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LLC Formations – LLC Operating Agreement Iowa

If you are planning to open an LLC in Iowa, it is recommended to have an LLC operating agreement in place. Keep in mind that the operating agreement does not need to be submitted to the state and it is not a legal requirement but an Iowa LLC operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the necessary information regarding the ownership of the company and certain other important matters.

The operating agreement will outline the basic information regarding your LLC in Iowa. It will typically include the name of the LLC, the main purpose of the LLC, statutory agent for Iowa, taxation methods, the effective date of the LLC, ownership structure, profit distribution, capital contribution, voting rights of members, and any other things you might want to include in this legal document. Even though you are not required to give a copy of the operating agreement to the state but you will certainly need it for accountants, lawyers, title companies, banks, lending companies, investors as well as the court in case you need to go there.

Iowa LLC Operating Agreement

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Iowa LLC Operating Agreement

The operating agreement is a legal document that is not required to be mailed to the state and should always be kept in the records of the business. Without an operating agreement in place, the management of the LLC itself open to be held liable for financial compensation in case of litigation or business failure.

One of the biggest advantages of having an operating agreement in place is that it provides necessary protection to the management members by separating their personal assets from the accounts of other members of the company. It also helps in facilitating certain tax benefits as those benefits will not be possible without an operating agreement in place.

As far as the type of operating agreement is concerned, it will depend on the type of LLC such as a single member or a multimember LLC. In the case of a single-member LLC, the operating agreement typically defines the company policies as well as usual business reporting and owner protection. In the case of a multimember LLC, the operating agreement defines the ownership structure, detailed procedures as well as the relationship between the members, among other things.

It is important for all the members to thoroughly review the operating agreement to make sure that there is absolutely nothing that is ambiguous or unclear before the agreement is signed.

Ownership Structure

One of the important things that should be included in the operating agreement is the ownership structure. It will contain the ownership interest or ownership units or the ownership percentage of different members.

Capital Contribution

If you forming a multimember LLC, it is important that the initial capital contribution is in line with the ownership structure outlined in the operating agreement. For instance, if there are 3 members of the LLC with one member owning 25%, another 35%, and another 40%, the initial capital contribution should also be in the same proportion.

When it comes to profit distribution which, in essence, is capital distribution, the distribution should be made as per the ownership structure outlined in the operating agreement. Keep in mind that salary is completely different from capital distribution.


One of the most important things you need to outline in the operating agreement is the taxation method to be used for the LLC in Iowa.

Voting Rights

The operating agreement should outline the voting rights of the members. In most cases, voting rights are in proportion to the ownership share held by the members. The agreement should also outline who is going to take care of the day-to-day operations and affairs of the LLC. It could be managed by the members themselves or a member appointed manager. Voting rights are typically in proportion to the ownership share though certain members can be given more voting power it should be clearly stated in the operating agreement.

Change in Structure

This part covers the process in case there is a change to the membership structure such as replacing an LLC member. This part should also explain the change in rules and ownership in case a member leaves the LLC. Similarly, the operating agreement should also outline the hypothetical process of dissolution of the LLC.

It is recommended to draft the operating agreement of your LLC before filing the certificate of organization. In some cases, you might be required to submit the operating agreement to the bank in order to open a business bank account.

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