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Iowa Articles Of Organization – What You Need To Know

Within the state of Iowa, more and more LLCs are being formed. In order to do this, business owners are required to file with the state to register their Iowa LLC. However, there are tons of companies that assist new persons with starting their LLCs. The team at LLC Formations is skilled and versed in everything that owners will ever need to know about starting a new business.

By choosing LLC Formations, they will finally be able to get the professional help that they require without having to hire a lawyer. LLC Formations will also serve as the perfect guide to choosing a fictitious business name, growing a new or existing business, hiring registered agents, and much more. By hiring the team at LLC Formations, new business owners can rest assured because they’re in good hands.

Articles Of Organization Iowa

How To File The Articles Of Organization

Step 1

The articles of organization are also known as the certificate of organization. The first main step is signing up for a free account with the Secretary of State. After the account is created, the tab saying “File Business Entity Document” should be selected from the toolbar.

Step 2

The second step in this process is filling out the certificate of organization. While LLC Formations offers help to fill this form out, the following will still be required:
* The address and name of the business
* The office or the registered agent’s name
* The effective and expiration date


Entity Address And Name

In order to stand out from the crowd, a captivating and creative name is needed. However, it must be correct according to the law. So, before a name can be chosen, it must follow the naming guidelines according to Iowa law and it must not be in use by another business.

In order to determine the availability of the name selected, a search can be done on the Secretary of State’s website.


Why Should You Register Your Domain Name?

At some point in a business’s life, another entity may come along and decide to use the name of a business as its domain name. By registering, business owners can protect their business name and they can also create a website at some time to grow their business. When a domain name is bought, it simply prevents others from using it.


Office And Registered Agents Name

Registered agents act is the main point of contact between LLC’s and legal entities. Registered agents for LLCs can be anyone over the age of 18 as long as they live within the state. While it may sound rather simple, registered agents must be available during regularly scheduled business hours.

Step 3

In order to register an LLC, the Certificate of Organization must be filed with the state. This can be done online and submitted when completed. However, there is a $50 filing cost attached.

After business owners file for the articles of organization Iowa, the following should be done:
* Develop an operating agreement
* Register for an EIN
* Sign up for a business bank account
* Acquire relevant permits and licenses


Developing An Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a legal document that contains the roles of members as well as determines the ownership structure. While this isn’t a legal requirement by the state, it is still essential and a great idea or during the filing phase of the certificate of organization. The operating agreement is kept as part of the LLCs business records and isn’t meant to be filed with the state.


Registering For An EIN

Employer Identification Numbers can be thought of as the social security number for the LLC. It is required before employees can be hired and it is also required before business accounts at the bank can be opened. Additionally, employers can get their EIN from the IRS website.


Opening A Business Bank Account

The corporate veils of any business can be easily protected with the use of business banking or credit accounts. In the case where both business and personal accounts are entangled, they put the owner’s assets at high risk if the LLC is sued.


Acquiring Relevant Permits And Licenses

In order for businesses to remain compliant, they need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. Since there are several business services that do require these owners can contact professional services to take care of this. On a federal level, the Small Business Administration within the US can be used as well as the state’s Department of Revenue. The local county clerk can also be contacted for inquiries on permits and licenses.



In order to start an LLC in Iowa, a Certificate of Organization must be filed for. The Certificate of Organization is also known as the Articles of Organization. This document is required to ensure that LLCs are registered with the state before they are formed. LLC Formations is a great service that provides assistance and great customer care as they help new business owners file or even choose their DBA name and much more!

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