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What You Need To Know About Filing Indiana Articles of Organization

If you’re thinking of establishing your own LLC in the state of Indiana, then you’ll need to know more about filing for your LLCs Articles of Organization. The Articles of Organization is one of the official documents that is needed to successfully form your LLC. After you’ve completed the Articles of Organization forms, you’ll need to file them with the Business Services Division also known as INBiz.

When filing these forms, you’ll be able to do so either online or by mail and the choice is completely up to you. If you’re filing online, there is a standard filing fee of $95 and the processing time is usually 24 hours. In the case of mail filing, the standard filing fee is $1000 and the processing time can be anywhere from either 5 to 7 business days.

It should be noted that the LLC filing fee and the is the same as the Articles of Organization fee. If you didn’t already know, the Articles of Organization is the document that needs to be approved in order for you to create your LLC within the state of Indiana. The following serves as a guide for filing either online or by mail.


Articles of Organization Indiana

Filing Online For Your Articles Of Organization

* If you’re thinking of filing online, you’ll need to go to the INBiz website and press on the Log In button. This button can be easily found in the upper right of the screen. Upon clicking, you’ll then be redirected to a page where you can easily create your free account on Access Indiana.
* Next, you’ll need to click on sign up now and enter your email where you’ll be prompted to click on the send verification code button. After retrieving the code, you’ll need to input it into the verification box and then verify it.
* A password will then need to be created followed by entering your name and contact number. After you’ve created your free account, you’ll then be transferred to your dashboard.

Now that you’ve just created your very own INBiz account, you’ll need to ensure that you keep your login info in a safe and accessible place.


Completing Your Articles Of Organization Online

Now that you’ve created your account on INBiz, you’ll need to log in and click on START NEW BUSINESS located at the top of the menu. You’ll need to press on Next followed by the Frequent User to begin. At the first column, you’ll need to select the option that says Domestic Entity Type followed by Limited Liability Company.

1 – The LLC Name

If you haven’t reserved a name for your LLC, select no. It should be noted that you don’t need to reserve a name ahead of time since it isn’t a requirement for starting an LLC in Indiana. In the case where you did indeed reserve a name, select yes and input the Reservation PIN and the Reservation ID. You’ll now need to enter the LLC name in the way that you desire including LLC designator and the capitalization.

When this is done, you’ll need to click on check availability. If for some reason you’re using a comma in the LLC name, don’t forget to put it in. If you’re not using one it’s fine. You can use your name with or without a comma since both are widely accepted by the Secretary of State.

Before you can finalise a name, you’ll need to include a designator. These include L.L.C., Limited Liability Company, or LLC. In most instances, LLC is commonly used since it’s the choice of filers. If your LLC name is available, you can click on the Next button.

However, if your LLC name is not available, you’ll need to create a more unique version of your LLC name. In essence, you’ll need to ensure that it’s as unique as it can be. If this becomes rather difficult to do, you’ll need to think of a completely new name.

2 – Business Information

Even though it doesn’t need to be an official email address, you’ll need to enter an email address twice. Personal addresses are accepted if you prefer to use these.

3 – Duration Period

For this section, you’ll need to indicate how long you plan to keep your LLC in operation. If you’d rather not have a duration, you can simply leave it as open-ended so that there’s no closure date. Most LLCs are formed with perpetual existence to ensure that they’ve got the option to close is need be. Closing simply requires filing the paperwork for dissolution.

However, if you’d rather have it automatically shut down at a specific date, then you’ll need to check the other box and enter the date.


4 – Effective Date

Your LLCs effective date is the date that it was formed. In essence the effective date is the date on which the LLC came into existence. Most persons tend to leave this as is so that the LLC goes live as soon as the Secretary of State approves it.

If you’d rather have it go live at another date, you can easily set the date by clicking on the calendar icon. This allows you to easily select the date. However, it should be noted that this date cannot exceed 90 days in the future and the effective date can be left as is if it doesn’t play any importance.

If for some reason your forming the LLC within the months of October, November, and December, and you’re not intending to conduct business then, you can forward the filing date to January. This saves you the hassle of filing in those months.


5 – Principal Office Address

For this section, you’ll need to enter your principal address. This can be either a home or an office address. It can even be a mailbox rental, a PO box, or even the address of your Registered Agent.

