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How To Search Your LLC Name In Nevada

The first step that you need to take to form an LLC in the state of Nevada is comparing the name you desire for your LLC against the names of business registered with Nevada to ensure your name is available to use.

Your LLC name in Nevada is also required to adhere to certain restrictions and requirements to be in compliance with certain state laws called the Nevada Revised Statutes.

If you are already familiar with the process of how to form a Nevada LLC and simply want to do your searches, the following is the same search page offered by Nevada’s Secretary of State:

Business Name Search in Nevada:

Nevada Business Entity Search


LLC Name Restrictions and Requirements in Nevada

Before you do a Nevada LLC name search, there are some restrictions and requirements (per NRS 86.171) that you need to be aware of:

A Comma in Your LLC Name

Your LLC name can be filed with a comma or without one. Nevada accepts both of them.

For example, if your LLC name is “Amys Cupcakes”, it can be filed as:

– Amys Cupcakes, LLC
– or Amys Cupcakes LLC

Instead of your designator (ending) being “LLC”, Nevada does allow other options.

The Proper Designator must be included in your LLC Name in Nevada

Your Nevada LLC is required to contain one of the designators below at the end of your business name:

Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Co.
Limited Company
Limited Co.

For example, if the Nevada LLC name that you desire is “Amys Cupcakes,” your complete name will be “Amys Cupcakes LLC,” “Amys Cupcakes, Ltd.,” etc.

LLC Name Restrictions in Nevada

Your LLC name in Nevada is no allowed to imply it is a Corporation or another form of business other than an LLC.

The following designators or words cannot be used anywhere in your LLC name in Nevada:

Non-Profit Corporation
Professional Corporation or Professional Association
P.C. or P.A.

Your Nevada LLC business also cannot contain an abbreviation, phrase, or word that is restricted or prohibited by any other Nevada state law. Examples include making it sound like your LLC is part of the government, a bank, or anything else that may mislead the general public.

Here are some examples: County, Town, City, United States, Government, Federal, Fire Department, Police.

Restricted Words:

There are also more than 70 restricted words that you cannot use in your LLC name in Nevada will getting approval. The Secretary of State of Nevada’s restricted words list can be found here:

Your LLC Name In Nevada Needs To Be Distinguishable

Your LLC name in Nevada needs to be distinguishable from the Secretary of State records.

That means your LLC name is required to be unique compared to businesses that are registered in Nevada.

Nevada’s Business Search Page

You can use Nevada’s business search page to search for your desired LLC name to compare against current businesses that are registered in Nevada.

Searching For A Nevada LLC Name

1. In the Name field, type in your LLC name. All of the other fields should be left blank. Then click on “Search.”

2. The best thing to do is search just part of your LLC’s name to make sure everything that may be potentially similar is displayed. For example, if the name you desire for your Nevada LLC name is “Amys Cupcakes LLC,” the best thing to do is just search “Amys Cupcakes.”

Why should you do that? If there is a “Amys Cupcakes,” you will see it, and that is important since your name would be confusingly similar to theirs and you might want to come up with an LLC name is more unique to ensure your business stands out.

3. When you are conducting searches, leave out the designator, like “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” etc.

4. Leave any punctuation out such as hyphens, quotes, apostrophes, periods, and commas.

5. Capitalization is ignored by Nevada’s name database, so LLC names can be searched using lowercase or uppercase letters.

Understanding Nevada’s Business Search Results

– If there are no names shown in the results that are similar to yours, that means that the LLC name you desire is available to use in Nevada.

– if the message “no records found with your search criteria” is displayed, that means the LLC name that you desire is unique and is available to use in Nevada.

– If the LLC name you desire already appears on the list exactly the way you want it, then the name you desire for your Nevada LLC is not available to use. You will have to come up with a unique variation or new name that makes your LLC business name distinguishable.

– If there is a name in the result that is deceptively similar to your name, then your desired LLC name will probably be rejected. Our recommendation is that you come up with a unique variation or new name to make your LLC name distinguishable.

Does my Nevada LLC need to have a Fictitious Firm Name (DBA)?

No, a DBA does not need to be registered for your LLC in Nevada. This only needs to be done if your LLC is going to be operating under a name that is different than the one that was legally filed.

A majority of LLCs, simply conduct business under their legal business name.

Contact Information For Nevada’s Secretary of State

If you have questions regarding your LLC name, Nevada’s Secretary of State can be reached at 775-684-5708. Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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