Articles Of Organization In Hawaii Can Help You Protect Your Money

Starting a business in Hawaii can seem like a pretty complex task, but it doesn’t have to be. Hawaii is actually a very affordable place to open a business, even if you are just getting started. The costs of living there are high, but there is always a demand for products and services. This demand comes from tourists, locals, and even the military who has a presence on some islands.

You want things to go right, so enlist the professional help of to get off the ground properly.

Which Island To Start On?

Kauai is the most common first choice among people looking to open business entities in Hawaii. However, there are other places to consider, including Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii’s largest island, Hawaii. All are beautiful places with amazing scenery. Some are more tourist-friendly than others, but all have their own unique appeal. The best part about all the Hawaiian Islands is that they have something for everyone, including business structure options that allow you to set up a limited liability company.


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Why Use An LLC In Hawaii?

If you’d rather start a limited liability corporation in Hawaii than a sole proprietorship, there are ways to accomplish that. Most importantly, you’ll pay less in both state and federal taxes. Self-employment tax in Hawaii is double taxation because you aren’t paying it to yourself, as an independent contractor, but instead to your business. A traditional corporation is a bit better because you’re only taxed once for your income and then twice for the business assets (like equipment and property) you use personally.

The Good Life

Hawaii is a great place because it offers some of the most vibrant entertainment areas in the world. This means that many locals enjoy the entertainment activities, including music, art, dance, and cuisine. But more than anything, it’s the relaxed and laid back atmosphere that makes the place so appealing to visitors.

What Is An LLC?

An LLC is simply an abbreviation for “limited liability corporation.” A limited liability corporation is the US-specific version of a privately held corporation. It’s basically a business structure that combines the more flexible pass-through taxation of a sole proprietorship or a partnership and the much more limited liability of a corporation.

Less Paperwork

An LLC is different from most corporations in one crucial respect. Unlike a corporation, an LLC is not required to file an annual report. The reason is that an LLC is not a separate entity from its owners. All of the activities of the LLC are performed by its managers or owners. In other words, an LLC never has to file a separate tax return with the IRS. This differs from a corporation, which must file its financial reports every year with the IRS.

Articles Of Organization Are Necessary

To form an LLC, you first must file articles of organization with your local state business bureau. Business forms can be downloaded online from the state’s business bureau website. You can file these with the state government of Hawaii either by postal mail or online. In either case, there is a nominal filing fee to register your business.

Choosing A Registered Agent

After writing the Articles of Organization, review the list of officers who will be named as officers of your LLC, if there are any other than you. You will also find a listing of members if there will be more than one. Choose an effective registered agent for your LLC. The registered agent can be yourself, a lawyer, or another closely related individual such as a spouse, child, step-parent, etc.

It is important to select an effective registered agent because this person will be responsible for all of the LLC’s financial activity. The registered agent will also make sure that the paperwork submitted during the filing is accurate and timely. Additionally, the registered agent is the face of the LLC, and the name will appear on all correspondence and documents that need to be sent to others involved in the LLC’s activity. Be sure to use a qualified attorney or accountant to fill out the forms for the registered agent.

Final Thought

Hawaii is a great place to catch waves but not make them. There’s money to be made, but competition is stiff. Make sure your business gets off on the right foot by using the services of trustworthy professionals whenever you can. In the incubation stage, can help you with your Hawaii articles of organization.