How To Setup Your New Jersey Articles Of Organization

The creation of a New Jersey LLC is a straightforward process. They make this as easy as possible to complete. In the same way that limited liability companies can be created in all of the other states, you can do this in New Jersey at a rapid speed. There are documents that need to be filled out to be in compliance with your request to set up your limited liability company for your business. One of those is the Articles of Organization, referred to as the Public Records Filing New Jersey, that must be submitted to set up your LLC.


What Is Contained In This Type Of Articles Of Organization

In the Public Records Filing, you must first determine what your LLC name is. You can only do this by first verifying that it is something you can register. Once that is done, you will then need to add this name to the document, along with the three-letter code LLC at the end. Next, you will list the purpose of the business which can be stated in one sentence, or even a few words, to indicate what your business will do. It is important to list the registered agent, along with their address and name, and the signatures of any and all authorized representatives that are part of your LLC.


New Jersey Articles Of Organization

How Do You Submit The Request For An LLC?

Your request for the creation of a New Jersey LLC begins with submitting the Public Records Filing to the New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. This is also who you will pay when you are submitting your document in the form of a $125 filing fee. It is important to note that you will be charged an extra $3.50 if you decide to pay by credit card or file online. This is a small charge that most people do not mind paying for the convenience of completing everything from their computer.


Does It Take Long To Set Up Your LLC?

The process of creating the LLC in New Jersey can take as little as 24 hours. In fact, to get it back that quickly, you can pay the fee to expedite the process. Even with that, you are only going to wait up to three days for the limited liability company to be formed. This is far faster than most of the states, and why so many people find it extremely easy to get their LLC set up in this state.


Other Documents You Should Also Fill Out

One document that is called the Operating Agreement is not a mandatory document needed by the state of New Jersey. It is simply a detailed explanation of how your LLC will run. You can find this information online, download the form, and then begin to fill it out. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write to your members and managers. You should also detail what their rights are and what their responsibilities will be. From there, you can then keep that document, and if it is ever needed in court, it can prove that your LLC is a separate entity.


Is This Something Every Business In New Jersey Should Do?

For the sole purpose of protecting your personal assets, you should certainly consider filing for an LLC. It’s a very simple process, one that you can complete within an hour or two, and you will have it fully functional within a couple of days. It is this asset protection alone that motivates small and large businesses to create limited liability companies to protect themselves and their business. If you don’t have one, and you have an existing business now, it should be something that you complete.


How To Complete This Process Even More Quickly

To complete this process fast, and not worry about errors, work with the business that does this every day. They will have completed thousands of different LLCs for people all across the nation, and they will certainly know how to create one for those in New Jersey. Simply pay them their fees, and they will start the process of creating your LLC for you. This way, you won’t have to worry about mistakes or if you will remember to file them at all. This will allow you to, by the end of the week, have a fully functional limited liability company protecting your assets courtesy of these businesses.

After you have filled out your Public Records Filing, which is your Articles of Organization, simply submit this to the New Jersey Department of Treasury. They will then evaluate what you have sent in, and if there are no problems, within 1 to 3 days your LLC will be created. It is a very cost-effective decision, one that can offer you ample protection in exchange for this small fee. Additionally, if you want to make sure it is done properly, look for a reputable business that can complete the paperwork for your New Jersey LLC.


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