How To Get A Small Business License In Montana

Before you can start a small business within the state of Montana, you’ll need to obtain a couple of different state permits, licenses, or you’ll need to complete various regulations. It should be noted that all of these are part of the start-up phase for any business. The following are some of the most informational resources that are needed to ensure that you get everything that is needed to get started.


Montana Business License

Montana Small Business Information Programs

When you visit the government website of Montana state, you’ll need to view the Business Information section. This section of the website provides you with all of the information needed to direct you to other sites where you can find specific information as it applies to your business. The following are some of the links available:

* The Office of Tourism and Business Development in Montana
* The Small Business Development Center Network in Montana (SBDC)
* The Governor’s Office of Economic Development in Montana

The websites listed above provide start-ups with a great deal of knowledge on how to go about starting a small business in Montana. Generally, they contain information about financing and planning for a business, licensing information, technical assistance, and tons of other issues.

Get One Or More Business Licenses

It should be noted that not all businesses require a license. However, there are still several types which require a license. In order to find information, you must visit the Licenses section of the Government website. This section has a list of licenses listed in alphabetical order as it related to zoo permits and accountant permits.

However, some licenses are issued locally. The cities of Billings and Missoula requires most businesses to obtain a license. When planning for a business in a certain city, you should check for the requirements since some are not required to have licenses according to the federal or state laws.

File Records For Your Form Of Business

Besides just obtaining a permit or license, there are still several business entities that need to file records with their state. A common one being the LLC along with corporations, and other types. All of these should be filed with the Secretary of State. More information can be found on their website.

Obtain Professional Licensing

If you belong to different occupations and professions, you’ll need to be licensed. Some common professions that require this in Montana are:

* Lawyers
* Doctors
* Accountants
* Architects
* Dentists
* Nurses
* Pharmacists
* Engineers

Register An Assumed Or Fictitious Business Name

Most businesses don’t generally operate with the same name of their owners and run under a business name. LLCs and corporations tend to register with the state. When they do this, it is often referred to as their true name, actual name, or registered name and sometimes they later decide to operate under a completely new name.

Based on the structure of your business, you can file for an assumed name, a trade name, or a fictitious name. Most of the small businesses within Montana usually file this with the Secretary of State.

Register A Trademark Or Service Mark

Trademarks, trade names, and service names all mean different things from a legal perspective. In essence, they identify the business, it’s services, or goods. More than often enough, it simply distinguishes them from the competitors. More information on this can be easily found on the Trademark section of the website.

So, if you’re interested in opening your very own business, you can easily get through the beginning with ease. The previously mentioned websites can easily provide you with all of the details that is needed. Don’t forget, you can open your small business and later run it under a different name!