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Important Information On Mississippi Business License

Thinking of starting a small business in Mississippi? Then you might just need to file for permits, licenses, or some other form of regulation from the state to get your entity up and running. When you work the LLC Formations, they’ll take care of the small and big challenges that you can face in this area and they have the perfect team to get you started in no time. Read on as we dive into everything you need to know about acquiring a small business license in Mississippi!


Mississippi Small Business Information Programs

When you visit the States’ website, there’s a specially designed business section. This part of the Mississippi website is filled with tons of resources and links to informational content. Some of these include critical information revolving around taxes, and business services.

New and upcoming entrepreneurs will also be able to find as many answers as they need about small businesses. To access this, you’ll need to visit the specially designed site of the MSSBDC or the Mississippi Small Business Development Center. The Development Centers cite is filled with a specially created FAQ section that covered the main questions and concerns that arise with forming new businesses in Mississippi.

Some of the information here includes important sections on permits, licenses, and others.


Mississippi Business License


Get One Or More Business Licenses

While businesses tend to need specially designed licenses to be in operation, not all businesses within the state of Mississippi need it. Several businesses can operate without while others require special governing bodies and agencies to issue them locally. The following illustrates this principle:

* On a state level, restaurants are required to have a valid certificate from the Health Department. As far as the local level is concerned, Jackson City makes it mandatory for business owners who wish to successfully conduct operations in the city to secure their business license. However, there are instances where businesses aren’t required to have licenses according to federal state law.


File Records For Your Form Of Business

Several legal business entities such as limited liability companies and corporations are required according to law to file various records. In essence, LLCs and corporations must be registered with the Business Service Division. This division is a part of the Secretary of State in Mississippi.


Obtain Professional Licensing

If your profession or occupation requires you to be a member of a professional body, then you’ll be required by Mississippi state law to be licensed. The following are common professions that are required to be licensed:

* Doctors
* Dentists
* Lawyers
* Architects
* Accountants
* Nurses
* Pharmacists
* Engineers

To find more information on this, you can easily visit the Professional License section on the Mississippi state website. The following is an illustration of how this works:

* If for some reason Asha wants to work as a geologist on a professional level, she is required to secure a license via the Board of Registered Professional Geologists from Mississippi State.


Register An Assumed Or Fictitious Business Name

While tons of businesses are formed each year, they often prefer to operate under different names. As such, they conduct business under what is known as their business name. Several LLCs and corporations tend to actively register with one name and then later change to another as the life of the business goes on.

Depending on the structure of your business or where you’re located, you may be required to have an alternative business name. This alternative name is better known as a trading name, a fictitious name, or a doing business as a name. When compared to other states, the laws of Mississippi don’t require businesses to register with fictitious names.

However, just a couple of years ago the states did in fact bring about a new law known as the Fictitious Business Name Registration Act. The act allows businesses to register these types of names legally within the state. Hence it is advised that before filing with the state, you should check your local doing business name requirements.


Register A Trademark Or Service Mark

Trademarks, trade names, and service marks are all separate legal definitions. However, trade names, trademarks, and service marks are used to uniquely distinguish services, goods, and relevant products according to their rightful owners. This just simply means that businesses, services, and products can all be distinguished from that of competitors.

As such, service marks and trademarks should be registered with the state. To find more on this, along with supporting forms, the Secretary of State site has a specially designed Trademarks section. The following illustrates this concept:

* If Henry decides to sell peanut brittle as Henry’s Specially Made Mouthful Of Peanut Crackle, he’ll simply need to check the website to see that the name isn’t already in use. If it isn’t he can easily register a service mark or a trademark as needed.



When it comes to starting a new business, there’s a chance that you’ll need to apply for permits or licenses to get your business started. However, there are special professions and occupations that do indeed require owners to secure licenses. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s a good idea to visit the Secretary of State website to learn more.