Overview Of The Minnesota LLC Articles Of Organization

The Articles of Organization represent the document that you must submit in Minnesota in order to form your LLC. It will contain the name of the LLC, the name and address of who will be the registered agent, plus the LLC organizer’s name, phone number, address, email, and signature. This document must be submitted to the Minnesota Secretary of State, and it will be associated with a $135 filing fee when submitted by mail. You can do this online, or you can even bring this in in person, for a fee of $155. Over the course of four weeks, perhaps more, they will assess and ultimately approve your limited liability company. This approval, of course, is pending that you filled out everything properly and chose a name for your LLC that is actually available.


Minnesota LLC Articles Of Organization


Is This A Difficult Document To Complete?

One of the best things about the Articles of Organization is that it is relatively straightforward. The information that has been presented is all that you need. You will have to do work to obtain this information. For instance, you must do a search through the Minnesota business name database to ensure that the LLC name is not currently registered. Once that is done, you must find a registered agent. This can be a business or even an individual, that will work on your behalf to receive your legal mail. They are a mediator, a person that will deliver your legal documents to you, and it is necessary to have one for your limited liability company to be functional.


Should You Also Complete And Operating Agreement?

The Operating Agreement, in virtually every state, is not mandatory when it comes to creating an LLC. It is an overview, one that will depict what managers and members will do within the context of the limited liability company. It will present the responsibilities that they have, and the rights that they have, and all of this will confirm that your LLC is a separate entity. In terms of its use, it provides you with an overview of how your limited liability company is supposed to function. In terms of legal issues, this is a great document to present to a judge in a court of law if you are facing some type of court case. Completing this may seem comprehensive, but it allows you to literally visualize the purpose and mission of your limited liability company in writing.


Should You Form An LLC?

If you do not have a Minnesota LLC, this is certainly something you should create. There are many people that have prevented others from obtaining their personal assets by having one of these in place. It is literally a separate entity, an individual on paper in and of itself that acts as a shield to protect your personal property and assets. From that standpoint, maintaining one of these for your partnership or sole proprietorship is a great benefit. However, there are problems that some people have been completing these documents. They can be easy, but if you have no intention of doing this yourself, you can always work with a business that can do this for you.


How To Find Companies That Can Help You

Businesses that are able to form LLC is on the behalf of others are numerous. You can find many of them that are offering their services throughout Minnesota. As mentioned before, you may be able to complete all of the documents in the span of a day, plus submit them to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. For those that would prefer making sure that the documents are absolutely perfect, and that no problems will arise, they would be better off working with a professional company. They may also offer advice on other things that you need to do including obtaining your IRS Tax EIN number, business licenses, and educating you regarding the Department of Revenue. Even if they don’t, you will know that the submission of your documents for your LLC will go through as it is supposed to because it will be done by a professional organization. Just be sure that the company you are working with is known for producing quality work. Knowing this will give you confidence that your limited liability company will soon be protecting you.

Once you have decided to create an LLC, and you have obtained your Articles of Organization, begin filling them out right away. The process is straightforward, as represented earlier, and can be done over the course of a single day. If you haven’t done this yet, and you would prefer not to do the paperwork, find a reputable business that can help you. For a reasonable cost, within the span of a few weeks, your company and your assets will be protected by a Minnesota LLC that will soon be set up.

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