The Primary Benefits Of Doing A DC Business Entity Search

Once you have come up with a great name for your business, you might believe that you are the only one with that name. In certain circumstances, the name you have chosen may be so unique that it literally is the only company that will have it. Unfortunately, depending upon the size of the state you are in, and the type of name you have chosen, you may have one that someone has already taken. That can cause problems, not only for getting a domain name related to your business but also when setting up a limited liability company. It is imperative that your name be absolutely unique when compared to other businesses that also have LLCs. By using what is called a business entity search, you can often avoid these unpleasant complications.


DC Business Entity Search


What Is A Business Entity Search?

This is a search that is often done on a government website. They will have a search engine that will look at a database of names that are used by businesses that are already in existence. You can modify your search to refine it, allowing you to quickly determine if the name you have chosen is currently in use. The search can happen in several different ways. First of all, there is the entity number search. This is an identification number, offered by both states and the District of Columbia, that are specifically delegated for one particular business. However, if you are trying to determine if someone is using the same name for a business, you will want to use a keyword instead. This is called an entity name search, and when you do this, the search is not going to be case sensitive.

How To Do This Type Of Search

The entity name search has many different parameters that you should consider before doing your initial search. There are ways of refining your search, allowing you to save a substantial amount of time, as you are doing your research. For instance, you can use single quotes, forward slashes, and even parentheses in order to refine your search in great detail. You should also consider not removing spaces and if you are trying to find a name that is spelled a specific way. If you do find your name, you may want to try another search with hyphens, but for the best results, always choose a name for your LLC that is extremely weak. This will eliminate the probability of finding another company that is using your exact spelling. If you can find one, you will know that you are not using something unique enough when choosing to name your limited liability company. If you have done your research, and you have not been able to find an entity record that matches, then you can feel confident that the one you will use with your LLC paperwork will be accepted.

Why Choosing The Right Name Matters

There are several reasons why it is important to use the proper name for your business. The first one has already been discussed. You don’t want to have a similar name to another company that may, at some point in time, be involved in a lawsuit. However, it is very important to have a name that is unique that people can remember. If it is an entity record that does not exist, this will also accelerate the process by which your LLC will be approved. Of course, you will have to do the paperwork properly to ensure that it is not rejected. Using a business to help you may be the best way of ensuring that you are granting permission to use that name for your limited liability company.

Paperwork That You Must Fill Out

As you are filling out your paperwork to get your DC LLC, you will want to start with your articles of organization. The DLC-1 is the form that you will want to use, a form that stands for Domestic Limited Liability Company. It is also necessary to fill out your operating agreement, a document that is not mandatory but can be helpful in defining your business. Once you have added your LLC name, as well as the names of those that are part of your business, plus their address, the organizer can sign it in order to turn it in.

Obtaining an LLC in DC is not as hard as it would seem. The most difficult part is often finding a name that is completely unique. By doing so, you will be on your way to protecting your business from the potential of litigation from businesses that may try to sue you. Likewise, individuals may also come against you, but getting to your assets will not be possible with this limited liability company in place. It’s even better when you are using a unique name that will define your brand, a brand that represents protection you will have the courtesy of your LLC in DC.