Harbor Compliance LLC Service Review – Pros and Cons

Included In All LLC Packages

  • Verify Company Name Availability
  • Preparation & Filing of Articles
  • Next Business Day Processing
  • Registered Agent Service (1st Year FREE)
  • Lifetime Company Alerts
  • Online Order Status Tracking
  • Free Business Tax Consultation
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Online Access to incorporation Documents

Harbor Compliance LLC Review

If you want to form a limited liability company, you can choose from a few options.

To start, you can do everything yourself, but this is often long and confusing. Some states have advanced compliance requirements to work around, and failing to follow instructions can jeopardize your business.

While hiring an attorney will get you excellent results, their services are extremely expensive. Small business owners may not want to invest useful capital in something as small as filing paperwork.

If you want a middle ground solution, Harbor Compliance may be a useful resource. This website gives you the tools and guidance needed to legally register your limited liability company.

The limited liability company creation website industry is competitive, and it can be difficult to know which websites fit your company’s needs and budget. We’ve compiled a review of Harbor Compliance to see if their limited liability company formation service meets the mark.

How to Form Your Limited Liability Company with Harbor Compliance

Some services have you submit all information through an online order form, but Harbor Compliance differentiates itself by providing personalized help. The company assigns you a Harbor Compliance Specialist who will call you within one business day of submission to collect the information needed to legalize your business.

Employer identification number

The Harbor Compliance Specialist will review and prepare all necessary documents, such as:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • Federal Employer Identification Number Application

Depending on your business location, the process to form your limited liability company can take between a few days to multiple weeks. During this time, your Harbor Compliance Specialist will help you find the answers to any questions you have about the work to form a limited liability company. They will also connect you with a free registered agent for one year to help with all legal documents.

If you choose the basic Harbor Compliance Formation Package, the customer service offerings, other than the resident agent service, ends there.

However, purchasing the full Compliance Package provides you with access to a Harbor Compliance Specialist through your first year of operation. While you focus on growing your business, your Harbor Compliance Specialist will manage compliance regulations, such as initial and annual reports and secretary of state filings. They can also help with state-specific services like newspaper publishing.

Harbor Compliance Limited Liability Company Formation Packages

Harbor Compliance offers two different packages called the Formation Package and the Compliance Package.

Compared to the price of packages from other LLC formation businesses, these are on the higher end. However, their features justify their cost, especially if you foresee your business requiring a large amount of compliance management.

Formation Package: $399 Plus State Fees

This package is the basic package for Harbor Compliance, with services focusing on the complete formation of your limited liability company.

The package will provide the following great features:

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: Harbor Compliance will draft these organization documents with your information and file them with your state of formation to officially create your new limited liability company.
  • Name Availability Search: Harbor Compliance Review will search the database of your state of formation to ensure that the name you want for your company is not currently in use by another entity or person. It is best to decide on a name for your business ahead of time to reduce the chance that the name will be taken and that you will need another.
  • One Year Registered Agent Service: A registered agent is an entity or person required for a limited liability company that is designated to receive important document deliveries from the state on your behalf. This registered agent service has the benefit of protecting your privacy and ensuring that you are aware of and receive all deliveries. Harbor Compliance provides this service for free for one year, after which Harbor Compliance registered agent services will cost $99 for a year if you still wish to continue. While this is a fair price for peace of mind, you are not obligated to renew the registered agent service.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): An employer identification number is a 9-digit number obtained from the Internal Revenue Service that allows businesses to open business bank accounts, file business taxes, and hire employees. Harbor Compliance will obtain an employer identification number for you from the IRS.
  • Operating Agreement Template: Harbor Compliance supplies a template of a document that will outline the ownership structure of your limited liability company as well as some of the guidelines that determine how it will operate. With this template, it is easy to add business information to create a personalized operating agreement.

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Who is this package for?

The Formation package is a great way to take care of the formalities of creating your limited liability company while taking every step necessary to set up for future compliance. This package is the best choice for hands-on owners who don’t mind paperwork. You will get a lower price in exchange for managing the compliance requirements of your business yourself.

Compliance Package: $799 Plus State Fees

This full package expands its services to give you everything you need to meet all compliance regulations.

