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Articles Of Organization Nevada: What You Should Know

When creating an LLC in Nevada, you have to fill out the Articles of Organization form. There are also two other forms you have to fill out.

Filing Fee For Nevada LLC
Forming an LLC in Nevada costs a total of $425. Here’s a breakdown:

. Articles of Organization: $75
. Initial List of Managers or Managing Members: $150
. State Business License: $200

The above are only one-time fees.

Note: The Article for Organization fee and the LLC filing fee are the same thing. The former is the document. Once the document is approved by the Nevada’s Secretary Of State’s office, then your LLC will be created.

However, every year you’ll be required to file an annual list of managing members of managers. You’ll also be required to renew your business license every year. Later on, we’ll go into this in more detail.

You’ll pay $150 for the Annual List fee. In addition, you’ll pay $200 to renew your business license. In total, that’s $350 annually.

Forming An LLC In Nevada: Should You Do It

When it comes to forming an LLC, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the state of Nevada. Bear in mind that if you don’t actually reside in the state, then you should create your LLC in the state you do live in. This is because you’ll have to register as a Foreign LLC in your home state, if you decide to go ahead and form your LLC in Nevada.

However, if you reside in Nevada and work from home or you do business in the state, then consider forming an LLC in Nevada.

Approval Times & Methods Of Filing

. Your LLC will be approved instantly if you form the LLC online.
. Your LLC will be approved within 5 business days, if you form the LLC by mail.


Articles of Organization Nevada


Instructions For Filing Online

Below are instructions for forming an LLC online. If you want to form your LLC by mail, the instructions are similar, but you’ll have to complete the packet for the article of Organization.

Nevada LLC Online Filing

If you want to file online, then you’ll have to create a SilverFlume account. You do this with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Once you have an account, SilverFlume allws you to do the following:

. Form your LLC
. Get your business license
. Apply for sales tax
. File your initial list
. And much more

Create An Account
You can visit to register for a SilverFlume account.

To create your account, you’ll have to enter your name, email and phone number. You’ll be asked to create a password, too. After that, you’ll enter your answer, and then you’ll be asked to answer two security questions.

Activation Email
You’ll receive an activation email from the state. You have to open the link and then follow the instructions. Usually the link will stay something like “activate account, and when you click that you’ll be redirected to the login page. You’ll login, and then you’ll be taken to your account dashboard.

Getting Started
. Click on the link that says “start your business”
. Next, click the start your business link located at the top and center
. Choose the option that says start a for profit Nevada business
. Choose domestic limited company

Is The Entity A 006-insurance or 001-government exemption for the state business license? Choose yes or no. Certain types of businesses are not required to get a business license, so if you’re trying to form an insurance company or government entity, then you won’t file for your LLC online. Instead, you’ll file for your LLC via mail.

For most of our readers, this isn’t applicable. Most people select no. This probably applies to you. With that said, at this point you’ll be taken to the my business checklist page.

All you do now is click the start button. This will start the filing process.

Note: Initially, it will probably look like you’ll only file the articles of organization. However, you’ll be completing that, as well as the initial list. Additionally, you’ll be doing your state business license.

Step One: Name The LLC

Did you do a quick search to see if your LLC name is available? Before you proceed, make sure you do this. Don’t worry because it doesn’t take long to find out if your prospective LLC’s name is available.

However, if you did not reserve an LLC name ahead of time, you can leave this box unchecked. It is not required to reserve an LLC name. Most of the time it isn’t necessary.

The Name
You’ll enter the name you want. Make sure you don’t enter the designator. Instead, the designator will be entered below.

Entity Suffix
Choose the designator you desire. You have a number of options to choose from, including LLC. The other designaors you can include at the end of your business’s name are:

. L.L.C
. Limited Co.
. Limited Company
. LC
. Ltd.
. LTD.
. Limited
. Limited Liability Co.
. Limited Liability Company


If you’re forming a Nevada Series LLC, then check this box. This option is like a cluster or combination of all LLC, with each one having their own operations, assets and owners. However, a parent LLC owns each one. A parent LLC is often known as an umbrella LLC or a master LLC.

Another way think about it is you create a large holding company, but you’re doing it by filing one Articles of Organization. At the top, you have the master LLC. Under the master LLC, you have multiple LLCs.

If this is what you want to do, then speak with an attorney. You should also speak with an accountant. This is because there isn’t a lot of clear guidance in regards to taxation and liability protection for Series LLCs. It is important you understand all of the details of Series LLCs before you do anything.

The majority of our readers don’t form Series LLCs. In this case, they won’t check the box. Also, we don’t provide our readers with instructions on how to file for Series LLCs. At least we don’t at this current time.


If you’re forming a Nevada Restricted LLC, then check this box. This type of LLC can’t distribute money to any of its owners for at least a decade. The majority of our readers don’t form this type of LLC, so they don’t check this box.

Latest Date of Dissolution

All LLCs that are formed in Nevada have what’s known as a perpetual duration. What this means is the LLC remains open until it is officially dissolved. You do this by filing dissolution paperwork.

You can leave this blank if you do want to have a perpetual existence. However, you can enter a specific date if you want your LLC to automatically close down. When that date arrives, then your LLC will automatically be dissolved.

Many of our readers actually leave this field blank. This is because they prefer their LLCs to have a perpetual existence.

You’ll probably notice that the name of your LLC is in all capital letters. Don’t worry because the Nevada Secretary of State does this on purpose, and they do it to normalize their records. On that note, when the state approves your LLC, you can use any capitalization format you wish. This includes using all lowercase letters or all capital letters, or you can use capitalized text.

Now you know what an Articles of Organization is. You also know how to file it. If you keep the above information in mind, then you shouldn’t have any problem filing the Articles of Organization.

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