Georgia Articles Of Organization

Articles of Organization in Georgia can be filed online or by mail. The filing fee when you file by mail is $110 and is $100 when you file online.

The Articles of Organization fee and the LLC filing fee (for creating an LLC in Georgia) are the same thing. The document Articles of Organization is what creates your LLC after it has been approved by the office of the Secretary of State.

The approval time when you file by mail is 12 to 15 days.

The approval time when you file online is 7 business days.

There are instructions below for filing online and filing by mail. We recommend that the Articles of Organization be filed online since it is easier and the approval time is faster.


Articles of Organization Georgia


Filing Articles of Organization in Georgia by Mail

When your LLC is formed by mail, Articles of Organization and a Transmittal Form need to be submitted.

Articles of Organization in Georgia

Form CD030

Transmittal Form in Georgia

Form 231

For assistance with filling out your Transmittal Form and Articles of Organization, our online instructions can be referenced below since they are quite similar.

Note: If you are the Registered Agent, the individual filling out the paperwork, and the LLC member, then the Transmittal Form may appear repetitive. If that is true, your contact information will need to be repeated several times.

When filing by mail, you need to send the following:

– Filing Fee
– Transmittal Form
– 2 copies of your Articles of Organizations (1 copy and 1 original)

The Filing Fee is $110

Money Order or Check are the Accepted Payment Forms

When a check is being sent, your check is required to have your full street address pre-printed on it. Georgia does not accept temporary or starter checks.

Make your check out to Georgia Secretary of State

Mail Instructions: Send the Transmittal Form, 2 copies of the Articles of Organization, and the $110 filing fee to:

Corporations Division
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE
Suite 313, West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334

Approval: Your LLC will be approved by the state in 12 to 15 days. They will send mail back the following to you: Certificate of Organization (it contains a state seal and may be used to open a business bank account), an approved and stamped copy of the Articles of Organization, and a receipt.

Filing Articles of Organization in Georgia Online

Create your online account:

1. Go to:
2. Click on the button “Create a User Account”
3. Type in your email address and contact information. Then click on “Continue.”
4. Create your User ID, your password, and your security question. Click on “Create My Account.”

User IDs must be 8 characters long at least.

Passwords must be 8 characters long at least as well. It needs to contain at least 1 special character (#, $, etc.), 1 number, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 uppercase letter.

5. A confirmation message will be displayed on the next page with both your User ID and your password. Save the login information or print the page. To proceed, click “Login.”

Filing Articles of Organization online:

To get started, click on the button “Create or Register a Business.”

1. Create Business

Choose “I am creating a new domestic business”.

In the dropdown list “Business Type” choose “Domestic Limited Liability Company.”

Please note: we do not cover foreign LLC registration here (out-of-state LLCs that are registering in the state of Georgia). The steps are going to be slightly different if a foreign LLC needs to be registered in Georgia.

2. Business Name

Type your LLC name in exactly the way you want it, including the capitalization you prefer, and your designator “L.L.C.” or “LLC” (“LLC” is the abbreviation that is the most commonly used).

Note: A comma can be used or it can be left out. (Both of these are acceptable: “123 Widgets LLC” and 123 Widgets, LLC”).

It is optional to enter a second and third choice name. If you wish, the backups can be filled in case the LLC name that you desire is unavailable.

3. Business Purpose

If you would like to enter your business industry in this section you can, or you can decide not to provide it.

To add your business industry, from the dropdown list, choose “NAICS Code” and then from the second dropdown list choose “NAICS Sub Code.”

Note: Government agencies use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes to identify your LLC’s business activities and line of business.

If you are unsure or do not want to share that information, on the dropdown list “NAICS Code” choose “Any legal purpose.”

4. Address of Your Principal Office

Type in your LLC’s principal street office (you cannot use a PO Box). The state of Georgis will use the address to mail normal correspondence to you (not legal documents). Any street address can be used. It just needs to be in Georgia. This address can be your Registered Agent’s address, an office address, or a home address.

To continue to the next step click on the “Continue” button.

5. Business Email

Type in your preferred email address two times. Your approval will be emailed to this email address.

It is called “Business Email.” However, it doesn’t need to be a business email address. A personal email address can be used.

6. Information About Your Registered Agent

– If you (or a family member or friend) is going to be the Registered Agent:

Click on the button “Create Registered Agent.”

If this button is grayed out, then you will need to type in your or their name in the box “Registered Agent Name” and then click on “Search.” Then you will either a popup box that states “No data found” or a list will be displayed of similar names Close the window or box that appears and you will be able to click on the button “Create Registered Agent.”

Now click on the button “Create Registered Agent.” Type in your or their contact information and then click on the button “Create Registered Agent” to save it.

– If a Commercial Registered Agent has been hired for your LLC:

In the box “Registered Agent Name” enter their name and then click on the button “Search.”

A popup window will then be displayed. Locate the Commercial Registered Agent you are using from the list and then click on the circle “Select.” Click on the button “OK” to save it.

7. Organizer Information

The LLC’s Organizer is the individual (or people) who submit the LLC’s paperwork to Georgia. Most likely you will be the Organizer (and, if applicable, any other LLC members).

Enter the contact information for the first Organizer and then click on the button “Add” to save it.

If necessary, add any other Organizers.

8. Optional Provisions

Additional regulations and rules for your LLC can be added in this section. It may not apply and the section is optional. You can choose o leave it blank if it is not applicable.

9. Filer’s Certification (Signature)

To agree to the terms, check the box.

Next, choose your “Effective Date.” A majority of people select today’s date. That means the official formation of your LLC will be on the date that you filed it with the state of Georgia.

If your filing date needs to be forwarded, that can be done for up to 90 days.

Tip: If your LLC is being formed in either October, November, or December, and your business is not going to open during that time, forward your filing date to January 1. That way you won’t have to file unnecessary taxes.

Then, type your full name into the box “Authorizer Signature.” In the dropdown list “Authorizer Title,” choose “Member” if you are the owner of the LLC, and if you are filing the LLC for somebody else, choose “Organizer.”

To proceed, click on the button “Continue.”

10. Review Page

On this page, review all the information that you have typed in and check for any typos.

Click on the “Back” button or “Edit Info” if any changes need to be made.

If everything looks fine, click on the button “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

11. Processing Time

To choose the processing time that you desire, go to the dropdown list “Would you like to expedite the filing.”

For standard 7-day processing, select “Regular Process. The cost is $100.

For expedited 2-day processing, select “24-48 Hours”. The cost is $200.

For expedited same-day processing, select “Same Day.” The cost is $350. You need to file before noon for same-day processing.

To process and pay, click on the button “Click to Pay” to proceed.

12. Make Payment

Type your billing and contact information. To submit your payment, click on the button “Pay With Your Credit Card.”

Congratulations you have filed your Georgia LLC for processing. You need just have to wait for it to be approved.

Approval of Your Georgia LLC

By Mail: 12 to 15 business days
Online: 7 business days

Whether you file by mail or online, you will get the following 3 items back:

Certificate of Organization (contains a state seal and you can use it to open a business bank account).

Approved and stamped copy of the Articles of Organization

Your documents are returned to you by mail if you file by mail.

Your documents are emailed to you in the form of attachments (in two emails) if you file online.

Contact Information for Georgia’s Secretary of State

You can call Georgia’s Secretary of State if you have questions at 404-656-2817 (8 am to 5:30 pm).