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Filing For The Organization Of Articles In Louisiana

If you’re thinking about forming your LLC within the state of Louisiana, you’ll need to file for your Articles of Organization. The following serves as a complete guide on how to file for your companies Articles of Organization.


Articles of Organization Louisiana

1 – Retrieving The Articles Of Organization Forms

After you’ve downloaded and completed your copy of the Articles of Organization from the site, you’ll need to mail it in or you can easily file using the online method. However, the choice is entirely up to you and either of the following can be done:

Option 1

Before you can submit your form on the website, you’ll need to first create your account on the Secretary of States’ website. However, you’ll need to input your email and you’ll need to thoroughly read the conditions and terms that are associated with the registration process.

Option 2

A PDF version of the Articles of Organization can be found on the previously mentioned site. After completing the form, you’ll need to either hand deliver or mail the form into the Louisiana Secretary of State.

2 – Filling Out The Articles Of Organization Form

We’ll provide you with some tips so that you can be on your way to successfully form your LLC. Within the state of Louisiana, completing the form usually takes a couple of steps and includes the Limited Liability Company Initial Report as well as Articles of Organization. Before you can complete the form, you’ll need to know the key information listed below:

* The entity name and its address
* The registered agent’s full name and address
* The true purpose of the business
* The company’s life expectancy

The Entity Name And Its Address

When it comes to choosing a business name, you’ll need to not only be smart but also creative, and you’ll also need to ensure that your business name is correct from a legal perspective. So, when deciding on your winning name, you’ll need to follow the naming guidelines:

* The name you select should include LC or LLC, or even the phrase limited liability.
* Additionally, the name you select must represent the true nature of your business and it should not imply that you’ll be conducting illegal activities.
* It should be noted that in order to use certain words, you’ll need approval. Approval can be granted from the Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board in Louisiana if you’re planning to use words such as surveying, engineer, engineering, or surveyor.
* If you’re planning on using banking terms, you’ll need to seek approval from the Commissioner of the Office of Financial Institutions. After approval is granted, you’ll be able to include words such as trustee, trust, bank, banking, banker, loan, homestead, savings, or credit union.
* Additionally, you cannot use the word insurance in your name unless your LLC is a brokerage firm or an insurance agency.
* When crafting your name, you’ll also need to stay from the phrase “doing business” as well as any possible word that could mislead the public as it applied to government agencies.
* The name that you select must be unique and not tied to other entities that exist or even reserved names within the state of Louisiana.
* If your LLC is a that of a low-profit one, you’ll need to abbreviate with either l3c or L3C. You’ll also be able to use the words “low profit limited liability” in the company name if you’re not interested in the mentioned abbreviations.

Determining If Your Name Is Available

If you didn’t already know, you’ll need to first determine if the name you had intended to use is available within the state of Louisiana. You’ll be able to find this out via the Secretary of State website in Louisiana.

Registering Your Domain Name

While some businesses experience loads of success without a website, it is strongly advised that you register your desired business name as a domain. This secures the name if ever you decide to create a business website. Hence, you’ll need to buy the URL to prevent other parties from eventually thinking that they came up with it first!

Registered Agent And Registered Office

When you hire a registered agent, he’ll be responsible for filing, sending, and accepting any legal documents that are sent to your LLC. Upon registering the LLC, you’ll need to provide the details of your registered agent. This includes their full name as well as their address.

However, your registered agent can be anyone who is over the age of 18 once they reside within Louisiana. While it’s a relatively simple process, you’ll need to ensure that they’re always available especially during business hours.

The Purpose Of The LLC

The state of Louisiana allows you to form just about any type of liability company. However, the core activities shouldn’t be illegal or unlawful activities. Depending on the business, you may also need special licenses from various licensing bodies.

The Duration Of The Entity

If you’re not thinking of operating your business for too long, or you’ve decided to close at a special date, you’ll need to include this on the form.

3 – Filing The Articles Of Organization

In order to successfully register your LLC, you’ll need to ensure that you file your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. Filing can be done via mail or an in-person visit if you don’t want to submit the forms online.

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