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How To Complete Your New Hampshire Articles Of Organization

If you decide to create your LLC in the state of New Hampshire, you will have to create your Articles of Organization. Also referred to as the Certificate of Formation in the state of New Hampshire, it is the document that is submitted to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office in order for approval. The fee for doing so is $100, and it must be completed properly, to be considered by the state. If you have not done this before, here is a small tutorial on how you can complete this document effectively.

What Needs To Be On This Document?

This document needs to present several different bits of information. Initially, the name of your LLC must be presented. This is obtained by first registering it so that it is officially yours, but you must do this only after determining that no one else has registered the name. You must have a business phone, email address, and physical address of your office. Stating the nature of your business is also required.

It must be very specific, but only in a few short words, describing the nature of your business that you are doing which may involve selling products or services. Prior to completing this form, you should have also secured a registered agent. This is a business or person that will receive your legal mail. They must have a physical address to which the mail can be sent. If you have members or managers that will be part of your LLC, they must be listed, and they must sign the document before it can be submitted.


New Hampshire Articles Of Organization

How Is The Document Submitted?

The document can be prepared and subsequently sent by postal mail. You will want to send this to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office. The certificate must also have with it the $100 check for processing this document, allowing them to move forward in creating your LLC. The other option, one that many people take advantage of, is simply going to the Secretary of State’s website and filling out the form online.

In the same way, you will submit this document, properly completed, and pay the hundred-dollar fee with a debit or credit card. In both cases, it will take anywhere from one week to three weeks for the paperwork to be processed. Keep in mind that the volume of LLC paperwork coming to the Secretary of State’s office can slow this process down. If they have only received a few requests, it could be done in a matter of days, or you might be looking at the formation of your limited liability company at a much later date.

What Other Documents Are Required?

There are no other documents that you need to submit to get this done. You should create your Operating Agreement for personal reference. This will ensure that you will have the ability to identify your LLC is a separate entity from your business and yourself. This document can be quite comprehensive depending upon the nature of your business. However, there are certain aspects of it that are straightforward and easy to fill out.

You are going to list the members and managers that are part of your LLC. It will also state what rights they have, and what their responsibilities will be, within the context of the LLC. It also needs to show how the limited liability company will be managed. As long as it does comply with state laws, this information will simply be helpful. Whether you use this for reference on your own, or if it is used in a court of law, once it is done it can be very valuable.

Why An LLC Can Be So Helpful

If you don’t know why an LLC can be helpful, it is likely that you will never have one before. It is also possible that your business has never faced litigation. In circumstances where a sole proprietorship or partnership is in the midst of a court battle, they can find that their personal assets are stripped from them. However, with a limited liability company in place, this is not something that you will have to be concerned with. The LLC will act as a barrier to those that would pursue your personal assets.

Completing all of this paperwork is easy for some people, but for those that would prefer not to do this, they should certainly consider hiring professional help. There are businesses that have specialized in creating LLCs in every state for many decades, and you can take advantage of their expertise for a minimal price. If you need to find help for completing this paperwork, start searching today for a reliable business that has great reviews. At the very least, give them a call and talk to them about how you would proceed forward in creating a New Hampshire LLC this year.

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