CorpNet Review: A True One-Stop-Shop for Your Business’s Legal Needs?

Getting started with a limited liability company (LLC) takes a substantial amount of work if you intend to do it yourself. The process is long and confusing, especially for businesses in states that have advanced compliance requirements. Seeking legal advice from an experienced attorney about incorporation services will set you on the right path, but legal services are usually more expensive than other options for small businesses.

Another option is available for incorporation services: CorpNet. Instead of turning to lawyers or trying to navigate the challenging processes of forming an LLC by yourself, you can use CorpNet, one of the best LLC formation companies available. Its service provides small businesses with a practical middle ground by equipping them with the tools and services they need to register their LLC legally.

You will find multiple LLC creation services from which to choose, and each has something to offer every customer. We have created a comprehensive CorpNet review to see how it stands up against its competitors as we aim to help new business owners determine if CorpNet’s services are worthwhile.


CorpNet Review


How to Form Your LLC With CorpNet

An LLC is a formal business structure with the same benefits as a corporation but with fewer compliance requirements and lower costs. CorpNet partners with prospective business owners who need assistance with the legal aspects of getting their LLC entities off the ground. Here are some ways to get started.

CorpNet offers the following services to would-be corporations or LLCs:


CorpNet is a family-owned business with experts who specialize in fast and efficient business filings. As a member, you will have access to your Compliance Portal, which sends alerts about critical compliance due dates and annual reports. With CorpNet, you can rest assured that all of your business documents are in a single location and readily accessible on your Compliance Portal, regardless if you own an LLC, s-corp, or c-corp.

To start your LLC with CorpNet, you can get a free, private business consultation with a knowledgeable CorpNet business formation expert via an online request or phone call. They will guide you through the formation process, risk-free, but if you choose one of the paid CorpNet services, the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

CorpNet LLC Formation Package Options

CorpNet offers three package levels for new business owners: a basic, deluxe, and complete package. Compared to competitors’ pricing, CorpNet LLC services are not overly expensive, but other foundation companies offer more economical LLC creation services. The current price points do not reflect the cost of state fees, which is extra.

Basic CorpNet LLC Formation Cost: $79 Plus State Fees

The CorpNet basic package is for beginner formation services. This package includes state filing for business documentation, but other core services require standalone service fees. In addition to the $79 basic package, you will need to pay $49 to expedite the state filing process within 24 hours and pay $69 each for an EIN and Customized LLC Operating Agreement.

The basic package includes:

  • Business Name Availability Check: CorpNet will thoroughly search your state’s database to ensure that no other business has your new enterprise’s name.
  • Free Access to B-I-Z Corporate Compliance Tool: B-I-Z makes it simple to keep up with corporate compliance. With B-I-Z, you will receive regular notifications of your state filing fees, tax filings, due dates, annual reports, and more for you and your clients. The tool helps business owners work more efficiently and prevents unnecessary penalties.
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization: These documents are necessary to form an LLC with the state. CorpNet personnel will draft the paperwork and file them on your behalf.
  • 60 Days of Free Registered Agent Service: Basic package members can take advantage of CorpNet’s registered agent service for free for 60 days.


Who Is the Basic Package Ideal For?

The basic package is ideal for aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs on a budget. If you are comfortable taking a DIY route and filing for an EIN on your own or paying an additional fee for the service, the CorpNet basic package is sufficient for filing your primary LLC paperwork with the state.

Deluxe CorpNet LLC Formation: $199 Plus State Fees

CorpNet offers a mid-tier deluxe package for customers who would like to pay more upfront for additional services. The package includes everything with the basic package, as well as:

  • A Full Year of Registered Agent Service: A CorpNet registered agent will receive critical documentation on behalf of your business and forward it to you. Registered agent service is a requirement for every state, and the deluxe package will give you a full year of free service. When your time is up, you can purchase a registered agent service with CorpNet for $149 for another full year, if you choose.
  • EIN: A tax ID number is a unique number attached to your business, allowing you to open business bank accounts and pay corporate taxes. CorpNet will obtain the number from the IRS on your behalf.
  • 24-Hour Document Preparation and Print Delivery: CorpNet agents will submit your completed documents to your state within 24 hours of your package purchase at no additional charge. CorpNet agents will also provide you with hard copies of your papers.


Who Is the Deluxe Package Ideal For?

The deluxe package will work well for customers who prefer to have a professional file their required LLC paperwork on their behalf. It is also a worthwhile option for anyone who wants to utilize the package’s full year of registered agent services.

Complete CorpNet LLC Formation: $249 Plus State Fees

Both the deluxe and complete packages include the same features, but the CorpNet complete package also offers:

  • LLC Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is a crucial document that CorpNet will draft on your behalf with a detailed outline of your business structure and rules for its operation.
  • LLC Kit and Seal: This decorative binder with your business name and seal will hold your necessary documentation.

Other services for your new business entity include:

  • Lifetime telephone and email customer support
  • Online access to documentation
  • Corporate banking resolutions
  • Electronic state document delivery


Who Is the Complete Package For?

Though deluxe and complete packages are worthwhile options for entrepreneurs, the latter package is best because it offers the most complete bundle of business formation services that CorpNet has to offer. Any customer who wants to form an LLC without dealing with necessary tasks like drafting an operating agreement firsthand will benefit from this package.

CorpNet Registered Agent Services

When you choose one of the three CorpNet LLC formation packages, you will have free access to its registered agent service, but for varying lengths of time. For instance, with the basic package, the service is only free for 60 days. Once your 60 days are up, CorpNet will charge you $149 per year to access a registered agent.