The package will provide all of the features from the Formation package as well as the following services:

  • Annual Report Service Management: Your annual report to the state will be handled entirely by Harbor Compliance. Harbor Compliance will track your due dates, draft your company reports, and submit them directly to the state on your behalf.
  • Initial Report: Harbor Compliance will draft and file an initial company report for you. In some states of formation, customers need this document after the creation of a new limited liability company.
  • Publishing: Select states, like New York, need each new limited liability company to publish proof of its formation in a local newspaper and provide these states with an affidavit that proves compliance with this regulation. Harbor Compliance will provide full publishing services for businesses in states that have this requirement.
  • S Corp or C Corp Tax Election: If you would like your LLC to be taxed as an S or C Corporation rather than as a partnership, Harbor Compliance will draft the necessary forms and file them with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ongoing Support: Harbor Compliance will give you access to the customer support of your Harbor Compliance Specialist even after the formation process is finished to help you with any questions or concerns you have about your new business. After the first year, you have the option of renewing the Harbor Compliance service for a low annual fee.
  • LLC Kit and Seal: This kit includes a binder with your company’s name embossed on the front, company stock certificates, a customizable document library, and a corporate seal customized with your business name, state of formation, and incorporation date.

Who is this package for?

The Compliance Package is one of the most feature-rich LLC formation services available online. If you anticipate needing customer support in maintaining your company or dealing with complex state compliance requirements, this plan is for you. It is also best for those who prefer to manage other aspects of the business and let Harbor Compliance handle routine paperwork

Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews

Harbor Compliance was founded in 2012, making it a relatively new LLC service company compared to similar options like Incfile, which has been in operation for over 15 years. As a result, it is difficult to compare the seemingly low amount of feedback from Harbor Compliance customers. This is especially challenging since other top LLC formation companies have earned several thousand reviews. Even so, the customer reviews that Harbor Compliance has received so far are almost unanimously positive.

Per the Better Business Bureau, Harbor Compliance has earned an A+ company rating, and it has achieved a 4.6-star company rating from Google My Business reviews. Many of these customer reviews feature praise for the great customer support agents and the many extensive services provided by Harbor Compliance.

Harbor Compliance received a small number of negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau, but the company promptly responded to each customer complaint to remedy any service issues.

The Pros and Cons of Using Harbor Compliance Services

While lists of services and customer reviews can help decide if a company like Harbor Compliance can provide the services that fit your needs, you will need to compare it to other similar companies to see its true value.

Harbor Compliance Pros

Fortunately, Harbor Compliance LLC formation services have many advantages. The best features the company offers include:

  • Customer Service: Customer support is the most prominent advantage of choosing Harbor Compliance as your LLC formation service. Since you are assigned a single Harbor Compliance Specialist, you get personalized help when you need it. Compared to some other companies, you won’t be waiting on hold or talking to other customer service team members who are not familiar with your business.
  • Advanced Compliance Options: Harbor Compliance offers advanced features in their compliance support bundle that are rarely provided by other LLC formation providers. Although it is an LLC formation company, Harbor Compliance offers ongoing business compliance services that make it stand out. From filing annual reports to helping nonprofit organizations do business, they ensure your LLC is prepared for its initial year.
  • Data Security: The Harbor Compliance online website is protected by Norton Web Security Antivirus to scan for malware and encrypt data. It also uses Trustwave software to validate all online vendors. These security measures ensure the safety of your personal data and prevent third parties from obtaining your critical tax information.
  • Complete Formation Services: Harbor Compliance provides comprehensive LLC formation services that include features often not offered by other service providers. Its Compliance level package provides support for state-specific compliance guidelines like New York’s publishing requirement, which requires each newly formed LLC to publish proof of its formation in a local newspaper before providing an affidavit proving compliance.
  • Transparency: All Harbor Compliance services are offered at a single flat price with no hidden fees, and your Harbor Compliance Specialist will assist you in explaining the process of forming your LLC as well as any relevant charges.

Harbor Compliance Cons

There are not many cons to list for Harbor Compliance services, but some are significant enough to raise questions about whether this LLC formation service is the best one for you.

