IncFile vs. My Company Works – Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding between Incfile vs My Company Works? It’s hard to start a company alone. You have to keep various factors in mind, such as providing relevant documents, filling out applications, hiring attorneys, and tons of other things. You may feel overwhelmed at having to do so much without anyone’s help. Sometimes things may go wrong, leading you to redo the entire process. But if you don’t want to go into so much hassle, it’s best if you seek help from a professional. And two names stand out when it comes to LLC service providers: IncFile and My Company Works.

Although both companies offer LLC formation services, there are various differences that set them apart. You should weigh these differences before hiring one of these companies. For example, My Company Works’s base rate is $79. However, IncFile doesn’t charge a dime. Furthermore, IncFile provides an entire year’s worth of registered agent service. On the other hand, My Company Works offers registered agent service only if you choose its top-tier LLC formation package.


Incfile vs My Company Works

Are My Company Works and IncFile similar?

Of course, they are similar. They provide reliable LLC formation services online. Here are a few similarities between My Company Works and IncFile:

Efficiency – Both companies have experienced professionals who can expedite your company formation and complete the work within a few days. It helps save time and effort as you wouldn’t have to document everything alone, which usually takes a few weeks.

Affordability – The best alternative to starting an LLC without seeking the help of My Company Works or IncFile is hiring a traditional law firm. But you will have to break your bank to hire them because they charge a lot. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can choose between IncFile and My Company Works. Both are affordable and don’t cost as much as traditional law firms.

Customer service – You may have various questions in mind, such as when will you receive your Certification of Formation or the fees that you may need to pay for your CoF. Both companies have excellent customer service teams that answer your queries in detail.

Experience – It’s always best to work with an LLC service provider with years of experience. Fortunately, both IncFile and My Company Works have experience in providing this type of service. They receive thousands of LLC formation requests every year. This shows that they know all the steps thoroughly and would do an exceptional job if you hire them as your LLC service provider. They even offer additional services like DBA, federal tax ID (EIN) number, or finding registered agent services. Both companies have mind-blowing reviews from previous customers, making it hard for you to choose between the two.

Differences between IncFile and My Company Works

Now that you know the similarities between the two companies, let’s check out their differences. It will help you decide whether to choose My Company Works or IncFile to start your LLC.

1. Features

Both companies provide a year of registered agent service when you hire them. But there’s a difference in terms of when you can become eligible for this service. IncFile offers registered agent service irrespective of the LLC service package you choose. However, My Company Works makes this service available only for customers who choose the highest LLC formation package.

This means it’s an exclusive feature for My Company Works, and anyone who doesn’t want the highest package won’t get the service. It keeps IncFile ahead of My Company Works because most companies need a registered agent service to handle legal documents on the business owner’s behalf.

My Company Works provides a custom operating agreement to every customer. IncFile only provides this service in their highest-priced package. But is a custom operating agreement better than a year of registered agent service? Most companies will prefer the registered agent service. Therefore, IncFile still edges past My Company Works even though the latter offers free custom operating agreement service.

2. Pricing and value

The basic package of My Company Works costs $79. This is still an affordable package, especially when you compare the likes of traditional law firms. Moreover, it offers a detailed documenting service to help form your LLC quickly. Some of its more expensive packages cost $199 and $279. The higher package provides 12-months of registered agent service.

But you don’t get the same service if you opt for a $79 package. You can, however, hire a registered agent service from My Company Works at just $99 per year. This is still a bargain if you compare the prices of reputable registered agent service companies.

IncFile, though, doesn’t charge anything for its base package. Imagine spending only $0 to form your LLC with the help of an experienced company like IncFile. In fact, you also get a full year’s registered agent service for free. Once the first year finishes, the registered agent’s service charge renews for $119 per year.

This is higher than the $99 charged by My Company Works. But you need to remember that you got a year’s service for free. The Gold and Platinum packages priced $149 and $299, respectively, come with tons of additional features. Overall, IncFile is slightly ahead of My Company Works if you compare their prices and the value you get from their services.

3. Turnaround times

The turnaround time to form an LLC depends on the state. The faster the state government works in reviewing your documents and responding back, the quicker you can form your LLC. But preparing the documents, reviewing them one by one, and submitting them also takes time. My Company Works wins this round because it works slightly faster than IncFile. Both My Company Works and IncFile work incredibly fast in filing your applications and submitting your documents. But according to various reviews, My Company Works is slightly better with turnaround times.

The prices of the rush filing also differ from one state to another. In some states, IncFile offers a cheaper expediting rate, while My Company Works beats its competitor in other states by a few bucks. We recommend that you check the expediting charges of both companies according to the state you’re located in and then decide which one to hire. Additionally, don’t forget to ask the customer support team about the average turnaround time for your project.

4. Customer support

Both IncFile and My Company Works are excellent at helping their customers. IncFile’s customer support team works from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm. My Company Works also works on weekdays. Their schedule is from 11 am to 7 pm.

The quality of customer service is slightly better for My Company Works compared to IncFile. My Company Works not only receives your call within a few minutes, but the representatives also answer your questions in detail. They listen to your queries and provide answers that help clear your doubts. IncFile has a slightly longer wait-time if you call its customer support team.

The best way to find out how well the customer support teams work in both companies is to call and email them with your queries. According to many reviews, IncFile’s representatives are quick enough to answer the call but don’t answer all the questions in detail. My Company Works, however, answers all questions to the point. The representative doesn’t end the call until you are satisfied with the answers.

