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How to Start A Kansas LLC

If you’re looking to start a new business in Kansas, forming an LLC is a great way to get started. By running your business as a Kansas LLC, you will be entitled to a few benefits that can help you grow your business quickly. Keep reading to learn about how easy it is to start an LLC in Kansas. The professionals at LLC Formations are available to help you with each step of the process of starting your Kansas LLC.


Cost To Form An LLC

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

LLC stands for “limited liability company.” A limited liability company is a type of business entity, and it’s one way of incorporating your business. If you’re looking to open up a Kansas business, we recommend doing business a Kansas LLC because it’s the form of incorporation that gives you the strongest protection and the most flexibility.

The term “limited liability” refers to asset protection. This means that when you do business as a limited liability company, your personal assets are protected and kept safe in the case of outstanding debts or lawsuits from your Kansas LLC. Any personal bank accounts, properties, vehicles, and other possessions are off limits, which protects business owners and LLC members if things don’t go according to plan.

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Do You Need to Incorporate Your Kansas Business?

Every business owner who runs a small or medium-sized business in Kansas should consider the many benefits of incorporating as a Kansas LLC.

No matter how small your business is, it deserves the protection and the benefits that come once you form an LLC. You can start offering business services as a Kansas LLC while having a strong safety net that grows along with your business.

Benefits of Incorporating Your LLC in Kansas

If you plan to do business in the state of Kansas, it’s wise to operate your business as a Kansas LLC for many reasons:

Protect Your Personal Assets

Incorporating as an LLC means that creditors can’t go after your bank accounts or possessions because of the limited liability you’re protected under as an LLC. If you’re ever sued and forced to pay a judgment, the judgment can only be paid by your business assets. Your personal finances and your personal property cannot be touched.

When you form an LLC, it means that your personal bank account, car, home, and savings accounts can’t be used to pay a judgment. Don’t take chances with your personal assets. If you’re doing business within the state of Kansas, it’s wise to form an LLC so you can be protected.

Run Your Business Your Way

Incorporating as a Kansas LLC gives you flexibility. You can name your partners or incorporate as a single-member LLC. When you set up as an S corporation or a C corporation instead, you must follow strict laws about how to run your business.

With an LLC, businesses have the freedom to operate as they wish. You can choose how to set up your company and your management team and you get more flexibility when it comes to tax filings for your company.

If you’re wondering if a Kansas LLC is the right business structure for you, contact the professionals at LLC Formations for more information.

Let Us Help You!

Let Us Help You!

Build Credit for Your Business

Businesses are able to grow when they have access to a line of credit. When you form an LLC in Kansas, you can begin establishing credit for your business. It’s a good idea to have a business credit line that’s separate from your personal credit line.

Once you have an LLC, you can open a business bank account, apply for loans, and establish lines of credit as a business. It’s important to note that having access to credit as a small business is crucial for the growth of your Kansas LLC.

Transfer Your Business

If you ever want to transfer your business or sell it, it’s much easier to do if your company is incorporated. Transferring a sole proprietorship can be complicated because your personal finances are combined with your business finances. Selling a sole proprietorship is almost impossible for those same reasons.

You may not think that you’ll ever want to sell or transfer your business, but you never know what might happen in the future. If that day ever comes, it will be easy to make the transition.

How to Form Your Kansas LLC

You can get all the forms and information you need from the Kansas Secretary of State website. You must first set up an online account with the Kansas Secretary of State through their website. Once you register, you will have access all of the documents, information and business name search functions. It’s free to set up an account with the Kansas Secretary of State to form an LLC.

You can get help from the business center by calling 855-521-8600 or by using the live support chat feature. The business center is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Steps to Your Kansas LLC Filing

You can file your paperwork online or file by mail. Keep in mind that if you choose to file by mail, it may take longer to process the information. You can also visit the Secretary of State office in person.

Step 1: Set Up Your Kansas Government Account

You must have an account with the Kansas Secretary of State website before you can use of any its functions to form your LLC. By filing everything for your LLC online, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and energy since everything will be accessible in one place.

The Secretary of State website should be straightforward, but if you need any assistance, the team at LLC Formations is happy to help you navigate it so you can form an LLC.

Step 2: Make Sure Your LLC Name is Available

When you first get onto the Kansas Secretary of State website, you need to conduct a Kansas LLC name search to make sure you’re not using a name that another Kansas LLC is using.

The Kansas Secretary of State website has a search function called “Business Entity Search Station (BESS).” Enter the name you plan to use into BESS and press “search.” If someone else is using it, the information will come up and you’ll have to use a different name for your LLC in Kansas.

You can also reserve your LLC name so that someone else doesn’t use it before you can complete your paperwork. You will also use BESS to reserve a corporate name. The name of your business must include the “LLC” designation in order to form an LLC.

It’s important that you choose a clever and unique name for your LLC in Kansas. Your name may be the first impression that future clients or customers have about your business, so choosing a unique name can be a great marketing advantage.

Additionally, it’s wise to make sure that your LLC name is available as a domain name so you can create a website after you form an LLC. By making sure the same name is available, you will be able to drive more traffic to your company and expand your business.

Step 3: Obtain an EIN for Your Business

An important step of starting an LLC in Kansas is to obtain an EIN for your Kansas LLC. An EIN, short for an employer identification number, is basically like your business’ social security number. An EIN keeps everything organized for your business for tax purposes. Businesses should get a new tax identification number (EIN) in the business’ name each time a new LLC is opened.

