Incfile Vs Rocket Lawyer – Things You Want To Know

Looking to compare Incfile Vs Rocket Lawyer? Are you planning to register a new LLC? Are you aware of the process of registering a new LLC? Are you planning to hire the services of an attorney to form your LLC? You can save a lot of money by using the services of LLC formation service providers such as Rocket Lawyer and IncFile. These services make the process easier and hassle-free.

This Rocket Lawyer and IncFile comparison will help you get a clear picture of the features offered by these service providers and what makes one better as compared to the other. Before we dive in, let’s take a look at whether IncFile and Rocket Lawyer offer value for your money when it comes to LLC formation services.

Do IncFile and Rocket Lawyer Offer Value for Money?

Both Rocket Lawyer and IncFile are good service providers with excellent reputations in the industry. You can’t really go wrong with both these services but there are a few things where IncFile scores over Rocket Lawyer. First and foremost, you should know that the cheapest service package offered by IncFile costs nothing whereas you will be set back by $99.99 when you choose to go with Rocket Lawyer.

Also, the IncFile package includes a lot more features such as 12 months of registered agent service at zero extra cost. On the other hand, you will have to pay extra for the privilege of registered agent service from Rocket Lawyer.


Incfile Vs Rocket Lawyer

Common Features of LLC Formation Services – Rocket Lawyer and IncFile

While these LLC formation services differ a lot in terms of features, pricing, and other aspects of the service, they also share a few good characteristics. Here’s a list of the few things they have in common.

1. Affordable Service: One of the best things about these online LLC formation services is that they are extremely affordable, especially when you compare the cost of hiring the services of an attorney for LLC formation. Whichever one you choose, you will most likely save hundreds of dollars over attorney fees for LLC formation.

2. Customer Support: You have nothing to worry about when it comes to customer support. Both Rocket Lawyer, as well as IncFile, are known for great customer support. You can easily reach them to get answers to your queries. Their customer service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable and eager to answer your questions.

3. Experience in the Industry: Both these companies have a lot of experience in this industry. While Rocket Lawyer was launched in 2008 and has since served more than 20 million customers, IncFile has also gathered a lot of experience by serving more than 500,000 customers. In short, both these service providers have an excellent track record and a great reputation in the industry.

4. Other Services: In addition to LLC formation, both companies offer a variety of other services required by business owners. For instance, both of these companies offer registered agent service as well as services such as obtaining a federal tax ID number which makes both of them a one-stop business service shop.

5. Customer Reviews: We have carefully gone through hundreds of customer reviews and found out that customers are happy with the services provided by Rocket Lawyer as well as IncFile. While there are always going to be negative customer reviews but we found that most of the reviews are positive in nature. You are likely to have a great experience with either of these companies.

6. Knowledge Base: Check out the website of Rocket Lawyer as well as IncFile and you will find a lot of useful information there. If you want to know something about compliance or how you should go about forming your own LLC, check their knowledge base and you should be able to find the required information there.

Rocket Lawyer vs – Side-By-Side Comparison

In this section, we will compare the features of LLC formation services offered by IncFile and Rocket Lawyer. A side-by-side comparison of various features should give you a clear idea of which of these services is better for your needs.


When you choose Rocket Lawyer for LLC formation, you will have to pay at least $99.99 along with state fees for the package. On the other hand, IncFile doesn’t charge anything for their LLC formation service. You will just need to pay a state fee in order to use their service. You must be wondering how someone can afford to provide a service for free.

The truth is that IncFile has been in business since 2004 and they are a technology-oriented company. Their tech-enabled process efficiencies allow them to keep their operational costs down which means they are able to pass on incredible value to their customers. They offer this service for free as they want to be a partner for the lifetime of your business.

Since they provide a lot of other services and a business requires quite a few services during its lifetime, they hope that customers will stick with them for those other services.

While you might think that IncFile is the right choice on the basis of price alone but there is more you should know. IncFile not only charges you nothing for their LLC formation service but they offer a lot more value when you carefully go through their LLC formation packages.

Package Details

When you compare the LLC formation packages of Rocket Lawyer as well as IncFile, you’ll find that Rocket Lawyer offers a barebones package that does not offer too much value. On the other hand, IncFile offers massive value as your LLC formation package also includes a full 12 months of registered agent service as well as business tax consultation. You do not get that with Rocket Lawyer.

However, Rocket Lawyer does offer a monthly subscription for $39.99 which is a comprehensive legal services subscription. They offer LLC formation service at no extra charge to new subscribers. The subscription also covers a variety of legal documents with attorney review, discounts on attorney services as well as consultation with lawyers, among other things. It is important for you to know that even though the LLC formation does not cost anything with the $39.99 monthly subscription, you will still have to pay extra for the registered agent service. The registered agent service costs $149.99 for 12 months without a subscription or $112.49 with a subscription.

With IncFile, the registered agent service is free for the first year and you only need to pay $119 annually after the first year.

Industry Experience

When you compare their industry experience, Rocket Lawyer has been offering its services since 2008. It is important to keep in mind that Rocket Lawyer offers a lot more services as compared to Incfile and this is why they have been able to serve more than 20 million customers since the start. On the other hand, Incfile has been in business since 2004 and has served more than 500,000 customers. Their radical free LLC formation and registered agent services have completely changed the norms in the business formation industry.

Customer Service

One of the biggest gripes of people with online LLC formation services is the lack of customer support. More often than not, people complain about the lack of customer support as they are not able to reach a live human to get answers to their queries. When it comes to customer support, both these companies do a decent job.

