Filing LLC Taxes In Indiana

Running a Indiana business means having to handle business-related taxes. The

average Indiana Limited liability company (LLC) will be responsible for a set of taxes that are paid out

to different segments of the government (i.e. Federal and State).


This guide will take a deeper look into the tax breakdown when it comes to Indiana llc company

federal taxes, self-employment taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and

state taxes. If your Indiana Limited Liability Company (LLC )has employees, you’ll need to pay employer taxes.

Part of these taxes are paid to the federal government (the IRS) and are not covered in Indiana.

(But remember that federal employer tax obligations start with obtaining a federal employer identification number (EIN).)

Nonetheless, Indiana Limited Liability Company (LLC) employers also must pay taxes to the state.

The state of Indiana charges A fee of $98 to file a new business entity. This fee goes directly to the

Indiana Secretary of State.

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How To File LLC Taxes in Indiana

Taxation for Indiana LLC

When profits come in for an Indiana LLC, they are not taxed in the same

manner as C Corporations. The methodology used is slightly different

and can be broken down into smaller elements.

These include:

* Indiana LLC Self-Employment Tax On Business Profits

* Indiana State Tax On All Relevant Profits

* Indiana Federal Tax On All Relevant Profits

* Indiana Sales Tax for All Sold Products

* Indiana Payroll Tax for Salary Paid To Employees

* Indiana Federal, Payroll, and State Taxes on Employee Earnings

* Indiana Taxation on Pass-Through income For All Members of the Limited liability company.

* Personal Tax Returns on Profits

Payable Business Taxes to the Indiana Government

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of Indiana llc taxes in the state,

it’s important to look at what the various types of taxes are in the

eyes of the Indiana government. For this state, the tax is broken down

into Indiana sales tax and income tax.

Indiana LLC State Taxes

For those who are running a business in Indiana, there is going to be

a state tax requirement for any income taken out of the Limited liability company (LLC). As the

money flows through the Indiana business, a separate personal tax return has to

be filed where the income tax is then paid. This will include personal

expenses and allowances that can be claimed.

It’s important to note salaried employees will be expected to pay

state taxes on personal income too. This is set at a rate of 3.35.

Sales Taxes for a Indiana Limited Liability Company

Let’s assume a business is selling specific products and/or services

in Indiana. If so, there is going to be a mandatory sales tax that is

put on top of what’s being sold. This is then passed onto the Indiana

Department of Revenue. This sales tax has to be applied at the time of

purchase. The actual rate that is going to be applied will depend on

where the sale was made within Indiana. The rates may differ based on

the county or city of Indiana.

In general, sales taxes in Indiana are going to be collected on specific sales.

These can include things such as furniture, appliances, electronics,

books, cars, and raw materials. It can also include services that a

business in Indiana is providing depending on the industry.

The only time state tax is not going to apply will be on things such as medicine, food, clothing, and/or gas.

Sales Tax Rates in Indiana

There are set tax rates in Indiana when it comes to the different

cities and counties. This means there is a set sales tax rate that also

includes what the county/city requires from businesses. This information

can be found on the state government website for those wanting to know.

Income Taxes and Self-Employment Taxes for Indiana LLCs

When it comes time to start applying federal taxes on

business-related transactions, Indiana LLC will have to follow

established regulations. These are specific tax details that matter when

it comes to managing federal income and/or self-employment taxes in Indiana. For

this to happen, there is an assessment of the “pass-through” income that

is claimed through the tax return.

Federal Self-Employment Tax for Indiana LLCs

LLC business members are going to have to claim taxes on all profits

that are made on behalf of the LLC. This can include self-employment

tax. The term used for this type of tax is Medicare Tax, FICA, and/or

Social Security Tax. This is set on all earnings made by the LLC that is

then withdrawn. The set rate for this type of tax is 15.3%.

It is essential to note business expenses can be claimed when it

comes to managing your income for those looking through self-employment

tax requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the examples that can be

used for this type of tax.


* A Indiana LLC business profiting $40,000 is going to end up paying self-employment tax totaling $6,120.

* A Indiana business profiting $70,000 is going to end up paying self-employment tax totaling $10,710.

* A Indiana business profiting $100,000 is going to end up paying self-employment tax totaling $15,300.

* A Indiana business profiting $120,000 is going to end up paying self-employment tax totaling $18,360.


Reduce Self-Employment Tax On LLCs for S Corporations

The IRS is specific when it comes to LLCs and S Corporations and has

set regulations in place when it comes to taxation. This means

self-employment tax rates can be reduced depending on the income that is

earned as salary along with other distributions.

To do this, it’s important to have an S Corporation Tax Election,

which is done by legally applying through the IRS. This can be done by

filing Form 2553.

To learn more about what this means, it is recommended to reach out

to a qualified account. This will ensure you gain a better understanding

of self-employment taxation through an S Corporation Tax Election.

Federal Income Tax for Indiana LLCs

There is also a set federal income tax for earnings that are made through the LLC in Indiana.

This number will vary and comes down to income tax earnings and what

bracket the individual is in. It will also depend on the filing that is


Federal income tax has to be paid using the profits an LLC made

throughout the tax period. The money that is removed from the business

is what will be tax and this is after all expenses are accounted for.

Certain business-related expenses are eligible for being claimed along

with other noticeable deductions including retirement plants and/or


Taxes for Employees/Employers

When it comes to paying employees, there are subtle tax details that

play a role. It is important to speak to a qualified accountant to learn

more about your situation.

Payroll Tax for LLCs in Indiana

Employers have to set up payroll tax details when it comes to each

employee that receives a salary through the company. The set rate tends

to be 7.65%.

Withholding Indiana LLC State and Federal Taxes

When it comes to managing both state and federal income tax, it is

done on the wages that are paid to employees. This can be organized with

the help of an Indiana accountant.

Tax Returns for Employees

Employees will have to file tax returns on their own regardless of what the business does in terms of withholding taxes.

Employee Insurance Requirements for LLCs

An LLC may have to pay for insurance in association with employees

that are working under the company in Indiana. This includes things such as

unemployment tax and/or employee compensation insurance.

Additional Requirements and Taxes for Indiana LLCs

This is going to vary based on the industry, but most Indiana LLC are going

to have to withhold specific taxes. This is going to include fuel tax

for those selling gasoline on the open market. The same applies to

import/export taxes for those dealing with international commerce. A

qualified account can shed more light on how this works.

Expected Taxes for LLCs

The average Indiana LLC is going to have to pay estimated taxes during the year. This includes the income/profit coming in.

These taxes include:

* Indiana State Tax

* Indiana Federal Income Tax

* Indiana Federal Self-Employment Tax

These taxes are paid every quarter.


1) Is There a Sales Tax in Indiana?

Yes, Indiana LLCs are required to pay a set sales tax but this can vary depending on different counties and cities in Indiana.

2) Is There a State Tax in Indiana?

Yes, there is a state income tax in Indiana.

3) Do All Indiana LLC Have To Pay Estimated Taxes

Yes, all Indiana LLCs will have to pay estimated taxes four times per year. This includes self-employment tax and federal income tax.

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