When you have an EIN, it allows you to open a bank account in your company name for your LLC. It also allows customers and companies to pay your LLC directly. When you have an EIN and an LLC bank account, you’re also able to pay employees on payroll directly from your LLC’s account. An additional benefit is that having an EIN helps grow your company’s credit line. Once you have an EIN, you can use that EIN to apply for credit in your LLC’s name.

You can get an EIN directly from the IRS for no filing fee. If you need help getting an EIN or completing any other paperwork, the professionals at LLC Formations can guide you through the process by providing you with all of the relevant information.

Step 4: Appoint A Registered Agent and Fill Out the Forms

Appointing a registered agent for your Kansas LLC is a very important part of forming your Kansas LLC so they can handle the service of process. In order to have the liability protection offered by an LLC, you’ll need to appoint a registered agent that can handle the files and mail for your LLC. Your registered agent must be over 18 years old and he or she must have a Kansas mailing address.

Also referred to as a resident agent, this person must also be responsible to answer phone calls and collect mail. The resident agent will need to forward you all of the important documents for your LLC in order for you to keep your Certificate of Good Standing. If your agent forgets to forward your mail or leaves the office for long periods, you could lose your Certificate of Good Standing, which can result in fees or even your LLC getting dissolved.

Fill your Kansas LLC forms out carefully. Be sure to include:

  • The name and address of the designated representative, also known as a registered agent. This can be you, one of your partners, or your attorney. A registered agent must have a Kansas mailing address or a registered office with a Kansas address.
  • Members of the LLC. List every member of the LLC. Don’t forget that each named member will have legal and tax responsibilities for the LLC.
  • Only list people who are actively involved in the business.
  • If your business address is separate from your home address, include that information.

If you need help with your Kansas LLC forms, contact our legal team at LLC Formations. We help LLCs get up and running in Kansas every day and would be happy to provide you with relevant information.

Step 5: File the Articles of Organization and Request Certified Copies

The Articles of Organization will be the official document that registers your Kansas LLC. After you file the Articles of Organization, you will truly be ready to form your LLC and start doing business in Kansas. When you file the Articles of Organization, be sure to include all of the relevant information and read everything twice. Since this is such an important document to file, you don’t want any delays.

After you complete and file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State, you must request certified copies of your Articles of Organization to keep on file with your other records. You’ll need this form to show proof that you have incorporated your business as an LLC and you may need to reference it in your annual report.

If you need our help to file Articles of Organization, contact the professional team at LLC Formations so we can help you form your LLC.

Step 6: Include an LLC Operating Agreement

Whether you engage in partnerships or operate independently, all business entities should definitely have an LLC Operating Agreement for your Kansas LLC. Why do you need an LLC Operating Agreement? An Operating Agreement establishes the management and setup of your LLC and describes how everything should operate within your LLC. The Operating Agreement is a document you file ith the state. The Operating Agreement is a legal document that shows that your LLC is a legally recognized corporation rather than a sole proprietorship.

What should be included in an LLC Operating Agreement?

  • The names of the members in the LLC
  • Names of the managers and their responsibilities
  • How you plan to divide profits and losses
  • An affirmation that the LLC accounts are separate from your personal accounts

If you need help drafting your Operating Agreement, contact the professionals at LLC Formations so we can help you form your LLC.

If you need help writing your LLC operating agreement Kansas, let our legal team know. They can draft it for you quickly and painlessly.

Step 7: Pay the Kansas State Filing Fees

Once you have completed your forms, you will complete the process by paying each necessary filing fee. The filing fee can be paid either online or by money order. If you pay your filing fee by mail, it may take longer to process your payment which means it will take longer to form your LLC.

Step 8: File a Kansas LLC Annual Report

Kansas requires an annual report from every business once they form an LLC. Your annual report should include your profits, losses, and plans for the future growth of your LLC. Annual reports are an important part of assessing where your business is and where you want it to grow to. The annual report is due on the 15th day of the fourth month following the end of the LLC’s tax year.

There is a $50 fee due when you file annual reports with the Kansas Department of Revenue. Our legal team can draft a Kansas LLC annual report that you can easily update each year to make it easier on yourself when it comes time for the annual reports to be due. You can also check the Kansas Business Center website for more information about how to file the annual report after you form an LLC.

Let Us Help You!

Let Us Help You!

What Are the Fees for Forming an LLC in Kansas?

If you file online, the cost is $160. If you file in person at the Kansas Secretary of State office, the cost is $165. We always recommend doing everything online when you’re in the process of forming your Kansas LLC. By filing online, you are streamlining the LLC formation process which makes it easier and quicker for you to start doing business as an official LLC.

Get Started on Your LLC Today

  • An LLC protects your personal assets and your business.
  • An LLC Kansas gives you filing flexibility at tax time.
  • Forming an LLC in Kansas can be complicated, but our legal team can help. We can even get you expedited service if you need your documents quickly.
  • Your LLC never needs to be updated. As your business grows, your LLC will retain the same level of protection.

How Can LLC Formations Help You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the details of forming a new LLC? With our help, you can get your Kansas LLC up and running quickly and with no stress. We just need a few details from you to get started. We’ll process your EIN application, your Kansas LLC forms, and your Operating Agreement so you don’t have to.

Instead, you can spend time working on your business while we take care of these details. If you’re looking to start an LLC in Kansas, contact the professionals at LLC Formations so we can help you get started. In our next guide we will be discussing the how to start an LLC in Kentucky.

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