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How To File Articles Of Organization In Colorado

If you want to file articles of organization for an LLC that you are setting up in Colorado, there is a very specific way that you can get this done. Most people that do this can do this in a matter of hours, or even minutes, but it often takes some experience having done it before. It is often advantageous to work with a local company that specializes in the creation of different types of businesses including limited liability companies. If you want to do this on your own, here is a quick overview of how you will fill out and file the articles of organization that you will need to do in Colorado to set up your LLC.

Why LLCs Are So Popular

These are popular for two specific reasons. First of all, they provide you with ample protection from people that would otherwise try to sue you and take your assets. For example, if you have a regular business, and someone is not happy with something you have done, or they accuse you of wrongdoing, you stand to potentially lose the assets you have worked so hard to attain. Additionally, you may want to have this for the notoriety. When you see a business that says something about an LLC, you believe that this is a type of corporation or large company. Once you have determined why you want one, you will then not choose the name of this limited liability company.


Colorado Articles Of Organization

Choosing The Name Of Your LLC

If you want to choose the name of this business, there are two things that you need to do. First of all, consider whether or not it is already in existence. It is likely that if you are picking a very short word, or a short phrase for your limited liability company, somebody else in Colorado may have the same one. To avoid the problems that may occur as a result of sharing a similar name, choose something completely different. Even if you want to get the same name for the LLC as your business, it doesn’t matter if it is different and that’s why changing it to something completely unique is the best course of action. Next, you will want to get the articles of the organization and start to fill out this paperwork. The very first thing will be the name of your LLC.

Filling Out The Remainder Of Your Articles Of Organization

The remaining portions of your LLC will include the physical address, the registered agent’s name, and also the name and address of the person that is actually forming the limited liability company. If you are going to include managers as part of your business, or if you have multiple members that will be joining you, they should also be listed. If it is a smaller company, and there is only going to be one member, they need to be listed on the LLC paperwork. If you are having someone else file this, they also need to be listed on the paperwork. Once that is done, and it is signed, you can then file it for $50.

Obtaining Your EIN Number

Assuming that you are going to have employees that are working for you, it is important to have your employer identification number. This is separate paperwork that you will have to file in order to get this. Additionally, you don’t have to have any employees but you still need to have the EIN. So if it is just you, that number will simply be part of the LLC that you are forming so that the IRS will know who to contact.

Periodic Reports And Other Factors

Filing periodic reports is the next step of the process. It must be filed online by certain deadlines. There are fees that you will have to pay in order to do this. Once it is done, you will be current, and your LLC will be fully functional. If you don’t know how to do any of this, or even maintain it, always work with an accountant or someone that can manage it for you the last thing you want to do is get behind on your payments, or the regular statements that must be filed, which must be done in order to stay compliant with the laws in Colorado.

This brief overview of how to start filling out your articles of operation will put you on the path toward getting your LLC. It will be a very wise decision that you can make in the span of just a few minutes, which also includes the name of the company that you want to choose. There are online resources where you can enter the name that you would like to use and it can tell you if it is being used or not. Other than that, the entire process is straightforward. It is highly recommended that you do this with the help of professionals that can make sure the paperwork is complete and all subsequent paperwork that needs to be filed will be done.

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