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How To Conduct A Maine Business Entity Search

If your goal is to create a business in the state of Maine, one of the first things that you must do is determine if your business name is available. This can be done at the Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions website. What you are looking for is the name of your business and to see if someone has already registered it under their name. Of course, the information that is provided is as up-to-date as possible, yet it may not provide the exact information you are looking for. It will allow you to search in several different ways including by keyword, allowing you to get up to 100 results returned in the span of just a few seconds. One of the reasons that people do this is that they would like to form an LLC in Maine. This will provide them with personal asset protection. Let’s go over the process of how to conduct a Maine business entity search and subsequently show you more about forming a limited liability company.


How To Use The Main Business Entity Search

When you initially login, and navigate to the search page, you will see a form where you can enter in your keyword. The results will provide you with the name of the entity, the name type of that business, and a summary of information regarding that company. The information summary will come directly from the CEC database. It will also tell you the date from which the information presented is accurate. This information will include the legal name of the business, the charter number, filing type, and the status of that business. Additionally, you will see the filing date, the jurisdiction, and other names that are part of the business that has been formed. All of this information can be helpful in determining whether or not the name you want for your company is available or not.


Maine Business Entity Search


What Do You Do With This Information?

The information that is provided is quite comprehensive, but your main focus is finding out if the name that you want for your business is available. If it is, you can then move forward, creating a legal business for yourself. You can create a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC. The first two business types are very easy to do. However, they come with the risk of potentially losing your personal assets if you are ever in a civil legal battle. Therefore, you may want to consider setting up an LLC in the state of Maine which can provide you with many benefits.


Benefits Of Creating An LLC In Maine

One of the top benefits of setting up your LLC in Maine is that there are no privilege taxes that are applicable. These are also referred to as franchise taxes, plus you will not be subject to any type of state tax based upon your income or net worth. If you combine this with the protection of your personal assets, this is a wonderful way to start and protect your business. You will have to fill out paperwork that must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office in order to get this process started.


How To Form An LLC In Maine

Once you have received all of your documents from the Maine government website, you will then need to fill them out. This is going to include the Certificate of Formation, the Operating Agreement, plus you must also find and appoint a registered agent. In addition to this, yet separate from the LLC formation itself, you must obtain an EIN number which is something the IRS will want you to have. You are also responsible for filing annual reports to the main Secretary of State every year. By doing so, you will be in compliance with the laws of the state.


Are There Businesses That Can Help You Do This?

There are several businesses that can help you accomplish this. They are capable of obtaining this paperwork for you, helping you fill it out, and they can subsequently be submitted to the Secretary of State. They may also be able to assist you in appointing a registered agent, and also helping with any other questions that you may have. Although the paperwork is not overly comprehensive, for those that have not done this before, it is certainly something that can be daunting. That’s why working with a business that helps individuals form LLCs is an easy way to get this done.

This overview of how to use the state of Maine business entity search should help you find the name of the company that you would like to have. Likewise, you also understand what it takes to form an LLC. It is possible for anyone to download this paperwork and file all of this on their own. However, if you are not comfortable with doing so, and you would like to have a limited liability company to protect your personal assets, contact a reputable business that can help you form your LLC.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.