Many reviews also talk about the email responses. Both companies get back within 24 hours. Those who had called and emailed My Company Works and IncFile say that IncFile offers elaborate answers to all the questions. It clears all your doubts instantly. My Company Works also offers a detailed explanation to satisfy your questions.

5. Registered agent service

According to business regulations in the US, every company must have a registered agent to collect its official documents. Some companies prefer to nominate a member from the board of directors. Sometimes, even the business owner becomes the registered agent. But exceptions aside, if you decide to hire a professional registered agent, you will need to compare the services, prices, and reputation of different companies. IncFile provides this valuable service for free. It doesn’t matter whether you choose its base package or its Platinum package.

My Company Works, on the other hand, makes this service available only for those who choose the most expensive package. This is inconvenient for many startups because they may not be able to afford the expensive package or they may not need the additional features offered in the premium package. You will have to pay $99 per year if you want to hire a registered agent from My Company Works.

IncFile also provides paid registered agent service but it only starts in the second year. It charges $119. This is slightly higher than My Company Works that charges $99 per year. But you need to remember that IncFile offers registered agent service free for a year even with its base package. This means you don’t even have to spend a single penny to form your LLC and also get registered agent service for 12 months. It’s a deal that My Company Works can’t match. As a result, IncFile leads the race when it comes to offering registered agent service.

6. Experience and company track record

My Company Works started in 2001. Its previous name was My New Company. Over the years, they have helped form over 60,000 companies. The company is impeccable when you check its customer reviews.

Every customer speaks highly about My Company Works’s service. They hail the company for its quick turnaround time, excellent customer support, and ease of use. My Company Works has more than 2600 reviews, and 97% of them are 4 or 5-star ratings.

IncFile started in 2004. Like My Company Works, IncFile also has thousands of positive customer reviews. They helped form more than 250,000 companies in less than 17 years.

This number is significantly higher than My Company Works. Moreover, their customer feedback speaks volumes about their service quality. IncFile also offers a quick turnaround time. It answers your queries and explains the steps to form an LLC thoroughly. The big advantage that IncFile has over My Company Works is its $0-base package and 12 months free registered agent service.

Comparing the company track records won’t help you choose between these two companies. Both take customer satisfaction seriously. They ensure that you are fully satisfied with their services before your project ends.

7. Ease of use

IncFile offers a personalized approach when you want to sign up for the company’s services. The personalization differs according to your state and also the type of business you want to start. You will also see a few frequently asked questions with hyperlinks that walk you through the application process.

You can click on those links if you think you don’t understand the question or don’t know what information to provide. There are also a few third-party offers and upsells that you may or may not choose to add. If you opt for add-ons, the price will immediately reflect on your screen. IncFile doesn’t come with any hidden costs. You pay only what you see on your screen.

In My Company Works, you need to choose your package first. The application process starts from thereon. You can choose add-on services, and My Company Works will update your total package cost immediately. The application process is swift and easy. Make sure you keep the necessary details handy to fill out the application form.

You can talk to a customer support representative if you don’t understand anything. Overall, it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to fill out the form. My Company Works also has a list of articles that walk you through the application process step by step. It contains topics like which entity is right for your business, the steps involved in LLC formation in your state, and similar questions.

Both the companies get full marks when it comes to ease of use. They pay attention to making the process as smooth as possible for customers. Moreover, they keep adding articles and questions to help customers find instant answers to their queries.

8. Speed of formation

IncFile processes and forwards your application and documents within one business day. Some companies usually charge an additional fee if you want next-day processing, but IncFile doesn’t do that. However, if you want IncFile to process everything on the same day, you can choose its expedited state processing facility.

You will need to pay an additional fee. The fee depends on the expedited state processing determined by your state. Alternatively, you can choose IncFile’s Platinum package that includes expedited service. Usually, IncFile’s turnaround time is spot-on. They don’t take time to file your documents and submit them.

My Company Works processes and forwards your application and documents the same day if you complete and send the application before 3 PM. If you can’t submit everything before 3 PM, it will process your application on the next business day. Like IncFile, My Company Works also has an excellent turnaround time. It also provides an expedited state processing feature that you need to add on. The revised cost will reflect on your screen as soon as you choose expedited service.

The speed of formation is another area where both teams tie in the same spot. Both have top-notch turnaround times, and they ensure that you can start your company within a few days after you contact them.

9. Additional services

My Company Works and IncFile both provide additional services. They have various services in their base and premium packages, such as Doing Business As a name, annual reports, order tracking, and many more. IncFile stays ahead of My Company Works when it comes to offering registered agent service in the base package. You become eligible for this package in My Company Works only when opting for the premium package. Apart from that, both companies go toe to toe in providing excellent LLC formation services.

10. Order tracking

IncFile provides real-time order tracking with its built-in tracking tool on its website. My Company Works, on the other hand, offers email notifications. IncFile edges past My Company Works in this category as you can see your file’s location whenever you want. It keeps updating the tracking record the moment your file passes from one department to another. For My Company Works, you need to wait for the customer support team to send emails about your application’s progress.

Final verdict

It’s challenging to compare the two best companies and pick a winner. We recommend that you make your decision based on your requirements. For example, you should choose IncFile if you want to start your LLC without spending a lot of money initially. IncFile provides registered agent service without charging a dime, which proves helpful for startups.

On the other hand, if you want impeccable customer service, you should choose My Company Works. You really can’t go wrong with these two choices. Ultimately, it’s on you to decide which company offers the highest quality services that meet your needs and budget.