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Business Entity Search In Michigan

Choosing a name for your business is easier said than done. To get started, it’s important to go through the official directory to pinpoint whether or not the name has already been registered in Michigan. This is why the Michigan Business Entity Search is a must to get the details necessary to move forward.


Michigan Business Entity Search


Michigan LLC Naming Process

1. Legalities of Names in Michigan

Before doing anything else, it’s important to start with the LLC. This is going to include taking the time to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to when it comes to naming the business in the state of Michigan. It should also be easy to search for clients.

The main rules for naming a business include:

* The inclusion of “Limited Liability Company” (LLC) or any other variation that says the same thing
* The name must not comprise of words that refer to the government (i.e. FBI, State Department)
* Do not use words that are officially linked to institutions such as (University, Attorney) unless you have the necessary licensing in place within Michigan

2. Run a Michigan Business Entity Search

To make sure the name reservation is set up properly, it’s important to do a quick check using the Michigan Business Entity Search. This helps pinpoint which names are available and which names are not. To do this the right way, it’s best to type in your requested name and take out identifiers (i.e. LLC). The rest can be left as is. This will highlight the names that are already in use.

For those that have a longer business name, you can use certain elements of the name during the search. It will work.

3. Check the Domain Name and URL

In this day and age, the Internet plays an important role when running a business. This means checking the domain name and URL is just as important. You want to ensure the business name can be linked to a similarly named domain without having to pay someone. This is an important step when naming a business in Michigan.

To do this, just go through a domain registry (i.e. GoDaddy) and see whether or not the domain name is available for sale.

4. Reserving the Name in Michigan

Now it’s time to move forward with the name reservation request. You are going to do this through the Secretary of State corporations division. This is where all of the requests are processed. Once processed, the name can be reserved for 180 days after the filing.

If you wish to reserve the name, it’s best to do it by mail or online. This can be done by faxing (517) 241-0538 or sending an email to [email protected] It’s also important to note, you are going to need to set up a MICH-ELF account.

There is also going to be a set fee to file the name reservation request of $25.

Additional Factors to Consider

Putting the name request is simple and won’t take a lot of time as long as it is done the right way with an appropriate business name is selected. It is also best to take the time to do a comprehensive search through social media platforms and Trademark directories to see whether or not the name is available for commercial use.


Trademarks are essential as the legal issues involved with fighting over this can become expensive. It’s best to check the directory in advance to make sure it is not already being used by another business. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to use a name that is already trademarked.

In some cases, if they work in a separate industry, it won’t be a major concern. However, it is best to know about this well in advance to avoid any mishaps.

How to do a trademark search in Michigan:

To run the trademark search, it’s important to check in-state through the local directory. You can also go through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see whether or not the business name/trademark is already taken.

Final Thoughts

A business name is essential and it’s a fundamental part of starting your company. To set up an LLC, you are going to need the name and it should be fully vetted beforehand. This includes running it through the Michigan Business Entity Search. You also want to take the time to set up a domain name and check whether or not it’s available online. Once you do this, it’s time to fill out the Application for Reservation of Name and go from there.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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