Customers can cancel their CorpNet registered agent service at any time. To do so, you must file all required documents to the necessary government agencies to remove CorpNet and its affiliates as the registered agent for your business entity. You will need proof in writing that you have removed CorpNet as your agent.

When CorpNet receives your notice in writing, it will cancel your subscription for your specified jurisdictions and no longer accept the service of process for your business.

CorpNet Customer Reviews

You can find hundreds of customer reviews for CorpNet online. Most of the feedback includes positive reviews about the company’s excellent customer support agents and the efficiency of CorpNet’s services. CorpNet reviews also state that the company provides customers with peace of mind and fair prices for the services it provides.

CorpNet reviews have been positive enough to earn a 4.9 ranking on the Trustpilot site, a 4-star ranking on Yelp, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can find the occasional negative CorpNet review on either site. Still, an overwhelming number of reviews suggest that CorpNet LLC formation services are excellent and worth considering for anyone who wants to start a business.

Pros and Cons of Using CorpNet LLC Formation Services

A CorpNet review is useful for providing information about the company, its reliability, and its services, but it helps to compare its advantages and disadvantages to similar companies. If you’re starting a business, understanding the pros and cons of companies providing business formation services will give you a better idea of which one is right for your needs.

CorpNet Pros

CorpNet reviews are widely positive, and some of the notable benefits the company offers its customers are:

  • CorpNet offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers dissatisfied with CorpNet services can receive a full no-questions-asked refund of their service fees. The CorpNet guarantee does not include reimbursements for state filing fees or monies to a third party, and customers must submit their refund request within 60 days of their service purchase date.


  • The CorpNet team understands how to utilize its industry experience while providing a personal touch to its services. A husband and wife team runs the company, and they have assisted with over 100,000 business formations.


  • Many CorpNet reviews discuss the company’s great customer service, which includes a bilingual customer support team. Anyone starting a business will need responsive customer support during their processes, and CorpNet’s customer service delivers every time. Its customer support agents are available every weekday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, but anyone with the complete package has 24/7 customer service options via text, telephone, and email.


CorpNet Cons

Despite CorpNet’s overwhelmingly positive reviews, the company does miss the mark in some areas. Here are some of CorpNet’s disadvantages.

  • Though LLC formation service with CorpNet is on par with competitors, the CorpNet package pricing is a bit deceptive. Its advertised pricing does not include state filing fees or shipping fees for documents. CorpNet will charge a mandatory $29 for shipping business documents via USPS Priority Mail.
  • CorpNet’s included features are somewhat lacking. Registered agent service is a must for anyone starting a business, but the basic package only allows the service for free for two months. Other LLC formation companies offer the service for free or at a lower annual price.


Are CorpNet LLC Formation Services Right for You?

CorpNet has fewer downsides than most of its competitors. From its exceptional customer service, numerous positive online reviews, and ease of use, this experienced family-owned business is a reliable LLC formation service. The team has sufficient LLC formation expertise and prompt services, but it still maintains a personal touch that customers find appealing.

Forming an LLC with CorpNet is a good choice for anyone who puts positive customer reviews in high regard and needs the assistance of an outstanding customer service team to walk them through the necessary processes to start an LLC. The CorpNet 100%-satisfaction-guarantee-with-no-questions-asked solidifies the company’s reliability and trustworthiness.

If finances are a concern, CorpNet might not be your best option. Some of its competitors offer cheaper formation packages and include an entire year of registered agent service.

Though its pricing may be too high for some new business owners, CorpNet is a highly efficient limited liability company formation provider with fair pricing, decent features, and plenty of positive reviews.

LLC Formation Alternatives to CorpNet

We highly recommend that people use CorpNet to form an LLC, but make sure to learn about its alternatives to make a more informed decision about the service that best fits your needs.

For instance, LegalZoom is another reputable formation service for businesses, and while it doesn’t have as many positive reviews, it does offer a cheaper base package starting at $49. However, Rocket Lawyer has ample positive reviews online and a monthly service fee of $39 for its premium membership. The company is a good alternative for businesses that need long-term document solutions and legal advice.

BizFilings has a BBB A+ rating and more expensive services, with base packages ranging from $99 to $424, but it offers a complimentary six months of registered agent services.

Inc Authority is one of the best formation providers, and it provides 100% free LLC formation services, but you can get additional service packages for your business, starting at $399.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CorpNet legit?

CorpNet is highly reputable. It’s a family-owned company with owners who have worked in the industry for decades. They have helped form well over 100,000 businesses to date, and their online customer reviews speak highly of their services, expertise, and professionalism. With their help and guidance, nearly anyone can quickly form an LLC in any state.

Do I need CorpNet to form an LLC?

No. You always have the option to form an LLC by yourself or with the assistance of a lawyer. You can also choose another LLC formation service besides CorpNet to meet your needs. It is worth noting that CorpNet has an abundance of business filing experience, and it can make the process easier and less stressful without breaking your budget.

Does CorpNet offer discounts?

Yes. You can use the code CORP10 on CorpNet’s site to save 10% off your business service purchase. The discount does not apply to the company’s basic formation package or state filings.

Is CorpNet’s customer service efficient?

One of CorpNet’s most attractive features is its superior customer support. Most CorpNet reviews mention the customer care team’s efficiency, which speaks to the extensive training they have to perform the job.

All customers have access to their support line every weekday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Those who purchase a higher-tiered package have access to customer service 24/7 through email, telephone calls, and texting.

How do you contact CorpNet’s customer support?

You can reach CorpNet’s customer support line by calling 888-449-2638 or writing to its email address at [email protected] For general information about the company’s services, you can write to [email protected]