Corporate LLC Kit

LLC Formations Kit

If you’re looking for a great way to stay organized, but also be stylish and unique, then look no further! LLC Formations has everything you need from binders, folders, stock certificates, custom made documents, and much more! Here you’ll see some of our products outlined, and how they can be best tailored to your unique style and brand. So if you’re interested in finding the best corporate LLC kit, then you’re in the right place!

Corporate LLC Kit

Binder and Slip Case

At LLC formations, we want you to have a corporate LLC kit that is sure to last. That’s why our bookbinder and slip case is made using the traditional bookbinding method to ensure durability. While other companies have changed their production methods to go with the times, we’ve stayed old-school with a long-time method that’s proven effective. These kits are constructed with heavier materials to give it a much longer shelf life. Most other company kits are quite thin and don’t have a long shelf life, but because we make our corporate LLC kit with heavier, denser materials, you can be sure that your kit will withstand the elements. Our binders also have a three ring mechanism with double opening and closing boosters. This allows for pages to lie flat and turn smoothly with no resistance. Along with our amazing shelf life, our binders also come with a custom gold engraving of your name or business logo along with a personal slip case.

Step Inside the Binder

When you get a binder from one of  LLC Formations partners, you’ll also receive 20 member of stock certificates. These documents are elegantly designed to include your company’s name and state of incorporation, which are all printed on the highest quality security paper you’ll find. Your binder will also include printed minutes as well as bylaws or an operating agreement. We know your business is of the best professional integrity, so we want to have that same integrity with our kits. One of the other great features of your binder is a pocket seal embosser that can have your name or business logo personally engraved on it. The pocket seal is of a metal die cast that can be adjusted by size. The seal can also include state and date of formation. The finishing touches on your personalized binders include 8 pages of an A-Z transfer ledger as well as mylar-coated index tabs, which are very easy to use for your personal kit.

Why Choose LLC Formations?

When picking the right materials for your business or brand, you want something that’s custom made to fit your unique style. That’s why LLC has gone the extra mile to make sure you feel that your kit has everything you need to prepare you to kick start your business into shape! We stay old school, because we don’t want you to just have a decent or an OK LLC kit, but here at LLC Formations, we want you to have the best corporate LLC kit.

Get Your Corporate LLC Kit

Get Your Corporate LLC Kit

How to Get Started

We understand your time is valuable, as is ours. That’s why we’ve made the starting process very simple. You can find the option to use our filing services on our website, which is completed by one of our many affiliate partners. Thanks for choosing LLC Formations!