Is Someone Misusing Your Photos? Here’s What You Can Do

January 30, 2020 6:34 pm Published by

You Have Rights Over Your Digital Image

We’re living in an age where scammers are trying to steal our identities, so it’s important to make an effort to keep your identity safe. You should contact a legal professional if you feel that someone has been stealing your identity. It’s also important to speak with authorities about pressing charges. The police and other law enforcement individuals take cybercrime seriously. Although the process of seeking justice for the encroachment on your rights is an arduous situation, you will be able to take steps to repair any damages that the cybercriminal has made.

You own all of the rights to your photos, and it’s important that you protect those rights by keeping a watch over your social media accounts. If you notice that someone is posting your pictures from another account, you will be able to get those pictures removed. Unless you gave permission to a photographer or videographer, nobody should be releasing your image to the public. It might be hard to stop people from attempting to steal identities, but there are plenty of measures to prevent this from happening to you in the future.

This article discusses the legal issues behind the use and misuse of photographs. We’ll discuss the options to proceed after you’ve been victimized. We’ll also discuss the ownership of digital photos and copyright issues.

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Take Back the Rights to Your Image

You’ve probably heard of people stealing celebrities’ photographs from their homes. Many celebrities have been robbed by thieves that we’re searching for sex tapes and other private photographs. Although thieves still break into houses to steal photos, there’s an entirely new way for criminals to get their hands on your private photographs. This isn’t an issue that is specific to celebrities. All sorts of people are victimized by this type of thievery.

Hackers are able to break into your personal files on your computer. They break into your computer when you use an unsecured internet connection, so it’s important to take precautions when using public wireless internet connections. The individual that’s accessing your personal files might be looking through your computer from a remote location. You should take precautions by password-protecting all the files on your computer.

If you find that someone has stolen private images from your computer, you will need to prove that those images are owned by you. Once you have a way to prove that they are your images, you will need to contact a few different people. It’s important to remove the images, but the person in charge of posting them will have their their own motives. You will need the help of a legal professional, and law enforcement officials will have recommendations for how to proceed.

Practical Steps Before Seeking Legal Advice

Presenting your case to an attorney will help you receive justice for being victimized by a cyber criminal. However, you might still need to contact the proper channels that are in charge of removing the images. You will need to contact the host that is running the website where the images live. If you found your images being posted without your consent on social media, you will need to contact the company that runs each social media network through its websites. You should also check the other popular social media websites to see if you find your image on their pages.

In order to prevent the unlawful use of your images, you should conduct proper research to prevent further use. If the pictures have appeared on one social media channel, it’s possible that they exist on another channel. You should look elsewhere to see if your pictures have surfaced in order to prevent identity theft from occurring. The person using your photos might have a motive to create a false identity in order to take advantage of you.

With the right information, a scammer could start a bank account, open a business, or commit other crimes. It’s important that you take this matter seriously by contacting legal professionals and take the steps required to prevent this from happening to you in the future.


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Pressing Charges to Avoid Further Publication of Your Likeness

If pictures of you are floating around on the internet, it’s important that you protect your rights by having them removed. If you aren’t a celebrity, it’s much easier to avoid a scandal. Celebrities are more recognizable; in turn, their photos are sought by more people. Thus, your photos probably won’t spread all over the internet. As long as the incidents of appearance are kept to a minimum, you won’t have trouble finding out the source of the breach.

Once you know which websites feature your image without permission, you will need to figure out who is in charge of running the website. Social media networks are tricky because an individual could register for an account without putting any of their own information into the system. A hacker could use your image as their own to set up their social media account, but these fake accounts are usually easy to identify, so the social media network should be able to work with you to resolve this issue.

While it might be difficult to locate the individual responsible for using your photos without permission on social media, there are some ways to track down these crooks. Authorities are working with methods to track the IP addresses of accounts that set up these types of profiles because they are often linked to cases of identity theft. In order to prove your case to the authorities and press charges on these matters, you should take accurate notes of all the accounts and websites that you find. Write down information for your own reference, and you should take screenshots of each page that uses your information in order to show your allegations to authorities.

