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Business Entity Search in Idaho

The Idaho Secretary of State provides a special feature on their website, namely a business search function that enables anyone to search for information on any LLC, partnership or corporation in this state. There are multiple search keys such as the name of the business, the filing number, the registered agent, and the city, among many others. Those willing to register a new business can use this feature to find out whether their desired business name is unique or it is already in use by other entity.



Search By Name

Phase 1 – As you have to ensure you choose a unique name for your new business, you need to start the process by performing a search by name. All you have to do is to enter your desired business name in the search box and launch the search.

Phase 2 – Within seconds, you’ll get a list of names that are related to your search query. If the exact name you want to choose isn’t among these results, it is probably unique. Just click on the title in blue to get more details.

Phase 3 – This is also the page where you can find more information about all filings the company has made, including the annual reports, as well as information on the number of shares, the registered agent and any changes to the Articles of Organization/Incorporation or Certificate of Partnership.

Search By City

Phase 1 – It comes without saying that the only thing to do would be for you to enter the name of the city where the company headquarter is located and launch the search. Our recommendation is to fill in as many details as you can, in order to narrow down your search at a later stage. Click here to do it.

Phase 2 – Your search will return a list of all businesses that operate or have been registered in your city of choice. Click on any of the businesses on the list to see more details about it. This is where you’ll gain access to the organizational ID or filing number to use for a more in-depth search at a later stage.

Search By Organizational ID Or Filing Number

Phase 1 – This is the most in-depth search feature available on the website. If you already know the filing number or the organizational ID of a business, chances are you’re looking for information on that company rather than questioning whether it exists or not. If you want to see the detailed information on the filing history of a business, click here and search for the desired filing number.

Phase 2 – If your number was correct, your search should return one single result. If not, check your number and repeat your search, making sure you get it right this time. Check out the following example by clicking on the box header to gain access to the detailed information on file.

Search By Registered Agent Name And Location

Phase 1 – If you know both the name and the location of the registered agent, use these details to perform a search by entering them into their designated fields on this web page. Hit Search and you’ll get a complete list of all businesses that have used this registered agent.

Phase 2 – Click on the name of a business on this list to gain access to further information such as the mailing address of the registered agent.

Search By Date of Authorization Or Date Of Organization

Phase 1 – If you already know the date of organization of an entity, you can use the IDSOS website to search for more details on this company. You can also use this function to find out information about foreign companies authorized to do business in Idaho. Click here and enter the date into the correct field to gain access to information.

Phase 2 – You’ll get a list of businesses that have been organized on your chosen date. Search for the name you need more information on and click to get their detailed filing information.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.