How To Complete LLC Form SS-4

If you are thinking about starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and need to file the SS4 Form, then this blog post is for you. The SS4 form is used by business owners to report the correct amount of Social Security tax that they owe on their employees’ wages.

When filling out the SS4 form, there are many questions that come up which can be answered in IRS Publication 926. This blog post will walk through all of these questions so that you can get started now!

SS4 Form For LLC

How To Fill Out SS-4 Form Your LLC

If you started an LLC you will need to complete IRS form SS-4 to obtain your EIN number. Your EIN will identify your LLC for tax purposes, as well as help you open a business bank account or credit card.

What happens if you have an LLC with no employees? Even though it may not seem like a requirement, there are times when filing Form SS-4 is necessary.

If your business structure falls under the following categories: trust, estate, corporation or partnership then be sure to identify whether or not you are required to file for EINs on Forms SS-4 in order to obtain one.

Filing Form SS4 Online or by Mail

Form SS-4 is a document that an LLC owner fills out in order to register with the IRS. To file this form, it’s necessary to enter 18 different sections of information:

Sections 1-7: The first seven are related directly or indirectly to your company – including name and mailing address for the business.

The next one should be filled out if you have any trade names (that would also include trademarks) which will need an additional four lines entered, followed by other optional forms as well such as Schedule C required for sole proprietorships filing Form 1040 tax returns who earn less than $150k annually; line 21a determines eligibility based upon assets and revenue from all sources combined while Line 22 asks about net profit during 2017 so these two can either

Section 8: In section 8, you will need to enter the number of members in your LLC.

Section 9: In this section, you will determine the type of entity your business is structured as.

Section 10: You will describe why you are completing the form. Most people check the first box titled “Started New Business”.

Section 11: Here you will enter your official start date. This will also determine when you will start paying taxes.

Section 12: In Section 12, you will need to determine the end of your accounting year. Most businesses will select December.

Section 13: Enter how many employees you plan on hiring in the first 12 months.

Section 14: This box will need to be checked if you plan on filing form 944 (under $1,000 tax liability).

Section 15: Enter the 1st date you paid wages to your employees

Section 16: In this section, you will specify the principal activity of your business.

Section 17: Describe the products or services being offered.

Section 18: Enter if you have applied for an EIN before.

When you ask your accountant to help with filling out IRS forms, it can feel like a big hassle. However, the benefits of having an EIN number are worth the time and energy spent on getting one!

Once they have contacted information from you about who should receive correspondence in case something goes wrong or if somebody needs additional documentation for tax purposes during filing season; make sure that this person is easily contactable by phone as well.

If you need assistance in completing your SS4 form you can reach out to one of our team members for assistance.