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How To Do A Business Entity Search in Kansas

Choosing a name for a business is one of the more fun and enjoyable aspects of starting a new business. However, it can also be extremely disappointing to finally settle on a name only to find that another business in Kansas has already registered their business using that same name.

Every business in the state of Kansas must have a unique name and no two business names can have the same name.

Below is a guide to choosing a unique name for a business and running a business entity search to ensure the business name is available.

Kansas Business Entity Search

Why Do You Need A Unique Business Name?

The main reason the law requires a business to have a unique name is to avoid confusion when legal matters arise like trademark conflicts. However, there are other reasons why having a distinct business name is important. It distinguishes the business from the competition and makes the business more recognizable.

Also, it is going to be far easier to register a domain name for a website, email, and social media pages. This is extremely important in a time when businesses are relying more and more on digital technology and media to attract customers and clients.

How To Choose A Name For A Business

First, it is recommended to have a few options available to choose from. Try different spellings or changing the words around to create an exciting new name.

The state of Kansas follows the “distinguishable on record” rule. This means that business names can be very similar and only one letter or number that can be different from an existing business name is allowed and will be available. So selecting a unique business name is much easier in Kansas than in states that adopt the “deceptively similar” rule which disallows new business names that only have one or two differences.

While it is easier to choose a unique name, keep in mind that it is going to benefit the business to choose a name that stands out as much as possible from existing names.

Punctuation does not affect a business entity search so this is not recommended as a way to choose a unique business name. Using plurals or substituting numbers for a written word will return different results in a business entity search.

It may also seem like a good idea to use symbols or characters in a company name to make it different. However, just like punctuation, these symbols are ignored in a Kansas business entity search. The name for the symbol or character can be used to replace the symbol in the search. For example, the “@’ can be replaced with the word “at” or a heart symbol with the word “heart”.

If the business is going to be registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), then the business name must include the letters LLC. Restrictions apply to certain words like bank, university, and attorney. If these words form part of the business name, additional paperwork will be required to register the business.

Also, words that can be confused with government departments may not be used in a business name like a treasury. For comprehensive guidelines on how to choose a business name that meet the state requirements, visit

How To Run A Business Entity Search In Kansas

The state of Kansas has made running a business entity search very easy. Simply visit the official Kansas Secretary of State website and go to the Business Entity Search Station or BESS. Then click on “Name Availability” to go to the relevant search page where the business name can be entered to check whether it is available.

It is recommended to begin with the preferred choice of the business name and then work down the list. If none of the names that have been chosen are available, then it is recommended to start the creative process again by following the tips for choosing a business name provided above.

If a chosen name is available, it is recommended to go back to the previous page on the Kansas Secretary of State website immediately and reserve the name. This will prevent any other person from registering the name. It will take around 4 weeks to register a new business with the Kansas Department of Revenue so it is very important to reserve the name. Other permits and permissions can take longer.

Once the name has been officially registered, the name will be removed from the reserved list. Remember that the business cannot legally operate in the state of Kansas until it has been registered with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

There are other websites that offer business entity search options to help new business owners select an available name. However, it is recommended to go the official route and run a business entity search on the Secretary of State website to ensure name availability.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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