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How To Get A New Hampshire Business License

In the state of New Hampshire, it is possible to get a business license very quickly. It will depend on the type of business that you are in. Although there is no general type of license that you will have to have in the state, they are simply mandated depending upon where you are at the local level. There are also several permits that you may need to get depending on the type of business you are in. For example, if you sell alcohol, tobacco, or if you are putting up signage, you will need a permit for these reasons. If this is for your LLC in New Hampshire, you can go to the main New Hampshire government website to look for specific business information.


How To Get Your Business License

Once you are on the New Hampshire government website, in the business section, you can then look at all of the different categories that are available. It is divided up into categories such as economic development, business directories, employer resources, and there is a section called licenses and permits. The licenses are divided up into subcategories. This includes getting food servicing licenses, licenses to sell alcoholic beverages, and also to provide meals or rentals. Finally, online professional licensing is needed by anyone that provides the services listed on that page.


New Hampshire Business License

How Does This Relate To Your LLC

This relates directly to your LLC in a couple of different ways. First of all, once you have set up your limited liability company, you still have to get proper licensing for the business you are in. For example, you can get a license for being a dietitian, chiropractor, pharmacy tech, or if you have a land surveyor business. The profits that you make, and the personal assets that you have, will be protected by the LLC. If you do not have a limited liability company, this is something that you will certainly want to consider getting.


Why You Should Get An LLC For Your Business

Once you have set up your sole proprietorship or partnership, and you have your license, you will want to consider setting up your limited liability company. This can be done by first determining if the name you one for your LLC is available. If it is, you can register it, and then you will find a registered agent that can receive all of your legal documentation. It is then that you will download certain documents, one of which is necessary for forming your limited liability company.


The Certificate Of Formation

Once you have your LLC’s name, and you are ready to fill out this form, you will also need to have a few other things set up. A business email address, business phone number, and location for your business. That address must be provided. In the paper, you are going to state the nature of your business. This can be started as just a few words giving a general description of what you sell or offer. The registered agent must also provide their name and address, and if you are going to have managers or members, they need to be listed and they must also sign the document. Once this is done, you can then submit this online, or deliver it by mail, for a filing fee of $100.


The Operating Agreement

Another document that you can do, but is not mandated by the state of New Hampshire, is the Operating Agreement. This is going to layout the functionality of your business in the context of the LLC. It’s going to detail who the managers are, who the members are, and what their rights and responsibilities are within the LLC. You also need to say how this entire LLC will be managed. Having this document, clearly states that this is a separate entity. This is very important, especially in a court of law where someone may be trying to sue you to take your personal assets. That’s why it’s vital to complete this, though it does not need to be submitted with your Certificate of Formation.


How Long Will It Take To Get Your LLC Set Up?

The LLC will likely take a few weeks to finalize. They need to review the material. They will then approve it and send you back documentation. If it is a busy month, it may take them several weeks to get to yours amidst all of the others. If you are one of just a few that have submitted this document for a limited liability company, it can happen in just a week.


Why Would You Want To Do This?

You want to do this for your own personal protection. Let’s say that you have a business where you are selling products and services that could potentially be used improperly. It is possible that someone can then file a lawsuit to try to take your personal assets. Since the LLC is set up and is based around the business, they will not be able to approach you directly. It is for this one reason alone that many people set up multiple LLCs to limit the amount that they can be affected when litigious people decide to sue them.


How To Get This Done As Quickly As Possible

If you want to do this rapidly, the easiest way to accomplish this is to contact a business that specializes in the development of LLCs in New Hampshire. In fact, there are some companies that can handle businesses in all 50 states. Once you have found a business I can help you, you will then want to provide them with all of the information related to your business. They will fill out the forms, submitted for you, and this will expedite the process. If there happens to be a way to expedite the approval process, which is usually for an extra fee, it is highly recommended that you do this to complete this process quickly.

This overview of how to get a business license for your New Hampshire business should help you obtain the right one. You also know how to set up an LLC. If you have any questions at all, you should certainly contact a company that can offer you the most reliable resources or simply complete this submission for you.

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