Can The Principal Address Of My LLC Be In Another State?

Simply put, your address can be in another state.

Is It Allowed To Be Located In Another Country?

Your LLC’s principal address can be located in another country if need be.

Would My Registered Agent Allow The Usage Of His Address?

In some instances, most registered agents aren’t comfortable with this and will not allow you to use his address. In essence, you cannot use their address for more than just the filing section. However, there are some agents that will gladly allow it in exchange for money.

So, if you’re concerned about privacy, and you want your address off of the public records, you can list the Northwest Registered Agents address. This is one of the cheapest and most affordable options and it’s even cheaper than renting a private mailbox.


6 – Registered Agent

* If your registered agent in Indiana is an individual, you’ll need to select Individual and then click create. You’ll then be prompted to enter the address, name, and email contact for the agent. Next, you’ll be required to enter the address again before agreeing to the terms and conditions. At this point, you’ll need to click save and then next in order to proceed.
* In the case where your LLCs registered agent is a company, select the business option and then enter their name and search. After you’ve found their name, you’ll need to click it to ensure that the address auto-populates.

It should be noted that within the state of Indiana, PO boxes are not accepted.


7 – Manager Or Member Information

If your LLC is being managed by managers, select yes and if it’s being member managed, select no. Member managed LLCs allows owners to have the ability to bind contracts, agreements, and run the LLC within the state of Indiana. If your LLC is manager managed, then they’re the ones that will be able to bind agreements and contracts. Managers will also be able to run the LLC. Managers tend to take a more investor role in the company.

If your LLC is a single member select yes and if it’s not and has even two or more, select no.


8 – Principal Information

If you’re intending to make the members of your LLC managers, you’ll need to include it in the official record for the LLC. This information becomes accessibile on both public and private records. In this section, you’ll be required to list their addresses along with their complete names. It should be noted that this section is strictly optional and you can leave it out if you desire.

For the Principal Title, you’ll need to select either manager or member. Then you’ll be prompted to entire their address and name before clicking save. If desired, you can even add more members or even managers after you’ve saved the first entry. When this is completed, you can click on next.

If I Don’t List The Members, How Will Anyone Know Who The Owners Are?
From a simple point of view, ownership is an internal issue and you don’t always need to list this information. However, this information should be listed within the Operation Agreement of the LLC.


9 – Attachments

If you LLC has rules or regulations that you need to upload, this is where you do them. The rules that you upload in this section is better known as additional provisions or additional articles. Most people tend to skip this step unless they are instructed otherwise by their attorneys.


10 – Review

Before you submit your forms, it’s advised that your do a proper review of everything. If you need to change anything simply click on the edit button. If not, click next and proceed.


11 – Signature

After reviewing all of the terms, you’ll need to click next. The first and last names of the Organizer is needed since it serves as their authentic digital signature. If you didn’t already know, the organizer is simple the person filing the Articles of Organization. Within the state of Indiana, they are better known as the Signator.

In most cases, the person filing is usually the owner of the LLC. So, after your LLC is formed, the Organizer is required to sign an official statement. This statement is known as the Statement of the LLC Organizer followed by other members signing the agreement.

If the organizer is a member and not the owner, they can easily use the title authorized agent or member. In the case where it’s the manager, they’ll use authorized agent or manager. If an external party is filing, then they can simply use authorized agent for the title. When all of this is completed, you’ll need to click on the button which says Add to Payment Cart followed by Checkout.


12 – Checkout

In this section, you’re required to enter your contact and billing information. Next, you’ll need to click continue and review the information before submitting your payment. You’re now at a place for congratulations since the LLC documents are now being processed and you’ll just need to wait for approval.


LLC Approval In Indiana

Within 24 hours or less, the secretary of state will not only process but also approve the forms. After approval is granted, you’ll be emailed an approval letter along with a Certificate of Organization and a certified stamped copy of your Articles of Organization. However, you can easily download these documents and keep them for record.

Now you can search for you LLC on the INBiz site. When you click on your ID number, you’ll need to click on Filing History followed by Articles of Organization. This generates a PDF version of all of your relevant files and they’ll all be grouped together.

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