Rocket Lawyer is a big company and offers a variety of services and their customer support is decent as can be gleaned from their customer reviews. Some of their customers might not be completely happy which is completely natural as they are a big company and offer a whole lot of services. They are available from 9 AM to 9 PM ET through weekdays which is good as you can reach them after office hours.

On the other hand, IncFile takes its customer service seriously. Their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful but you might have issues with their availability. Sometimes, they take around 24 hours to get back to you. It’s not ideal in today’s day and age. You can reach their customer service from 10 AM to 7 PM ET on weekdays.

Processing Time

As far as the turnaround time for LLC formation is concerned, you don’t have much to choose between these companies. Both take a similar amount of time in processing and the time depends on the particular state where LLC is going to be formed. Both the companies offer expedited service for LLC formation.

Track Your Order

If you like to keep on top of things, you would like to keep track of your LLC formation order. Both these companies allow you to track your order through their websites. IncFile has paid a lot of attention to their order tracking system as it keeps you updated in real-time on how the process is flowing and where you currently stand.

Rocket Lawyer allows you to keep track of your order by logging into your account on the website. They also send email notifications.

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is required by every LLC in the US. It is known by a variety of names including a resident agent or statutory agent or agent for service of process. It acts as a permanent physical presence in that particular state and the address of the registered agent is used by the state government to contact you for tax and legal correspondence such as notice of litigation, franchise tax forms, and various other such things. A registered agent service allows you to maintain your privacy as they serve as the publication address for your business. All the legal or tax correspondence sent to the registered agent service is forwarded to your private address.

The registered agent service from Rocket Lawyer does not come free. You will have to buy an add-on for $149.99 annually for their registered agent service. On the other hand, IncFile offers the registered agent service for free for the first year. Afterward, they charge you $119 annually if you continue to use their registered agent service.

It must be clear to you that the registered agent service by IncFile offers massive value as compared to the service offered by Rocket Lawyer.

Ease of Use

Both these companies are tech-oriented which means they pay special attention to the user experience. Their services are easy to use. You won’t have any difficulty in using your services once you log into your account. There isn’t much to choose between these companies when it comes to ease of use.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, both these companies have received positive reviews from their customers. However, Rocket Lawyer tends to have a lot more reviews as they offer a lot of services which means they have a bigger customer base. A bigger customer base also means that not everybody is going to be happy with all of their services.

On the other hand, IncFile customer reviews are extensively positive. In short, it would be right to say that both these companies have managed to keep their customers happy.

Other services

Both these companies offer a variety of additional services. For instance, IncFile offers a registered agent service, foreign qualification, fictitious business name service, annual report, compliance of good standing, business license search, trademark, and many other services.

All these services are offered also offered by Rocket Lawyer but they offer a lot of other services that are not covered by IncFile. In short, there are some services that are unique to Rocket Lawyer.

For instance, you will find estate planning or assistance with homeownership and other such services in the Rocket Lawyer offerings. They also offer access to business attorneys for consultations.


The good thing about both these companies is that they do not try to endlessly sell more to their customers. You can easily buy whatever you want to buy on their websites. IncFile does not offer any kind of upsells. All their packages are completely straightforward and transparent. Their pricing is also transparent.

On the other hand, Rocket Lawyer does try to sell their legal services subscription plan. However, the subscription plan provides a free LLC formation service to new subscribers. Keep in mind that you can also take a 7-day free trial if you just want to test their service and do not want to pay for it.


When it comes to your privacy, Rocket Lawyer does not push any third-party offers when you buy one of their packages. Their main focus is on selling their own products and services. However, you’ll find a few special offers when you buy one of the LLC formation packages from IncFile. They indicate that they might share this information with other parties including a bank as well as a web hosting company. We can say that both companies are transparent about sharing your data with others.

Refund Policy

Rocket Lawyer offers an incredible refund policy. You need to make a request for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date and you should get a refund easily. On the other hand, the process for IncFile isn’t as straightforward as Rocket Lawyer. If you order one of their LLC formation packages, they will honor a refund request only if you make it before they have submitted the payment to your desired state. Usually, this process takes less than 24 hours. You will also be charged a $30 processing fee for a refund request. Keep in mind that you won’t get any refund in case your payment has already been sent to the state.

IncFile Packages

IncFile offers a total of 3 LLC formation packages. The silver package is free though you will have to pay the state fee. Keep in mind that this package also offers you 12 months of free registered agent service which is a great value in itself. You’ll find it challenging to beat this price anywhere. There is no other company that we know that does not charge anything for LLC formation as well as the registered agent service.

They also offer two other packages including the Gold package as well as Platinum package. The Gold package costs $149 in addition to the state fee and you get a number of extra features such as banking resolution, EIN business tax number, business banking account, business tax consultation, and unlimited support. The Platinum package costs $299 in addition to the state fee, you also get expedited filing, domain name, business email as well as business contract templates in addition to the Gold package features.

Final Thoughts

Both the Rocket Lawyer and IncFile have been serving customers for more than a decade. IncFile has been in business since 2004 whereas Rocket Lawyer has been serving customers since 2008. Both these companies are known for decent customer service and extensive experience in the industry. The turnaround time for both these companies is almost identical.

However, IncFile is our preferred choice as they offer a completely free service for LLC formation thanks to their optimized processes. Their services become even more valuable when they bundle the free registered agent service for 12 months. After the first free year, they charge just $119 per year for the registered agent service whereas you would have to pay more to Rocket Lawyer for this service. IncFile also offers a variety of packages to suit the requirements of different customers.

Overall, you should go with IncFile in order to save money and to enjoy completely free LLC formation and registered agent services.