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Benefits of Getting an EIN With LLC Formations

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  • Protect Personal Assets
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  • File Taxes For Your Business
  • Maximize Business Tax Deductions
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Certificate of Authority Vs. EIN


Many business owners wonder what the differences between a State ID Number (Certificate of Authority) and an Employer Identification Number. The key differences are:

. The IRS issues Federal Tax ID Numbers
. The state assigns reseller permits
. EINs are used to hire employees
. A Certificate of Authority is used to collect sales tax from customers
. FEIN is what’s used when you file business taxes
. Sales and Use Tax Numbers are used by businesses to file sales taxes
. EINs can be cancelled by contacting the IRS
. You can cancel a State ID by filing what’s known as a final sales tax return
. An EIN is sometimes referred to as a Federal Employer Identification Number
. A State Tax ID Number is also called a reseller permit, use tax number, certificate of authority, taxpayer ID number and an excise business tax number


Is a Certificate of Authority Number same as an EIN


A sales tax exemption certificate is issued by your state, and it’s a legal document to collect sales tax exemption certificates that comes from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF). When you have this certificate, it means you are authorized to collect sales taxes from your customers. It also means you have to issue resale certificate that might be used for buying inventory.

Sales tax ID numbers are also known as the following:

. Sales tax registration
. Reseller permit
. Reseller tax ID
. Sales tax ID number
. Certificate of authority


State Tax Identification Number (Certificate of Authority)

A sales tax is usually levied on various items, mainly tangible personal property. In short, a product needs to be movable in order to be taxed. Intangible property are not included, and this includes stuff like bonds and stocks.

Sales taxes can sometimes be applied to items such as household goods, food, furniture, clothes and cars to name a few. State tax usually doesn’t apply to various services such as landscaping, nor does it apply to private school tuition, attorney fees, real estate investments or stocks and bonds. Purchases that are typically made by those with higher incomes are usually not subjected to the state sales tax.

If you have a nexus or a physical presence in a state, then you will have to charge state sales tax to your customers in that state. Generally speaking, the definition of a nexus is broad and different states define it differently. If businesses have operators in various states, then this could lead to a number of issues for them.

In short, a state ID number (certificate of authority) and an EIN number are two different things. One is given to you by the federal government. The other tax identification number is given to you by the state.