How to Obtain a Georgia LLC Business Licenses & Permits

Once your LLC has been approved in Georgia, there will be some state and local government requirements to understand. The requirements that apply to you will depend on the industry you belong to and the location of your business.

Not complying with the requirements for the license and permits that apply to you can be a risky problem. In addition to fines and other penalties, you may lose your right to operate in Georgia.

Georgia Business License
Various licenses & permits in Georgia

Here are some examples of the license and permits you may need to operate in Georgia:

Business licenses/tax permits

Health permit

Occupational permit

Signage permit

Building permits

Sales and use tax permits

Alarm permit

Liquor Licenses

Zoning permit

Alcohol & tobacco permit

Seller/reseller permit

Additionally, you will need to obtain the licenses and permits required by the state and location your business is located.

Business License

You will probably need to obtain the licenses and permits from the city and state where your business is located, because Georgia does not issue licenses at a state level.

To do this, contact the city/county licensing board to get an idea of what licenses you will need to apply for.

Tax Registration

LLCs registered in Georgia must register identification numbers for taxes as well as permits and licenses. This can be done online through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC). For more information on what registration applies to you, be sure to check the Georgia Department of Revenue. You will also be able to register online.

Professional & Occupational Licenses

You will probably have to obtain a specific type of state licensing, if your profession is presided over by a state board. Visit the Licensing section of the online Georgia Secretary of State to view the entire list of boards and see which may apply to you.

Hiring a Professional

There are around 20,000 different licensing and permits to know about in the United States and each has their own set of regulations. A time saving option would be to hire a professional company to do some of the research and prepare your applications for you.

These professionals will be able to prepare a full package with all tax regulations, licenses and permits that apply to your LLC in Georgia. You will also receive all the required forms you must fill out as well.

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