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Montana LLC Annual Filing Requirements

Starting a LLC in Montana doesn’t need to be a daunting task. One of the first main things that you’ll need to do is file and prepare the relevant documents as they apply to the state. So, read on as we dive into the most important aspects of the filing requirements for the tax and reporting aspects of your Montana LLC.


Montana LLC Taxes

Annual Report

After you start your LLC, you’ll need to file your report on an annual basis. The due date for this is usually April the 15th. When the report is filed by the due date, a fee of $15 is charged. However, in the instance where you filed after the mentioned date, you’ll need to pay $30.

These reports can be either filed in person or via the online portal. When you visit the website, you’ll be able to easily access the forms with your LLC ID number that was issued by the state or with your business name. However, the statement can be completed without too much burden. All you’ll need to do this is input the list of LLC members and managers, the address and name of the agent or the LLCs registered office and the LLCs principal office address.

State Business Tax

If you didn’t already know, LLCs are better known as entities that are labeled “so-called pass-through tax entities”. In essence, this just simply means that the LLC members are required to pay all of the federal income taxes that pass through the organization. In other words, LLCs are not responsible for paying their own income taxes.

Hence, the members of the LLC are responsible for paying them. In certain states, separate fees or taxes are imposed of LLC as a means of doing business within the state. However, the state of Montana isn’t one of those. Some LLC owners still prefer that their businesses be considered and treated like corporations for the purposes of taxes.

So, if you’re planning on doing so, you’ll need to file with the IRS. This can be done using the IRS Form 2553 which can be found on the IRS website. When LLCs declare that they want to be taxed like regular corporations, the company is then required to ensure that it files for a separate tax return. Since the state of Montana is similar to the other states, there is a corporate tax for all corporations.

Within the state of Montana, this form of taxation is calculated at a relatively flat percentage, 6.75% or the net earned. However, it should be noted that there are still other ways to calculate the tax on any corporation. In the case where your LLC is taxed in this manner, you’ll need to pay the corporation tax.

Hence, the state’s income tax Form CLT-4 should be filed in order to access the corporate income tax. This should be filed with the Montana Department of Revenue. In order to obtain more information, you can easily check the DOR website, the 50-State Guide on Business Income Tax, or Nolo’s article.

State Employer Taxes

If your LLC has employees, you’ll also be required to pay employer taxes. It should be noted that these are typically paid to the federal government and they are not covered in this article. However, in order to pay employer taxes, you’ll first obtain your EIN or employer identification number. Additionally, employers in Montana are required to pay taxes to the state as required.

The first step in this is withholding and paying the taxes owed for employee taxes to the Department of Revenue. This process is generally started by registering businesses on paper with the DOR. This can be done with the GenReg Form or via online mediums such as Montana’s Taxpayer Access Point.

After you’ve registered, withholding taxes should be filed regularly or as directed. Each year, the Form MW-3 should be filed to ensure that you reconcile your tax withholding for your LLC. So, if you’re looking for more information, you’ll need to check the DOR website.

Additionally, you’ll also need to ensure that you register to pay the UI taxes. These are better known as state unemployment insurance. These are generally facilitated through the DLI or the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. Registration can be done via paper or online with the Form UI-1.

Continuing on, you’ll need to file on a quarterly basis using the Form UI-5. More information can be found via the DLI website.

Sales And Use Taxes

Montana is one of only five states that doesn’t believe in charging for sales taxes. So, if you’re planning to sell goods in Montana, you don’t need to worry about state sales taxes.

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