Small Business License In Indiana

When it is time to start a small business, there are specific details

to think about in the state of Indiana. There are set regulations that have to be

accounted for including business licensing requirements that are going to be required by the

state government. There are a set of steps the Indiana business owner has

to go through before becoming legally compliant.


To learn more about how all of this works, it’s always recommended to

look at the state-based resources that are available such as the

Business Owner’s Guide and continue to read this article below.


Indiana Business License

The official state website includes several resources illustrating

what is required from new small business owners. This includes offering

information on specific state agencies and the forms that are going to

be required to move forward. It’s always best to read through the

Business Owner’s Guide before getting started.


It is also possible to go through the Indiana Small Business

Development Center as they will offer insight into how to grow the Indiana

business along with how to set it up. This includes events and/or

workshops associated with this part of running a business. Prospective

small business owners can go through the FAQ page to learn more about

their options in the state of Indiana.


The SBA or U.S. Small Business Administration has set up an office in

Indiana too. This office offers a long list of resources, news options,

and/or events that can be ideal to learn from. It’s best to take note

of what they have to suggest when it comes to setting up a new business.


Indiana Business License


Licensing for a Small Business

An Indiana business license is not always required. However, certain

Indiana businesses do require licenses and permits to get

started in the state. It’s best to know what this information is before

getting started and have to file taxes.


A lot of business licenses and permits are required both at the state and

federal level. These are regulations that are essential because a

standard is set. Here are some of the industries that do have specific

business licenses requirements in place:


* Daycare Services

* Health and Safety

* Transportation

* Financial Services

* Contractor Services

* Professional Licensing Services


It’s important to make sure to check under Occupational Business Licenses to learn more about what’s required for your industry.

There are additional state business licenses and permits that also come into

action at a local level. These requirements are not always the same and

can differ based on the county/city. A good example of this would be

Marion County have licensing rules that are specific to the area when it

comes to small businesses. If you are interested in learning more about

these regulations, it is highly recommended to go to the city’s website

for more information.


Records for Different Forms of Business

Along with taking the time to obtain necessary licenses and permits for

the Indiana business license, there are legal forms of businesses to account for as well

(i.e. LLCs, Corporations). This has to be recorded on file within

Indiana. With LLCs, corporations, and/or other types of business licenses and permits,

there are organizational documents that may need to be legally filed.


There are various ways a business may structure under Indiana Law.

It is important to keep your new Business finances in order and you may need to register for a new

bank account. Generally, a bank will request:

*Sole proprietorships & partnerships – Trade Name Certificate, EIN or Social Security Number and owner(s) drivers license

*Corporation – Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, Certificate of Good Standing, EIN, and business owner(s) drivers license

*LLC – Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Certificate of Good Standing, EIN and owner(s) drivers license

Professional Licensing in Indiana

Certain professions are going to require specific business licenses to

practice in the state of Indiana. These professionals are going to have to go

through the Professional Business License Agency as that is the department

handling this part of the legal process. The board takes the time to

regulate requirements for these business professionals and will oversee

everything to authenticate the Indiana business license. PLA tends to have a set of

professions that it is held responsible for and those can be found

through their Business Licenses section online or in the Business license Owner’s Guide.

Once there, it’s possible to go through the specific requirements and

make sure your business license in Indiana is in line with those expectations.

Signing Up for Desired Business Name

Small businesses don’t just operate under their name when it is time

to set up. They take the time to apply for an official business name for

branding purposes. There are some cases where a business signs up as

one name in one part of the country and then takes on another name in

another part of the country based on what works best. This can depend on

what the business is trying to do concerning branding and/or how the

business is structured. The alternative business name has to be listed

as the assumed name officially. This has to pass through the Secretary

of State. The business in Indiana is going to have to list its

alternative name in each county. To know more about how all of this

works and how to move ahead with the filing process, take the time to go

through the Business license applications Owner’s guide on the state website.

All business owners have a responsibility to regularly file business entity reports with the Secretary of

State and to inform the office about certain changes.

Indiana Secretary of State

For more information on the Indiana Secretary of State click here. Their hours are from 8:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

Filing a Service Mark or Trademark

Trademarks have specific legal requirements in place to be official.

These legal definitions pinpoint what is allowed and what is not in the

state of Indiana. The primary reason these trademarks are set up has to

do with distinguishing the business and its assets from others. If it is

different from everything else that is already filed, the application

goes through as soon as it is approved. It’s important to note, this is

not the same as a federal trademark, which is a separate filing.

Indiana department of revenue information- Call 317-232-2240 to speak with a customer service representative.