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How To Do A Mississippi Business Entity Search

Performing a business entity search is literally the first step of the process and forming an LLC in Mississippi. You need to know that another business, perhaps selling a similar product, has not reserved this name as their own. You can search through the business entity database, look for that name, and determine if it is available or not. This is something that you should deal with for any type of business that you are setting up including sole proprietorships, corporations, and partnerships. Since the name of the LLC does not have to be the same as the business you are operating, you do have a little leeway in regard to the choices that you make. However, if you have a particular name in mind, and it is available, need to search for it and register it as your own.


Mississippi Business Entity Search

How Do You Do The Search?

You can complete the search by first going to the Mississippi Secretary of State Corporation search page. Once you are there, you can determine if the company name is registered or not. If it is, it will be listed in the national corporation directory multistate search results. You can also do a nationwide search just to make sure that your LLC name will be completely unique. That is all you need to do in order to find this information. It’s fairly straightforward. What may not be straightforward is setting up your LLC if you have never done it before.


How Do You Create An LLC In Mississippi?

The formation of the limited liability company in Mississippi is very similar to how you would do this and many other states. As with all of them, after you have done your search in the database for your name, you will be ready to begin. It is advantageous to search for a registered agent prior to starting all of the documents. This is because their name needs to be listed, along with their name and address. Keep in mind that the registered agent must have a physical location where mail can be sent. They cannot have a mailbox to receive these documents. Next, you will want to download the Certificate of Formation, and also the form for the Operating Agreement if you need one. While you are doing this, you should also apply for your EIN number if there will be employees that will be paid by you and your business. You will need to complete the IRS SS-4 form. Once all of this is done, and you are approved, you will have to file annual reports. Other than that, the process is straightforward as long as you complete the information properly.


How To Complete The Certificate Of Formation

The certificate of formation required several pieces of information. If you have already completed your search for your LLC name, and it is available and register, you can place this on the document. The second part of the process is to at least have an email, which can be a personal email, that will be listed for contact purposes. Next, state the date when the LLC will begin. This can be any time in between the time that you file the paperwork to 90 days from that point in time. You will then need to place your NAICS code in the line of business for the LLC. Next will be the registered agent’s address and name. Finally, if you have multiple organizers, managers, or members that will be part of your LLC, they must be listed, and their signatures must also appear in this document. If you miss any of this, it will likely be rejected, and this could delay the process of getting this done. There is one other document that you should fill out, though it is not required, that can be very helpful for your business.


How To Prepare Your Operating Agreement

Preparing this document is optional, though it does play a large role in helping your company in case of litigation. It’s also a literal blueprint, an overview of how your company will operate, and all of the people that are involved in it. In this document, you are going to list all of the members that are part of the LLC. It will state what their percentage of interest is in the limited liability company. The responsibilities and rights, as well as the voting powers, of the members, will also be stated. When you have profits, as well as losses, the division or allocation of this will be shown in the documentation as it applies to the different members. In the advent of someone wanting to leave, or someone dies, you also need to have buyout provisions that will be listed. This is a document that you will keep, as a reference for later on, or you can use it every day as you assess the productivity and success of your company.


How To Get Extra Help You File Your LLC Papers

Getting assistance for completing the LLC documentation is easy to do. In the state of Mississippi, there are multiple companies that do offer this type of service. Some of them will be very affordable, not to mention extremely reliable in terms of their experience level and capabilities. As you evaluate them, you will eventually find one that can assist you with completing this process. If you have already started, they can also make sure that everything is correctly done. If you do need this extra help, simply contact one of these businesses today.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.