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What You Should Know About Filling Out The Connecticut LLC Operating Agreement

When you start a business in Connecticut, if it is a sole proprietorship or even a partnership, you are open to many forms of legal abuse. There are customers that may decide to sue you, attempting to take your assets, and without protection, they may very well have that option. It does depend on the type of lawsuit they are filing, and what they are asking for, regarding what you may actually lose if the lawsuit does not go your way. To avoid all of these problems, however, starting an LLC in Connecticut will be the best way to protect yourself from these potential problems. To do so, you must fill out what is called the articles of operation, and along with that, you will also need to complete the operating agreement. This information will give you an overview of that entire process, specifically addressing what an operating agreement is and how it works.

Connecticut LLC Operating Agreement

LLCs In Connecticut Are Easy To File

Limited liability companies are aptly named. What they do is actually in the name of this type of protection. They limit the amount of liability that can potentially come your way. This is typically why people start LLCs to begin with. They are sometimes expensive, depending upon the state where you are opening line, yet you can file for LLCs in different states even if you are not there. There are legal issues associated with doing so, which is why most people will create a limited liability company in the state where their business is operating. The reason they are easy to file this because of the Internet. You can go to the Secretary of State website for Connecticut and find the paperwork within minutes. You will then need to go through the process of filling everything out, submitting it with the payment, and then they will take care of the rest.

Documents Needed For Filing LLCs In Connecticut

There are several steps that you must take in order to get this done. The initial step is choosing the name of your limited liability company. It is important to reserve a name that is not already in use. You can reserve one, for up to 120 days, as long as you are using the appropriate documentation. In particular, the application for the reservation of this name must be filed with the Connecticut Secretary of State. Once you pay the filing fee, this will allow you to save that name, but in many cases, it’s not necessary to match the name of your business with the name of your LLC. Next, you must appoint what is called a registered agent. This is a business or an individual, that will be the contact point for people that want to deliver paperwork to you. Next, you must file your articles of organization. This is going to list the organizer of the LLC’s name, you will also have the address, name, and the signature of the registered agent, along with your name. Additionally, the email address should also be listed and also the signature of the organizer. There is a filing fee that you will have to pay of $120.

Is This Something That You Should Do On Your Own?

It is essential that you do this with a business that has done this before if you are new to filing anything related to business in Connecticut. If you make a mistake, this could cause problems for you, such as a long delay, simply because you forgot to put in some information. It’s also a good idea because you can talk to them about questions that you may have. Not all of this is easy until you have done it once before. For example, as you are filling out the operating agreement, you may have questions in regard to each part of that document just to make sure that it is done appropriately. As you are filling it out, for instance, it will ask you about the responsibilities and rights of those that are part of your business. This may include the managers, the members, and other people that are connected to this business which is truly separate from the company that will be protected under this LLC.

LLCs may represent one of the best ways to protect yourself when you are starting your business in Connecticut. If you have no prior experience in filling out paperwork regarding starting a business, work with a professional that can help you. It is essential that you get all of the documents done properly including the operating agreement which is going to discuss how everything is operating at your place of business. Once completed, you will be able to feel confident that legal problems will not affect your personal assets due to having a limited liability company protecting you.

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