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Business Entity Search In Indiana

The State of Indiana business entity search is a comprehensive solution for all business filers that need to search for up-to-date information about the local businesses. It provides information for corporations and Limited Liability Companies registered in the state of Indiana. To file a business, it’s recommended to go through the Inbiz database using specific search strings to review relevant details associated with your Indiana LLC business. It’s best to run an advanced search checking for something as simple as an available business name type with Inbiz before making an official request to the Indiana Secretary of State.

Indiana Business Entity Search

Search Using a Business Name

1) This is the most common option available to those who are using the State of Indiana business entity search page. In this case, the idea is to take the business name type you are going for and typing it into the database. To do this, you are going to head over to the Inbiz website. This is going to allow you to type in the business name type in the top left field. You can make adjustments to the search by going over to the Advanced Search section on Inbiz. Once happy, click Search to move onto the next step.

2) At this point, you are going to be cited a list of business name that include the words you have searched. Go through these results until you find the business entities that you are interested in. Click the business ID number to learn more about the business entity.

3) The final step is to go through the business details that have been made public including the expiration date, filing history, street address,and other relevant information.

Searching Using Filing Number or Business ID

1) On the official website, you will be asked to put in the filing number or business ID. Fill in this field based on the information available to you.

2) The database will take the filing number or business ID and run it through the system. Please note, all of the search results will only be
associated with the ID or filing number given. Click the number in blue to check the remaining results.

3) The database will ask for you to review the information that is readily available to the public. This is going to include information such as the name, expiration date, filing history, and street address associated with the incorporators.

Searching Using a Registered Agent Name

1) To start, you are going to head over to the State of Indiana business entity search website. From this point, you are going to type in the Registered Agent Name in the relevant field before clicking Search.

2) The next page will show a list that includes the registered agent that was typed in before. Look for the business ID number in blue before moving forward.

3) The final page is going to ask you to go through the relevant details for the State of Indiana business. This is going to include information such as the addresses and names of the incorporators, filing history, expiration date, and more.

Searching Using Principal Name or Incorporator

1) Start by heading over to the website. Here, you are going to type the principal/incorporator name in the search field before clicking Search.

2) The list of results will show each entity that is associated with the principal/incorporator name. From here, click the business ID number.

3) The final step will be to go through the relevant business details that are readily available to the public such as the business names, business filing history, and/or addresses to name a few.

Searching Using Name Availability

1)From the main website, you are going to type in the Indiana business name in the top left field before clicking Search.

2) When a business name is available, it is going to be noted on the next page. If there are issues about infringing upon another filing, those names are going to be listed for you. This means it is required for you to make changes to the name before running another search.

Indiana Secretary of State

Indiana Secretary of State website-

Indiana Secretary of State hours – 8:00am – 4:30pm (Monday-Friday)

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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