What to know About Delaware LLC Business Licenses and Permits

Once your Delaware LLC has been cleared, you need to learn the requirements for licenses in your specific location for proper compliance. The requirements that apply to you personally will be determined by the industry and location in which your business operates.


Failure to do so is a risky prospect as the fines and penalties can be severe, even to the point of losing the option of operating in the state.


Delaware Business License

Types of licenses you may need in Delaware


Here are some of the licenses you should know about:

Home occupation permit

Division of Revenue State Tax ID number

Seller/reseller permit

Health permit

Building permit

Business operation license/business privilege license

Signage permit

Zoning and land permits

Sales tax license

Withholding taxes (if you have employees)

There are more requirements for industries with stricter regulations.


DIY in Delaware with One Stop


Any LLC that wishes to conduct business in Delaware will first be required to obtain a license to do so from the Delaware Division of Revenue.


This will have to be done before your business commences operations within the state.


The most direct and simplistic method of accomplishing this will be to use the assistance of Delaware One Stop Business [removethis] Licensing and Registration Service.


One Stop is your assistant in registering with the Delaware Division of Revenue. If you employ others in your business, One Stop can also help you with registration at the Office of Workers Compensation and the Division of Unemployment Insurance.


This can be done online or through the mail. We suggest using the online process for this application as it is faster and easier.


Follow this link for instructions on completing this process through the mail:




This link will show you how to complete the process online:




You will find a list of questions that will help you determine the business industry and provide information about the fees you will need for your business license.


How much time will it take to receive my business license?


Once you have filled out your application at One Stop, you will be given a temporary business license. 10 days later, you will receive your official license in the mail.


How long does my business license last?


Unless you have specified a 3-year term on your business license, these licenses typically last a year and expire on the 31st of December.


When should I renew my business license?


Your business license will have to be renewed each year and this must be done before the December 31. If you have obtained a 3-year license, you will have to renew the license before December 31 on the third year.


Are there any other licensing/permit requirements I should know about?


Depending on the type of industry your business is operating in and its industry, your local city or municipality will have their own licenses or permits you will need to obtain. You will have to get in touch with the appropriate departments within your local county or municipality to see the full list of details, you can also check our recommendations in the following section.


For more information you can visit this link:





Our Recommendation


There are well over 20,000 different jurisdictions with their own license and permits in the U.S. Each has its own rules and regulations.


You can save time by hiring a professional service to do some of the research and grunt work on this task of preparing applications.


For example, IncFile will provide you with a package for all the permits, tax registrations and licenses a Delaware LLC will need to consider and the applications forms as well.

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