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Filing For Your Mississippi Articles Of Organization

In order to register an LLC in Mississippi, filing for a Certificate of Formation or the Articles of Organization is an important step. Working with LLC Formations is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get this done. When you put your trust in them, they’ll do the heavy lifting for you so that you can get on with your business in no time. Our article features important information on the Articles of Organization Mississippi.


Mississippi Articles Of Organization


Filing For Your Articles Of Organization

1 – Obtain Your Certificate Of Formation

When you register online, you’ll be able to create a filer account. On your dashboard, you can easily navigate to the homepage where you’ll need to click on the tab that says “Form A Mississippi Corporation, Non-profit, LLC, Partnership, or Cooperative”. However, this can be found under the section labeled as Name Reservation and Formation Filings.


2 – Fill Out The Certificate Of Formation

before you can complete this step of the process, you’ll need to know the following:

* The entity name
* The effective date and the type of business
* Both registered office address and the registered agent’s name

Entity Name
When it comes to selecting your name, it’s always a good idea to select something that is not only smart but creative as well. Your business name should also be legally correct and follow the naming guidelines within the state. Another important factor for selecting a name is ensuring that it isn’t already in use by another business.

The following are the naming guidelines for Mississippi state:

* The phrase limited liability company should be a part of your name and you can easily substitute it for either L.L.C. or LLC.
* LLC names can be made up of the manager’s name or another members name
* LLC names should not contain the following:

– banker
– bank
– banking
– bankers
– trust
– insurance
– incorporated
– limited partnership
– partnership

* LLC names should not be structured in such a way to sound like those of government agencies.
* Names should be unique and very distinguishable from others in the state.

Check Name Availability

After concluding on your name, it’s a good idea to determine if it’s available for use. If the name is taken, you’ll be able to know when you search on the Secretary of State website.

Register Your Domain Name

If the winning name is available, it is highly recommended that you register for a domain name. Registering safeguards your name and prevents others from registering it in the future. You’ll even be given the name to purchase the URL if desired.

Nature Of Business And Effective Date

If your filing date isn’t the effective date, you’ll need to state this on the form. However, the maximum allowable days should not exceed that of 90 days.

Registered Agent and Registered Office
Registered agents act as the single contact point between your LLC and the state and they accept mail on your behalf. After registering for your LLC, you’ll need to find an agent or you can become your own agent. It should be noted that registered agents are required to be over the age of 18, have a physical address within the state, and be available during business office hours.

3 – File The Certificate Of Formation

Before your LLC can be registered, you’ll need to file for the Certificate of Formation. This is filed with the Secretary of State and must be done via the online method. After creating your account, you’ll be able to access the portal where you can fill out the form and register.

However, there is a $50 fee attached to complete the process. After you’ve successfully filled out and filed for the formation certificate, you’ll need to ensure that you do the following:

* Design your Operating Agreement
* File for an EIN
* Open your business bank account
* Acquire permits and licenses that apply to your field

Create An Operating Agreement

Your operating agreement is better known as a legal document that specifies the structure, ownership, and member roles within the LLC. However, within the state of Mississippi, you’re not required to do this but it’s still a great idea to have one.


Filing For An EIN

Your EIN is your Employer’s Identification Number and works as the social security number for your newly created LLC. It’s best to keep in mind that if you’re thinking of hiring employees at some point, you’ll need an EIN and you’ll also need it to open your bank account. EINs can be obtained via mail, or fax as desired by you. If you need help with completing the SS-4 application just contact one of our representatives.


Open A Business Bank Account

Applying for a business bank account protects your personal life from your business life. When these are mixed, it can become very easy to lose your home and other personal assets because of your company being sued.


Acquire Permits And Licenses That Apply To Your Field

Before your LLC can be up and running, you might need to apply for permits and licenses depending on your field. On the federal level, only a small percentage of businesses are required to have these.



The most important step in creating your LLC is filing for your Articles Of Organization. However, there are several smaller steps that must be completed before you can begin. When you hire the services of LLC Formations, they’ll take care of your business every step of the way.

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