Some downsides to Harbor Compliance include:

  • Pricing: While still more affordable than hiring an attorney, the price of the Harbor Compliance basic package is significantly more expensive than the pricing of similar services. While the company provides incredible value, it is inaccessible for those with small budgets.
  • Legal Advice: Harbor Compliance employs a team of government licensing professionals, lawyers, paralegals, but they do not offer their customers any legal tax, financial, or legal advice. On top of the company’s already higher than average costs, you will still need to contact a law firm for any legal counsel you need.

Is Harbor Compliance the Right LLC Service for You?

Harbor Compliance has top limited liability company formation service packages as well as personal and comprehensive customer support. If you have the budget and believe that the wide range of offerings is worth the high price tag, then this business may be the choice for you. Harbor Compliance is also one of your best options if your LLC formation will involve complicated legal problems or multiple state compliance requirements.

Otherwise, we recommend that you consider other limited liability company formation companies rather than Harbor Compliance. There are many more cost-efficient ways to form your business that still offer features like free registered agent service.

LLC Foundation Alternatives to Harbor Compliance

If you find the pricing of Harbor Compliance’s packages prohibitive or you believe that Harbor Compliance does not offer enough value for your company, there are multiple alternative companies to find in the online limited liability company formation service industry.

We recommend Incfile, which offers customers the unequivocally lowest price — their introductory package pricing only requires you to pay your state fees. Incfile also has top reviews from thousands of customers and will be there to answer every email and phone call.

For a similar level of attention to customer service as Harbor Compliance and features like a year of registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent services are a great choice.

For an affordable price, ZenBusiness can offer you a more well-rounded selection of limited liability company formation services if you want to focus on those rather than compliance services.

Finally, Swyft Filings is the best for do-it-yourself business owners. The company allows customers to save even more by offering packages that meet legal requirements and nothing more.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few examples of when an EIN may be required for your business by the IRS; however, there are also other times when an EIN may be useful, including:

Does Harbor Compliance offer any guarantees?

There are no advertised guarantees for business services, but Harbor Compliance does have a guarantee that applicants for nonprofit organizations will be approved for 501(c)(3).

Can I form a limited liability company without the help of a business like Harbor Compliance?

You can form your new company by yourself if you are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to do so. However, if you cannot devote the necessary work or if your state has advanced formation requirements, such as New York publication and Alabama name reservation policies, then using Harbor Compliance is your best choice.

Do I need to be a United States resident to form a limited liability company?

Forming a limited liability company has very few restrictions on who is eligible to form one. Not only can you form a limited liability company without status as a United States citizen or resident, but you can create your company without being physically in the United States at all.

Will Harbor Compliance share my personal information with third parties?

Unlike other limited liability company formation services, Harbor Compliance will not share your information with third parties under the guise of special offers or deals. Your private information is stored securely in-house. Additionally, Harbor Compliance protects its online services from malware with Norton Web Security and validates merchant identities with Trustwave.

What services does Harbor Compliance provide other than limited liability company formation?

Harbor Compliance focuses primarily on providing business compliance services such as licensing and filing annual reports. It also offers extensive assistance with compliance to provide licensing management, tax assistance, recordkeeping, and entity management. Additional services are also available for nonprofit organizations.

Does Harbor Compliance offer refunds?

The Harbor Compliance website clearly states that you cannot cancel any services you have ordered. However, Harbor Compliance customer support works to make sure that their pricing is transparent and easy to understand. It mostly does not try to upsell you on unnecessary upgrades or services when you choose the formation package you want, and your Harbor Compliance Specialist will work with you to explain any relevant charges and avoid hidden fees.

How quickly can I form a limited liability company with Harbor Compliance?

The formation process for your limited liability company depends mostly on the requirements of your formation state. Formation of a new limited liability company can take anywhere between a few days to multiple weeks to complete.

Do I need to reserve a name for my limited liability company before formation?

It is usually unnecessary to reserve a limited liability company name before forming your business, but it can help ensure that the name you want for your company is still available when you are ready to use Harbor Compliance’s services. A notable exception is Alabama’s naming guideline, which requires you to reserve a name before LLC formation to comply with state law.

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

That’s it for our Harbor Compliance Review! For more information on pricing, packages, and the fantastic customer service you can receive, visit Harbor Compliance’s website.