Instructions For Filing Articles of Organization for a Missouri LLC

Filing the necessary documents to register your Missouri Based Articles of Organization can be done both by mail and online.

Filing Fees for Missouri LLC

Via Mail: Five to Ten days turnaround = $105

Online Fees: Immediate approval – $50

The L.L.C. filing fee is also known as the “Articles of Organization fee” and is used to create the Missouri LLC. Once your Articles of Organization document has the approval of the Secretary of State’s office, your Missouri LLC has been created.

The online filing option is both faster and cheaper so we recommend going that route. However, we will include instructions for both filing methods in the section below.


Articles of Organization Missouri

How to file Articles of Organization via Mail

Find and download the form LLC1, title Missouri Articles of Organization. Fill out this form.

Get a money order or check for $105 made out to the “Secretary of State” and mail it along with your documents to:

Corporations Division

PO Box 778

600 West Main Street, Room 322

Jefferson City, Missouri 65102


How to file Article of Organization via the Internet

1. Register an account at:

(Via the “Create Account Button)

2. Choose your username, set your password, insert valid contact information, agree with the terms of service, and press the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the form.

Once your account has been created you will be prompted to enter your Username and password before pressing the “Login” button to gain access to the site.

3. Select the “Business Entity Online Filing” option.

4. Navigate the “LLC Filings” category and select the “Create LLC” button.

5. Select “Domestic” under the “Domestic or Foreign” checklist in the “Create a New Entity” tab. Select the “BEGIN” button.

6. Unless you have a “Name Reservation Number” leave this block blank. This is not a required part of the process.

7. Input the full name of your LLC, ensuring that all preferred capitalization and punctuation is include. You must include either the abbreviation “LLC” or “L.L.C.” at the conclusion of your chosen name. Most people use “LLC.” Select the “Next” button.

8. Input the requested information for your LLC.

Under “Duration” input “Perpetual”

Under “Managed By” input “Member”

Under “Purpose” input “Any or all lawful business for which a limited liability company may be organized under the laws of the State of Missouri.”

Leave the “Future Effective Data” portion blank.

Leave the “Series LLC” portion blank.


Quick Tip: If you are forming your LLC from October to December but do not intend to utilize your business during these months, set the forward filing date to January first. This ensures you won’t have to deal with unnecessary tax paperwork for months you didn’t operate. If you are filing during these months and plan to utilize your business during this time then leave this section blank.


9. Input your Registered Agent (Who is eligible to be the registered agent of your LLC in Missouri?)

If you have chosen yourself, a family member, or a friend as the LLC’s Registered Agent:

Choose the “Registered Agent is Individual” option.

Input the first and last name of the individual you have selected.

Select the “I Do Not Want to Search” button.

Re-enter the individuals name and input their contact information.

Select the “Save Registered Agent” button.

Finally, select the “Next” button to process to the next step.

If you have chosen to hire a Commercial Registered agent, such as a Incfile or similar:

You will click the “Reg. Agent is Organization” option.

Input the name of the company (ex: Incfile) in the box.

Select the “Search Reg. Agent” button.

Click on the “Select” button that appears on the left of the company you have hired.

Select the “Next” button to proceed with the process.

10. Input the LLC’s Organizer (yourself)

Click on “Organizer is individual”, select the “Organizer” box, input your contact information, finally click the “Save Organizer” button.

Click on the “Next” button to finally this step and proceed to the next.

11. Look over your filing.

Look over your filing and ensure there are no typos or other errors. Once you are sure it is correct you will agree to the terms at the bottom of the page before selecting the “next button” to proceed to the next step.

12. Signing your Article of Organization via the internet.

Select the “Add Signer” button, input your name, select the title of “Organizer” for yourself, and then select the “Save” button.

Check off the box at the bottom of the page stating you agree to the terms within and then select the “next” button.

13. In your shopping care you should see 1 Article of Organization fee, confirm this and then select the “Next” button.

14. From the drop down menu select the “Credit Card” option and then input the relevant billing information. Agree to the terms of service at the bottom of the page and then select the “Next: Submit Payment” button.


The Approval Process for MO Articles of Organization.

Once your payment has been completed your LLC is officially registered. You will be presented with 3 PDF documents at the top of the page with options to download and print.

One labeled “Articles of Organization,” this is a copy of the documents your submitted.

One labeled “Certificate of Organization,” this is your approval document.

One labeled “Order Summary,” this is your receipt.

Please print a copy of your filing documents as well as saving it to your computer.