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Louisiana Business License: How Do I Know What I Need?

You will require a Louisiana business license if you want to launch a business in the state, and the business license can be obtained from the Secretary of State. Depending on the corporation form you want to register, you’ll need to give additional info to get permits and register your company for taxation. If you have any reservations, you should reach out to the Louisiana Secretary of State to know exactly what is required to get a business license.

If you want to get information concerning Louisiana Business License needs, you can consider writing to the Secretary of State at this address: Secretary of State, LA 70804-9125, P.O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge.

You can alternatively get in touch with the office by phone at (225) 922-2675 or [email protected].


Louisiana Business License

Registering Your Business in the State of Louisiana

When you begin the business registration process in the state of Louisiana, you’ll have to follow a particular criterion:

Tax registration

Apply for Business licenses

Apply for local permits

File your incorporation particulars

Name or “Doing Business As” application

File for withholding taxes

When registering your company for taxes in the state of Louisiana, you’ll have to get a tax identification number for your business. There are various tax identification serial numbers you might be needed to get, like:


Withholding income tax

Sales and use tax

Unemployment insurance tax

To begin applying for the aforementioned identification numbers, you have to get a Louisiana tax number first. For tax registration, you’ll have to get in touch with the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-4933.

What You Require to Register for Taxation in the State of Louisiana

You’ll have to offer the following information to register for taxation in the State:

Legal name


Mailing address for your business

Charter number (if you have one)

Federal ID (if you have)

When registering an existent entity, a Louisiana tax account ID

Partners’, officers’, and owners’ information, including email addresses and social security numbers

Your Louisiana Revenue accounts or application


The Business Licenses Application Procedure

You will have to submit your Business License application after registering for your Louisiana tax. The type and number of licenses will be contingent on your organization form and business profile. To get the right advice, talk with a business license lawyer, or consult with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

You’ll also have to make an application for local permits. Get in touch with the local government to know more about your municipality’s registration requirements and regulations. The requisite permits and local licenses include:

Building permits

Signage permit

Alarm permit

Business license and tax permit

Zoning permit

Health permit

Incorporate in Louisiana

When you have acquired all your licenses and tax ID numbers, you can then file your documents for incorporation with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

You will be exempt from registering with the state if you’ve registered as a sole proprietor.

After you’ve filed your incorporation documents, you will need to finish your Louisiana Doing Business As registration. This will entail registering a fictional name as the legal business name.
The business name you select will be your trade name or assumed name. To select your supposed business name, you will have to do a Louisiana Secretary of State Search.

Get Assistance with Louisiana Business License Application

Before your business begins trading in Louisiana, you’ll have to acquire several registration documents, ID numbers, and licenses. The local municipalities and state have some confusing and complex requirements, so it might be prudent to reach out to the Louisiana Secretary of State to get advice or talked with a seasoned business license lawyer. Here are a few useful business resources you can use:

If you want quick answers straight from the state, you can go to the resources part of the Secretary of State at

You can also receive assistance from Louisiana’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) on launching your business and handling the various aspects that come with running it, including drafting a marketing strategy or business plan.

Go to the Small Business Administration (SBA) New Orleans office and request for a guide.

Visit to view the available government services.

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