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Business Entity Search in Georgia

We want to help you pick a great business name for your Georgia LLC. Therefore, you are in the right place if you want to create a “Doing Business As” name to register your entity, understand naming rules, or you are searching for a business name with the GA Secretary of State.


Georgia Business Entity Search


Georgia LLC Business Name Rules

You Must Have a Unique LLC Business Name

Once you choose a business name, other LLCs or corporations in the state of Georgia cannot use that business name. That is why you should use Incfile’s free Business Name Search tool or the Georgia SOS website to check business name availability.

You Must Not Have An LLC Business That Is Confusable With Other Business Names

Having a unique LLC business name is not enough. It should not be the same as the name of another LLC or a corporation in Georgia. For instance, do not use the factors below to say your LLC name is not the same as the name of another business.

Suffixes, including LLC, Ltd., Inc., Co., Corp., Limited, Incorporation, Incorporated, Company, Corporation, etc.
Definite articles such as “The,” “&,” “An,” “And,” “A,” etc.
Abbreviations, typefaces, fonts, symbols, punctuation, etc.
The plural or singular or possessive forms of a word.

You Must Not Have Certain Words On Your LLC Business Name

The words “LLC,” “L.L.C.” or “Limited Liability Company” must be in the name of all LLCs. These are the words that are usually at the end of the business name.

There May Be Other General Restrictions on Your LLC Business Name

Several states do not allow business owners to form LLCs with names that:

Are the same as the name of an organization or GA agency or a federal (e.g., Treasury, Georgia Police, Georgia Department of Taxation and Finance, FBI, FDA, etc.)
Suggest affiliation with an organization or federal or state agency
Imply a purpose that your business cannot carry out since it is illegal to carry it out
Use the terms that are trademarks of the Olympic organization such as the term “Olympic”

Do Not Use Words That the Georgia Secretary of State Restricts

You require written approval of the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner to use the following terms in your entity name: “indemnity,” “reassurance,” “reinsurance,” “fidelity,” “surety,” assurance,” or “insurance”

You require written approval of the Department of Banking and Finance to use the following terms or variations of the word “bank” in your entity name: “bank,” “trust,” “trust company,” “savings & loan,” “credit union,” “bankruptcy,” “Bancorp,” “banking house,” “banking company,” “banker,” “Banque,” or “banc”

You require written approval of the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission to use the following terms in your entity name: “university” or “college”

How to Come Up with the Right Business Name

A great business name can elude you, so we wrote a guide to help you choose a great business name. However, you should pick a business name that:

Represents your services and products
Is memorable enough to stand out
Appeals to your customers
Other businesses do not use

Georgia Business Entity Searches

The next step is to complete a business entity search with the Georgia Secretary of State once you narrow down your search to a few names. Search for your proposed business in the Georgia business registry using Incfile. It is an easy-to-use Business Name Search tool. There is also a business search feature on the website of the Secretary of State that you can use to perform a business search.

A business name, which is already in use, is not available to register. That is why you cannot register it. You can try to search for another business name instead.

DBA/Assumed Names for Georgia LLCs

You can decide not to use your legal LLC name since you can do business under a different name. In Georgia, the name “Doing Business As (DBA)” or “fictitious” is when you do business under a different name. There are several reasons that can make you decide to use another name from your GA formal LLC business name.

For instance, you may call your LLC “Georgia Orchards Holding Company LLC”, but the name of your chain is “Peach Pit Stop”. You need to file a DBA/fictitious name form. Contact the Clerk of the Superior Court in the country where you do business to register a fictitious name. Or you can use the Fictitious Business Name service to have Incfile file it on your behalf.

Register Your Business Name

You can register your LLC business name with Georgia once you search for your Georgia business name, check for its availability, follow the naming rules, and made a decision on whether you need a fictitious name. Here are a few ways of doing this:

You can reserve the business name with the Georgia Secretary of State if you are not ready to form your Georgia LLC right now. You will have to complete and file a Name Reservation Request with the GA SOS. If you want to form your business right away, you do not have to reserve a business name.

You can let Incfile file your Articles of Organization with the Georgia Secretary of State for free or you can formally file it yourself if you are ready to start your Georgia LLC.

Naming Your Georgia LLC FAQs

How Do Search for Georgia LLC Business Name?

You can search the Georgia business registry on the website of the Secretary of State or use Incfile’s Business Name Search tool. You just enter your proposed business name on the Business Name Search tool.

Are There Any Rules on Naming Georgia LLC?

Yes. Specific rules (applicable in the state of Georgia) and general rules (applicable to all LLCs) bound most LLCs. You can read more about these rules above.

Is It Possible to Do Business Under a Different Name Than My LLC Name in Georgia?

Yes. You can decide to do business under a different name called “trade names,” “doing business as names,” “fictitious names,” or “assumed names.” Check for more details above.

Can You Reserve a Name for a Georgia LLC?

Yes. If you are not ready to start your business right now, you are allowed to reserve a business name by the Georgia Secretary of State. Check the details above. You do not have to reserve a business name if you want to start your business right now.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.