Having a screenshot of any website that is using your photos without permission is your proof. You will be able to provide this image to the hosts that control the websites that are illegally using your images. The host should be able to remove the website from their servers, but they might ask for more information before proceeding. The host might be able to release information about the owner of the website to authorities, but they could have a privacy policy that prevents you from accessing this information on your own.

Releasing a Public Statement

While you are attempting to stop the perpetrator from using your private pictures for their own personal gains, you could take action to let people know the truth behind the incident. If you have a website for professional or personal reasons, you should release a statement on your site. The statement should give basic information about the breach, and you should let people know what you are doing to protect your identity. Presenting this information to people will help address your issue, and you will help protect other people from having this same thing happen to them.

You should warn your family and friends when you speak to them. However, a public statement about the incident will serve as a warning to everyone. You could post a public statement on all of your social media accounts. Although, you should be aware that the perpetrator might be watching your web presence to see how you react to their attacks. Releasing a statement will let everyone know about your situation in order to prevent confusion over the fake accounts being made with your pictures, but it could send a red flag to the thief that’s responsible. You might want to send a message to each of your friends and family members individually, and be sure to change all of the passwords associated with your accounts.

Who Owns the Copyright of Your Photos?

Technically, you own the copyright of your own work. You do not need a legal notice to own the copyright, but a legal notice from the US Copyright Office will help you win a case in a court of law. Having an official document tells people that you own a photo, so you will have an easier time making negotiations.

Some legal professionals might advise you to register for copyright immediately after you become aware of the misuse of your personal photographs. Having this type of proof helps show ownership to every individual involved. However, it may be pricey to copyright each photo that is stolen. You might only need to copyright one or two of the main photographs in order to make your case known to the proper channels in charge of removing your private photographs from the internet.

While the internet makes it difficult to remove all of the images that were wrongfully taken from your personal computer, this method will stop any perpetrators that are trying to use your private images for their own personal financial gain. Registered copyright will make it difficult for individuals to broadcast their images to other people. There’s a good chance that this individual will cease their behaviors and leave you alone.

Is Someone Violating Your Privacy?

While copyright protection is important to keep people from making money on your pictures, you might be able to suggest that the misuse of your photographs is violating your natural right to privacy. If the photographs were wrongfully taken from you, you might be able to issue a cease and desist letter to have the images removed from their current place on the internet.

Violating your privacy by misusing your photographs doesn’t require an evil genius hacker. These types of scenarios occur when a business is promoting its products or services. A business owner might not realize they are violating your privacy by using your image in their promotions, but you have a right to decide what happens with images that include your physical likeness. If you had a reasonable expectation that your image was being held privately, a business is not allowed to release your likeness through any of its distribution channels. This includes businesses using photos of you for their social media accounts.

What to Do About Wrongful Appropriation

When you are living as a public figure with a known image, you might have a difficult time stopping people from taking pictures of you. However, everyday people have the right to live private lives. If a company or individual uses your image in a way that you did not approve of or intend for it to be used, you may declare that such actions are wrongful appropriations.

The moment that you realize that a business is using your photos on their website without permission, you need to take a picture of the misuse of your image. Take screenshots, and print the website for your own record. The company will likely remove the image if you speak to them. However, you might be able to take them to court. Speak with an attorney to find out whether you have a case worth trying in a courtroom.

Secure Your Digital Image

If you have a photograph that you want to protect, you should take practical steps to keep it safe from thieves. Start by ensuring that your photo is being held in a secure location. Save your photograph on a drive to have a backup, and make sure to encrypt all of the files on your computer. You should also have a firewall in place to protect your personal data from intrusive malware and hackers.

In addition to providing for the digital protection of your files, you should take steps to ensure that your pictures are protected by the law. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your pictures are protected is to apply for a copyright. This will give you a legal document to show that you are the owner of the photograph, and the owner gets to decide how their photos are being used.