How To Acquire A Small Business License In The State Of Florida?

If you’re just about ready to start your very own business in Florida, you’ll need to think and carefully examine a couple of things for your business license. These being the municipal Business regulations, the Florida county, and the state of Florida on how to go about getting a Florida business license. It should be noted that the Florida business structure, as well as the type and location of the business, will have an impact on the Business license requirements within Florida.


Florida Business License


So, if you’re planning on acquiring your new Florida business license, you’ll need to search and use toggle navigation for the Florida Sunshine State economic development organization website better known as Enterprise Florida, Inc. The following are some of the State businesses licenses issues that you might need to consider before you officially start a new business in Florida:

Obtaining A General Florida Business License

Within the state of Florida, you’ll need to secure general Florida State business licenses which are also referred to as the business tax receipt. This is needed if the business is planning to provide the general public with services, or goods and you’re operating from your home or another location in Florida. You can obtain the business tax receipt when you register with the tax collector’s office in your district.

Tax receipts can also be granted by the Florida county tax collectors. However, if your business location is within the municipality or county, you’ll need to get a tax receipt for city business. For further Business information, you can easily search for and contact your county tax collector by visiting the State of Florida Department of Revenue and selecting the Florida county that applies to you.

Based on the physical business location, you may have the option to register your businesses via postal services, online, or even in person. The cost of your business tax receipt will be dependent on the business you’re opening, the county, and the effects that it has on the zoning and environmental conditions. It should be noted that the information needed differs between municipalities and counties.

However, your correct name and the name of your business as well as corporate documents, a copy of your Social Security card, tax ID number, and the industry code that you received from the North American Industrial Classification System along with proof of other licenses and permits that are applicable to your Business industry are all required before you can file.

Additional Licensing For Professions and Business In Florida

Based on your Business industry, your business might need to be regulated as a business entity that requires a license according to the Florida Department Of Business and Professional Regulations. If you’re providing manicure services, you’ll need to acquire a certified Board of Cosmetology business license from the state along with your business tax receipt. Depending on the profession, you can also search and apply online to update the state business license that is needed for your business.

This can be done via the Department of Business and Professionals. You’ll also need to search and determine if your Florida business requires any additional requirements regarding the business licenses. DBPR and DACS are the two main licensing agencies for skilled trades.

Partnerships require various permits, depending on the type of businesses and county in which it resides. Partnerships are created whenever two or more individuals agree to do business together for profit, even if there is no intent or written agreement to form a partnership.

Partnerships, corporations, and most LLCs OR sole proprietorships with employees MUST register for an EIN. The is a nine-digit tax identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. This number identifies a business operating in the U.S and is used for paying payroll taxes, filing tax returns, and more. Much like what a social security number is to a person, the EIN is similar to a social security number for a business.

Name Registration Filing (Fictitious Name)

Some businesses tend to operate under fictitious names. A sole proprietorship is a simplest and most common structure chosen to start a business. If you are a sole proprietorship in Florida and doing business under your full first and last name there is no filing, but if the businesses will operate under a Fictitious Name you will need to register the business name by filing a Fictitious Name Registration (DBA) with the State of Florida. To register a business name in Florida you must first check to make sure your name is available by doing a business name search, a domain name search, and a federal trademark search.

In addition to the state filing, the Florida Business license name being registered must be advertised at least once in a newspaper search located within the county where your business is located. Proof of the Business advertisement is not required, but you will have to certify the name of the Business has been advertised when you sign the Business application.

The fee is $50 to register a Fictitious Business Name.

This just simply means that a business can operate under Business names that are not their legal Business name. If the ABC Company decides to open a child care business, they can apply for a fictitious name such as WeeCare at the Florida Division Of Corporations site; after your fictitious Business name is approved, you can successfully conduct business within the state of Florida. For more information on Business licenses and the Florida Division of Corporations visit the website here.

Before finalizing the name of your Florida LLC, you will want to make sure the name meets all of the state business license requirements such as the correct usage of the entity designator, the name is distinct from other registered names, the name must be consistent with the activities of the business and the name can’t mention any government affiliation.

Additional Resources

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