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How To File LLC Articles Of Organization In Nebraska

The articles of organization are an important part of creating your business. In this guide we will review the steps needed to set up your business in the state of Nebraska. If you are looking to start a business in Nebraska be sure to review our guide on LLCs in Nebraska.


Articles Of Organization Nebraska

Step 1:

You’ll need to get your Certificate of Organization Forms. The state of Nebraska doesn’t provide these forms to entrepreneurs. You’ll have to obtain and create your Certificate of Organization to include the pertinent information and then you’ll have to file it online.

Step 2:

You’ll have to have the following information on your form to Draft the Certificate of Organization.

Business name and address
Agent of Service of Process Information
Date effective
Organizer and Organizer’s signature
Any additional PLLC information if this information is applicable
Entity name and entity address
You’ll need the legal LLC name and address

When choosing a name for your place of business, you’ll want to ensure that the name observes the following:

Meets all of the State of Nebraska’s name guidelines.
Isn’t already in use in the State of Nebraska by another business.
Adhere’s to the state of Nebraska naming guidelines.

The name must also include the phrase “Limited Liability Company”, or “Limited Company” or an accepted abbreviation such as LLC, LC, L.C., or L.L.C.

The name can’t include any words that would be confusing or could be confused to be that of a government agency such as Treasury, FBI, CIA, or State Department.

The name mustn’t be deceptively close to any of the currently existing business names in the State of Nebraska. This includes reserved names in the State of Nebraska.

Always check the availability of names.

Do diligent research to ensure that the name you’ve chosen isn’t already taken by another business in the State of Nebraska. Check with the Nebraska Secretary of State on their website before you proceed.

Register Your Domain

It’s highly recommended that you check to ensure that your name is available as a website domain name. Even if you’re not planning on making a website today, you’ll want to take the time to purchase your domain name to prevent anyone else from acquiring the URL name and using it.

List your agent for Service of Process Information. You’ll need their name and address. Keep in mind that PO boxes aren’t allowed, it must be the physical address.

Registered Agent

The registered agent is known as the agent in many states. This is the person that sends and receives the legal documents for your LLC. When you register this person’s name in the State of Nebraska, you’ll have to list the agent of service process as the registered office.

This person must be over the age of 18 years old and reside in the State of Nebraska. The agent must be available at all times during regular business hours.

Effective Date

This is the date that you want your Certificate of Organization to be first effective.

Organizer and Organizer’s Signature

Clearly state the organizer of your LLC and have their signature on the Certificate of Organization.

Additional Information for PLLC

If you’ve created a professional LLC (PLLC), make sure that you’ve provided the pertinent information in regards to the State of Nebraska’s statute 21-117. Keep in mind that PLLCs are formed by such professionals as lawyers, engineers, accountants, and doctors.

Step 3:

File your Certificate of Organization

In order for your LLC to be registered, you’ll need to legally file the Certificate of Organization with the Secretary of the State of Nebraska. You can do this online.