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How To Get An Official Illinois Business License

Once you have decided to create a business in the state of Illinois, you may be concerned about the necessity of obtaining a business license. There are many states that will require you to have one, whereas others are not as focused on every single business possessing a business license. Illinois has a very specific type of business that needs to have one, and it is not required by every single business at the state level. In regard to local requirements, these can change from community to community, and it is often enforced by local, city, and county authorities. Let’s discuss how you can easily obtain an official Illinois business license.

Overview Of Illinois Business Licenses

The first thing you should know about the state of Illinois and business licenses is that you do not actually need one all the time. That is because they don’t have what is called a general business license. However, at the local level, a business license will be required in order to operate certain types of companies. If you determine that you do need some type of professional licensing, this can be provided to you by representatives of the state or the city you are in. They can tell you if you need one or not, and there are other ways of determining if you are obligated to pay for one before you start your business.

Why Do You Need A Business License In Illinois?

To understand why you need one, you must first comprehend why they are beneficial. For example, you can be setting up a flower shop, and most people would assume that you would need a license to sell flowers. On the other hand, you may have a company that is completely online. The products that you are selling could be all digital. If that is the case, it is likely that the necessity of having a business license would not be mandated either at the state or local levels. In Illinois, there is a direct administrative benefit to having a license for your business. From a state perspective, regarding taxes, it is certainly helpful as they are able to levy taxes from businesses that produce revenue.


illinois business license


How Can You Apply For A Business License In Illinois?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you need a business license in Illinois is to visit the official government website for the state. It is there that you will find all of the current information regarding registration, permits, and all of the licenses that you may need to have for your business. For example, if you are selling liquor, you certainly need to have a liquor license, or else selling this product would be illegal. The same is true for providing home services, medical services, and even mental health services at specific facilities or within a person’s home. On the other hand, if you are just starting a business, and it is an Internet business, then it may not be necessary at all. That website will provide you with the information to make an educated decision on whether or not to get the license.

Do All Small Businesses Need Them In Illinois?

To determine this, you will need to visit the Small Business Development Center website. Another great resource is the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity website. Based on that information, you will quickly ascertain whether you need one or not. There are a wide variety of links related to financing, marketing, and purchasing related matters. The SBA website can also be helpful. In this case, if you have a business license, you may be able to apply for more types of funding. You should be able to get more than one license you have multiple businesses. If you have an LLC, with several businesses underneath that entity, you may end up with several licenses that will be applicable.

Final Thoughts On Illinois Business Licenses

A couple of final thoughts regarding business licenses in Illinois is that it really depends on the type of business you are going to start right now. Companies that do require professional licensing will certainly need to have it in place before they begin. If you have registered a tradename, DBA, or a fictional name for your company, you may not need to have one. Eventually, you will find the best website that can offer you all of the information you will need regarding whether or not you need a business license.

Overall, business licenses are often required by companies that are selling goods or offering services. The only way that you will ever find out is to visit the websites and begin to make inquiries. Any other questions may be directed at the Illinois Department of Labor website regarding licenses and permits that may be needed. Once you have determined if you need one, it is imperative that you get it so that you are completely legal in offering what you are selling.