injustices in Guatemala.

CALDH implements this work through four programs:

  1. Programme of Justice and Reconciliation (DEJURE)
  2. Women’s Rights
  3. Indigenous Town’s Rights
  4. Youth Rights

While all programs aim to establish peace through the promotion of human rights, DEJURE is CALDH’s initiative that focuses most directly on establishing peace. DEJURE contributes to establishing truth and justice at the national and international level through supporting victims of human rights violations during the conflict.  This includes financial reimbursement for victims of human rights violations, promoting full political, social, and judicial understanding of human rights violations committed, and researching and explaining how they relate to the present and current construction of a culture of peace and understanding.


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