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Florida Business Entity search

Conduct a Company Name Search in Florida to Find Out If Your Business Name is Still Available

If you are considering forming a new LLC or corporation in Florida, you can begin by coming up with the ideal name. Our useful Florida corporations and Limited Liability Companies search tool allow you to search up business names to find out if they are still available. You can easily search for current company names in the registry of businesses with Florida’s Division of Corporations.


Florida Business Entity Search


Once you have a unique business entity name for your Limited Liability Companies, corporations, or partnerships we can assist you with legally forming your business through our own inexpensive, easy, and quick entity name formation process. In order to search for business entities, simply enter your details below and we will hand everything else for you.

Our Free Business Name Search Tool Can Be Used To Find Out Whether Your Company Name Is Still Available

We will let you know if the name of your business can be used with Florida’s Division of Corporations. Simply enter your business name, and then we will search the company registrar on your behalf.

Florida Rules For Naming Your LLC or Corporations

All businesses that are formed in the state are required to follow certain rules for naming them.

– The name of your business should not be similar to or confused with another business.

– If your business is an LLC, then it must contain an abbreviation or the words “Limited Liability Company. Corporations must include “Corporation,” “Incorporation,” or something similar.

– You normally cannot imply a connection with an entity type in the state of Florida or that you will be conducting activities that your business cannot provide legally.


Frequently Asked Questions For Florida Business Searches

How Can I Search Florida’s Division of Corporations Business Registry?

Simply use our Business Name Search Tool above. Type in your proposed corporation or LLC name. We will then search your business name in Florida’s Division of Corporation’s database search to see if any matches come up. Results include the document number and status of each record.

Must Any Naming Rules Be Followed for My Florida LLC or Corporation?

There are certain specific and general naming rules that must be followed by business entities. The major ones were covered above.

Am I Allowed To Do Business Under a Name Than It Different Than Legal Name in the State of Florida?

Normally, you are allowed to do business using a different name. It can be referred to as a “trade name,” “doing business as name,” “fictitious name,” or “assumed name.” We can file a Fictitious Business Name with the Division of Corporations for you.

Can You Help Me With Changing My Business Entity Name in Florida?

Your legal business entity name can be changed by filing an amendment of your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. We can file this amendment for you, including changing your Limited Liability companies or corporation name.

What Should I Consider When Deciding on a Name for My Business in Florida?

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect name for a business. We offer a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best FL business name. You should select a name that:

– Is not being used by any other business

– Tells customers what your company does

– Is memorable enough so that it stands out

– Will matter to your customers

How Can My Business Name in Florida Be Protected?

Incorporating your business in the state of Florida, usually as a corporation or LLC is the easiest way to keep your business name protected. We can assist you with this. To get started, just select “Incorporate Now.”

If you would like extra protection, your business name can be registered as a trademark. Please note that simply filing a DBA (doing business as) or fictitious name in the state is not sufficient for protecting it.

In Florida, What Organization Manages and Registers Business Names?

Florida’s Division of Corporations incorporates businesses in Florida. It manages the company register in Florida, and its business name database search is what we will search for you.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

Secretary of State

For information on the Secretary of State in Florida click here.

Additional Resources

Florida Department of State website-

Department of state mailing address- 500 S Bronough St, Tallahassee, FL 32399


Conduct a Company Name Search in Florida to Find Out If Your Business Name is Still Available