How to File Your LLC Articles of Organization in Idaho

LLC Articles of Organization, also referred to as the Certificate of Organization within the state of Idaho, represent the paperwork that must be filed in order to officially register an Idaho LLC. The following information outlines the three necessary steps for getting your LLC’s documents properly filed.


LLC Articles of Organization in Idaho


Obtaining And Filing Key Forms

The first thing to do is obtain the necessary Certificate of Organization forms. These can be downloaded via the Internet and mailed to the appropriate state office. Alternatively, they can be filed online, and there are some things that need to be done for this to happen.

You will need to create an account on the Secretary of State’s website, and this is done by choosing the “File Online” button beneath the “Certificate of Organization Limited Liability Company” form link. Next, click “Create an Account,” and proceed through the steps as instructed.

There is also the option of accessing the Certificate of Organization document in PDF form from the state Secretary of State website. Once completed, the form can be mailed to the Secretary of State at the Idaho address indicated.

Next, you will need to fill out the certificate paperwork itself. There is a series of informational items that will be necessary to complete each of the four key “Articles,” including the business entity’s name and address, the name of the registered agent and the registered agent’s address, and the name and address of at least one of the LLC’s governors.

Compliance With Naming Rules

Bear in mind that it can be helpful to come up with a catchy and effective business name, but it is even more critical that the business name be a legally appropriate and correct one. When selecting a business name, be certain that it meets all applicable Idaho naming rules and that it is not currently being used by another Idaho business entity.

To ensure compliance with Idaho’s naming rules, your name needs to contain wording or an abbreviation such as “limited liability company,” “limited company,” “L.L.C.,” “LLC,”, “L.C.,” or even “LC.” It is acceptable to use the abbreviation “Ltd.” for the word “limited,” and the abbreviation “Co.” for “company.”

Should the LLC take the form of a regulated professional entity, including a law firm or similar enterprise, the formal business name can also include the term “professional” prior to the term “limited,” or it can have a “P” in front of any of the other acceptable abbreviations mentioned earlier.

Business names may not use language that erroneously implies any sort of affiliation with a governmental body. It is also common for many states to impose restrictions on the use of words like “bank,” and it is necessary for any registered business name to be fully distinguishable from that of all other entities with Idaho Secretary of State registrations.

Name And Domain Searches

To ensure that a prospective name is indeed usable in Idaho, make sure to conduct a search on the state’s Secretary of State site. This is where all currently registered entity names can be found quickly and easily.

It is also wise to verify whether your chosen business name remains available as an Internet domain. This is important even if you have no plans to develop a business website, because it can be advisable to purchase the URL so that nobody else has the ability to do so in the future.

Selecting Registered Agent And Office

The purpose of a registered agent is to remain available to accept legal documents and service of process on behalf of an LLC. At the time your LLC is registered, it is necessary to name the agent as well as the address of the registered office.

Registered agents in Idaho must be at least 18 years of age and must reside within the state. An individual fulfilling this role must be reachable and available during normal business hours for the purposes of receiving documents or legal process.

LLC Governance

When registered an LLC in Idaho, it is also necessary to declare the name and the address of at least one of the entity’s governors. This is someone who is engaged in the actual management of the LLC or who is a member of a limited liability company that is member-managed.

Completion Of Document Filing

Once all of the aforementioned details have been determined, it is time to file the Idaho Certificate of Organization with the office of the Secretary of State. This can be done online or by submitting hard copies in person or through the mail.

The cost of filing these documents is $100, with an additional processing fee of $20 if done by mail.

To submit documentation through the mail, send the completed paperwork to:
450 N 4th Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0080

For in-person submissions, LLC paperwork can be taken to:
Office of the Secretary of State
450 N 4th Street
Boise ID 83720-0080

LLC document processing tends to take somewhere between 7 and 10 days, though expedited, one-day processing is available at an additional fee. If this is something you are interested in getting help with we would love to guide you along the process.

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